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The High Mountain Roads of Central Asia
South African Explorer
Excitement in Sudan – Africa's Hidden Treasure!
Adventure into the heart of South America
Exciting Routes Through North Africa
Middle East Guaranteed Departures for 2018
Venezuela - Angel Falls & Orinoco Delta
West Ukraine Adventure
Scenic Oman!
The Wonders of Jordan
Somaliland & Djibouti – A tour back in time
South West France – Paradise for Bike and Wine
Boat & Bike in South West France
Fairy Tale Hike in Cappadocia
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Venezuela - Angel Falls & Orinoco Delta
Self-guided Walks in Bulgaria
Simien Trekking - Ethiopia from a Bird's Eye View
Rila-Pirin Mountain Trek
Karakoram Highway and Hunza Shangri-La
The Heritage of Transylvania
Where the Pamirs meet the Hindu KushTajikistan and Afghanistan
Dalmatian Cycling And Cruising Adventures (Croatia)
Unique Algeria
Turkish Delight - 5 Turkish walks under 600 EUR
Orinoco Delta & Angel Falls
Selfguided walks in Ireland
5 Tempting treks under £500/EUR 600
Self-guided British Country Walks
Sudan - Africa's Hidden Treasure
The Best of Halkidiki on a Bike (Greece)with a guaranteed departure!
Roundtrip Iran – Classical Persia
Indochina Round Trip
Discover Vietnam!
Guided Trekking in Bulgaria
On a Bike Among the Lakes of Macedonia
Mount Athos – The Holiest Site in Eastern Europe (Greece)
Explore the Pure Wilderness of Kamchatka
Peru – The Land of the Incas
Sudan – Guaranteed Departure in March!
Explore the Highlights of Indonesia
Explore the Balkans on a Bike!
The Highest Mountain in Africa - Mount Kilimanjaro
Highlights of Colombia (Guaranteed Departures)
Explore the Balkans with Penguin Travel!
Explore the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan
Roundtrip in Ethiopia
The Magic of Oman - History, Desert and Sea!