Hiking the Carpathians - West Ukraine adventure

Hiking the Carpathians - West Ukraine adventure 890 , 6 Days

Meet Hutsuls – an autonomous ethnic group of Ukrainian highlanders, that always remained different from the rest of the country, with their own particular traditions, music, and lifestyle. Take a trip back in time where people still plow their fields, make their home carpets, bake bread in ovens and spend their summers with the sheep flocks. Discover the pristine beauty of Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, its primeval beech forests are a part of UNESCO World Heritage.

Important: Price is calculated 2 people. In case of larger groups, please send us individual inquiry for price. 

Tour highlights:
♦ Sightseeing Kolomyia – the center of Hutsul highlanders’ culture, and visit to its famous Easter-Egg Museum
♦ Hiking among the beautiful beech forests of Carpathian Mountains
♦ Learning more about the environmental challenges of the region
♦ Visiting local Hutsul artisans and learning more about traditional local crafts
♦ Exploring intricate Hutsul wooden churches and architecture
♦ Tasting delicious traditional delicacies, made by a host family
♦ Visiting Hutsul shepherds and learning about the custom of cheese making



Day 1 Welcome

Pick up at the airport. Transfer and arrive to the town of Kolomyya. Check in to your guesthouse. Kolomyia – the cultural centre of Hutsuls. They represent an ethno- cultural group of highlanders in Ukrainian Carpathian mountains, which has retained its distinctive culture and traditions.

Your accommodation Hotel Oazys
Your transfers Lviv-Kolomyya
Meals: Breakfast
Your guides Lviv city guide

Day 2 Introduction to the Carpathians. Smuharsky waterfalls hiking.

Visit town’s impressive Easter Egg Museum with over 6,000 beautifully decorated eggs from all over the world. Take the chance and sit for a master-class to paint your own Easter Egg. On the way to the mountains visit a wooden Church constructed in 1600 which is the oldest one in the area. The Carpathians is a hospitable land. Holidaymakers will meet friendly hosts here, that will house you, take care of the food, show you the sights and introduce you to the history, culture, folk customs and rites. Visit to the fair of folk wares in Kosiv town, where one can choose a brilliant souvenir for a beloved relative or a friend.
Take an easy 3-hour hike to test Carpathian elevations. Esplore Smuharsky waterfalls which are created by Smuhariv Brook, a right tributary of the Cheremosh River. The smallest waterfall is about 4 meters, and the highest has almost 20 meters. In a 5-hour hike you will pass all the waterfalls and find spectacular Protyati cliffs, the highest of which is Hawkeye. These Rocks are a place that every Ukrainian climber knows. Extreme lovers come here from all over the country. Stone cliffs created by nature, resemble animals and fairytale characters.
The final destination point is Nimchych mountain pass. In summer the place serves as leisure and hiking base and in winter it becomes a ski resort.
Return to Kosiv.

Your accommodation Family-owned guesthouse
Your transfers Kolomyya-Roztoky; Nimchych-Kosiv
Your meals Lunch, dinner
Your guides Sightseeing guide

Day 3 Hutsul villages, crafts and cuisine

Today you’ll have a chance to relax and unwind from the strenuous hike the day before. Sleep and enjoy delicious home-made food and participate in the creative process and the work of craftsmen. You will personally weave a carpet or work on the potter's wheel, learn to paint Easter eggs or carve ornaments on crockery.
Yavoriv village is famous for wool bedcover weaving. It is actually the last shelter of
the craftsmen, who make this particular kind of sheep wool throw. You will try to work on a loom, exactly as it was done centuries ago. Later the mistress will offer you a dinner in her authentic Hutsul farmstead.
After dinner you will visit a plunged mill, where the blancets are elaborated in a stream of water from a mountain brook;
Yavoriv is also a woodcarving centre. You will have a look at the masterpieces of local craftsmen at the School of crafts.
Return to Kosiv.

Your accommodation Cottage at Bily Slon
Your transfers Kosiv - Yavoriv - Kosiv
Your meals Fullboard
Your guides Hiking guide

Day 4 Hike to shepherds
You will transfer to Verkhovyna - an important tourist center with its particular museums: Hutsul regional historical museum, Private museum of musical instruments, and a museum of Hutsul magic and medicine; You will sure want to visit one of them. Visit the traditional shepherds in the highlands. For many years, every summer Hutsuls take herds of cows and sheep from all surrounding villages and spend three months in the mountains, looking after the animals and preparing delicious cheese brynza. You’ll have the chance to witness this old tradition, learn about the lives of Hutsul shepherds and try their famous cheese.
On the way back, you may take a bath in the river to refresh yourself.
Overnight in a family-owned guesthouse next to the river with all facilities and sauna.

Your accommodation:  Campsite cottage
Your transfers: Car Roztoky - Verkhovyna - Dzembronia
Your meals: Fullboard + lunchbox
Your guides:  Hiking guide

Day 5 Uhorski Rocks journey
This day you will walk Carpathian hills to discover its variety of forms and subtle beauty. Your destination - Uhorsky Skeli (Eng. Hungarian Rocks) - a range of megalithic structures which іsteeply rise above the territory around.
Your journey will continue to the altitude of max 1583m above sea level along Krynta- Skupova mountain range. On your way back to the camp you might pick up some mushrooms and berries, make sure your guide approves those are safe.
Back at the camp you may relax in sauna.
OPTIONALLY you may take a more challenging hiking to Mt. Pip Ivan (2028 m) with an abandoned former Polish astronomic observatory on its top.

Your accommodation:  Cottage at Bily Slon
Your transfers: Car transfer to Zelene village
Your meals:  Fullboard
Your guides:  Sightseeing guide

Day 6 Kayaking maybe!?
Since this is a departure day we offer you an alternative activity. Black Cheremosh river is the best for kayaking beginners. A camp instructor will give you a lesson and accompany you in your first runs. If you are not a kayak noob, river's rapids that spanned for up to 15km are to your disposal.
If you would still prefer walking to kayaking, our guide will show you more of
Carpathian paths and local sights. After lunch transfer to Lviv.

Your accommodation:  None
Your transfers: Car transfer Bily Slon - IF -Lviv
Your meals:  Breakfast, lunch
Your guides: Kayaking instructor or hiking guide


Price Includes:
Twin accommodatio as per itinerary
All starting and ending in Lviv
Full board Meet and greet
Hiking guide
rafting instructor

Not Included:


Hiking the Carpathians - West Ukraine adventure (Rated 4.81 / 5 Based on 277 Reviews.)
890 EUR
6 Days
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