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Simien Trekking - Ethiopia from a Bird's Eye View

Simien Trekking - Ethiopia from a Bird's Eye View 790 , 7 Days
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Fit your backpack on your back and discover the unsuspected world of Ethiopia and the Simien Mountains. This African country is also in possession of wonderful nature. Ras Dashen is 4620 m high and it’s going to be yours, only after a few days of trekking through deep gorges, majestic peaks, exotic animals and high-mountain villages. The trek through the Simien Mountains is with no doubt among the most picturesque routes, which every tourist could dream about! 

Tour Highlights:

♦ Simien National Park – the mountain is not only the highest one in Ethiopia, but also one of the highest mountains in Africa. But the geological beauties are just a part of the charm of this mountain. Its flora and fauna are no less interesting; 
Ras Dashen 4620 m. is the fourth highest mountain peak on the continent;
♦ Gondar (Only start / end piont of the tour. Sightseeing not incl.) - the capital city of the old Ethiopian Empire, was founded in 1635 by emperor Fasilides. While the city centre is influenced by the later Italian occupation, the real sights here are the old royal buildings.


Please note this tour starts from the city of Gondar. International flight to Addis Abeba and a adomestic flight from Addis to Gondar is not included. We can send an offer of you can book flights on your own.  

Day 1. Gondar-Debark-Simien Lodge - Sankabar camp
We depart early from the historical town of Gondar and drive around 2.5 hours on a tarred, comfortable road to Debark where we get permission to enter Simien National Park at the park head office. We then drive 22km further to the Simien Lodge, within the national park. From here we walk about 2 or 3 hours, stopping often to admire the amazing views of the escarpment, take photos and see the friendly gelada baboons. We will also see a variety of plants and flowers. Overnight at Sankabar camp (3250m).

Day 2. Sankabar Camp - Geech Camp
The hike from Sankaber to Geech camp takes about 5 to 6 hours passing through ever more spectacular scenery and varying flowers and trees . There the possibility to see a klipspringer and minlikbushbuk as well as a leopard (if we are very lucky!). The entertaining gelada baboons are always around. Along the way we pass the 500m high Jinbar waterfall and stop for lunch on the banks of the Jinbar river. We pass through Geech village where we can have coffee with a local family in their traditional tukul hut which they share with their animals. This is a great way to glimpse the day to day life of the mountain people. Overnight at Geech camp (3600m).

Day 3. Geech Camp - Chennek Camp
From Geech to Chennek camp takes about 7 to 8 hours it is the best trekking route in the Simien mountains. On the way we visit Imet Gogo, the single most spectacular spot in the whole of the Simien mountains. Imet Gogo, at 3926m, has incomparable 360 degree views of canyons, cliffs and valleys that look as if they go on forever. Overnight Chennek camp (3600m).

Day 4. Chennek Camp - Ambiko Camp
From Chennek to Ambiko via 4200m Buwhit Pass. We have the chance to see the magnificent walia ibex and possibly the endemic, but rare, Simien wolf. Lovely views along the way as we descend to the Mesha river at 2750m before climbing again to Ambiko. Overnight Ambiko camp (2750m)

Day 5. Ambiko Camp - Ras Dashen - Ambiko Camp
Today we head for the 4533m Ras Dashen. It’s a full day with the 1343m of ascent taking around 5 hours before we stand on the summit of one of Africa’s highest mountains and the highest point in Ethiopia. Descent back to camp taks around 3-4 hours and the day can be said to be challenging not very hard. Overnight Ambiko camp (2750m)

Day 6. Ambiko - Chennek
Make our way from Ambiko to Chennek (day 4 in reverse). Overnight Chennek camp (3600m).

Day 7. Chennek Camp - Gondar
Drive from Chennek camp to Gondar. Transfer to Axum possible at a minor surcharge. 

Luggage transportation: During the trek your main luggage will be transported by mules to the next camping place. You only need a small rucksack to cover your needs for the day;

Price of extra services: ►supplement for 3 persons travelling together: 120 EUR per person ►supplement for 2 persons travelling together: 270 EUR per person

Visa: Citizens of most European countries can be obtain visa upon arrival at the airport (about 50 USD). Please, check with your own Consulate.

Vaccination: You will need an International Certificate of Vaccination against Yellow Fever. Please, check with your doctor if you need additional vaccinations;

Practical information: All nationalities require a full passport that must be valid for 6 months after the intended length of stay.  The following web site, provides information about plugs and electricity in the country. 

Price Includes:
Accommodation in tent camps
Full board during the trekking: breakfast
lunch pack and dinner included
mules with attendants
all the necessary camping gears and utensils
sleeping bags and mattrasses.

Not Included:
International flight to Addis Abeba (prices from approx 500 EUR) and domestic flights Addis - Gondar (prices from 300 EUR). Usually if your International flight is by Ethiopian Airways your domestic flight by the same company is cheaper
additional tours
extra nights

Additional Services:
supplement for 3 persons travelling together: 120 EUR per person
supplement for 2 persons travelling together: 270 EUR per person

Vacation Extensions:
Round Trip Ethiopia - Antiquity Beyond Imagination


Simien Trekking - Ethiopia from a Bird's Eye View (Rated 4.82 / 5 Based on 270 Reviews.)
790 EUR
7 Days
Open for booking

Currency fluctuations might cause correction of price at any time.

These tours include trekking which is a little harder, normally on a challenging terrain. We take it for granted that you are in good condition and fit. You should be physically prepared at home to get the maximum of the tour. Most of the trekking is done at a greater height (max 3000m).

Tours of this level demand that you be really in good shape. The paths are not always in the best condition and the marking can be scarce. There are day-treks with big ascents and descents. Changing weather conditions /even in midsummer/ play an important role when trekking/cycling at a very high altitude and may cause changes of the preliminary route. This is to be decided by the mountain guide on the spot. Normally, the treks are 6/8h per day, but some can be longer. Preliminary hiking experience is an advantage, but not necessary if you are really in a good shape. Note that during some of the days, you should personally carry your baggage, which is naturally an additional difficulty. No rock/ice climbing experience is needed.

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