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Ethiopia is a country in Africa, situated on the Horn of the continent. It is the largest and most populated country in the region. Ethiopia is one of the world’s oldest countries. Most of its population is Christian and the country posses some of the ancient Christian historical treasures. Ethiopia is a home to landscapes as diverse as deserts, volcanoes and highlands. The architecture is ranging from rock-hewn churches to medieval-style castles. The Ethiopian Calendar is unique and has 13 months. It goes about seven years behind the Gregorian calendar.

Danakil Depression - Dangerous as Hell and Beautiful Like Heaven 560 , 6 Days

Danakil Depression - Dangerous as Hell and Beautiful Like Heaven

Danakil (Dallol) Depression in Ethiopia is one of these places on earth where your common sense...
Round Trip Ethiopia - Antiquity Beyond Imagination 1670 , 13 Days

Round Trip Ethiopia - Antiquity Beyond Imagination

This magnificent ride takes us through one of Africa's most beautiful areas. Old beyond all...
Simien Trekking - Ethiopia from a Bird's Eye View 790 , 7 Days

Simien Trekking - Ethiopia from a Bird's Eye View

Fit your backpack on your back and discover the unsuspected world of Ethiopia and the Simien...
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01.10.2020 11:45

11 Interesting Facts about Rwanda

  Rwanda is a small African country, whose name is often mostly associated with the horrific genocide that happened here in 1994. It was one of the most tragic events in the history not only of Rwanda, but the world. However, it was also a turning point in the country's history. It has since then embarked on a new path of social, economic and ecological development and deserves to be known...

06.01.2020 17:00

Chernobyl as a travel destination

   About 30 years ago a flawed reactor design in combination with some serious human mistakes led to an accident at the No.4 nuclear reactor in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in northern Ukrainian SSR. It became the worst nuclear disaster in history and resulted in the deaths of hundreds of people and the evacuation of about 110 000 more. Ever since then it has been a subject of an...

31.12.2019 17:00

The Silk Road: now and then

   “The Silk Road” is a term that conjures up fairytale-like images of long camel caravans travelling through bare deserts, of brave adventurers and merchants bargaining in exotic oriental markets. This network of routes, which stretched about 11 000 km (7 000 miles) and connected the East and the West, is a milestone in the development of the modern world and the...

11.12.2019 09:52

The Little - Known Pyramids of Sudan

Can you name the country with the most pyramids in the world? Nope, it’s not Egypt. The country which holds this record with more than 200 pyramids is actually Egypt’s southern neighbor – Sudan. Though not as big as the Egyptian ones, they are just as impressive and have just as intriguing history, dating back to 8th century BC, to the kingdom of Kush. There are many reasons...