Best of Madeira self-guided tour

Best of Madeira self-guided tour 575 , 8 Days

 Madeira Island is one of Europe's most beautiful travel locations with so many returning tourists. It offers not only all year round perfect warm climate, but it is one of the safest holiday destinations in the world!
The island is famous with its Levadas, which were started in the 15th century as a way of bringing water from the mountains to irrigate the fertile soil in the south of the island. The irrigation channels run through valleys and tunnels, along cliff edges and mountain sides which make them not only perfect for walking but also gives the hiker a remarkable variety of scenery. All cannels are well maintained and ideal for getting deed into nature.
In addition, Madeira also offers, mountain walks, hiking, sailing, dolphin and whale watching, scuba diving, big game fishing, canyoning, surfing and paragliding, if you fancy an adventure on a side.
Our will take you through some of the best paths and views inside what some describe as “paradise on Earth”.

Tour highlights:

Madeira’s laurel forest - a UNESCO heritage site
Famous Levadas - water irrigation channels, crossing the island, used as trales


Day 1: Arrival in Machico
Today you travel to Madeira. A taxi will pick you up and take you to the first hotel of this programme, located in Machico. If you arrive early, you’ll have a chance to relax by the swimming pool, walk along the beach or wander around the typical Portuguese town of Machico.

Day 2: Levada dos Maroços & Caniçal - Machico
Madeira’s famous levadas are narrow water channels, and the island proudly boasts more than 2000 km. A short morning transfer has been organized for you, to Maroços. From there you will follow your first levada back to Machico. The views of the bay and Machico from up high are second to none!
Distance: 15km, walking time: 4.5 hrs, 150m (500ft) ascent, 400m (1 300 ft) descent

Day 3: Circular walk in Ponta de São Lourenço
The São Lourenço Peninsula is a must-see in Madeira. With its volcanic origin made mainly of basalt, it is said to be the driest point on the island and you will notice that as you begin to walk toward this magical space, a protected Partial Natural Reserve. A transfer will be arranged for this morning and you will return by public bus in the afternoon, unless you have arranged a taxi transfer on your own.
Distance: 7km; Walking time 3 hrs; 350m (1 200ft) ascent/ descent

Day 4: Machico – Porto da Cruz - Santana
Today’s route is a bit demanding but well worth it, if you take into account the amazing views you’ll have of the northern coastline. A taxi will take you to the start of the walk, between Machico and Caniçal. You begin by following the Levada do Caniçal, mainly flat. Next you do a more challenging section: first on dirt tracks out to the ocean, then on a lovely path along the coast. The Boca do Risco vista point is a good spot for a picnic, before continuing along the Vereda de Larano, a beautiful path cut into the cliffs, to reach Porto da Cruz. A taxi will pick-you up there and take you to your next accommodation, in Santana. You’ll soon discover that Quinta do Furao the ideal place to forget about everything.
Distance: 15km; Walking time: 5 - 5.5 hrs; 750m (2 500ft) ascent, 505m (1 600ft) descent

Day 5: Levada do Furado
Morning transfer to Ribeiro Frio, where the Levada do Furado walk begins. From the very beginning, you will feel like you are walking in a fairy-tale woodland: Madeira’s laurel forest, a UNESCO heritage site. The route is mainly flat along the levada, but you gain altitude gradually (path later protected by a handrail), allowing for majestic views of the coast and the laurel forest covering Madeira’s canyons and hills. Once in Portela, you can either take a taxi (not included) or continue on a cobbled (at times, slippery) path to Porto da Cruz. Once more, a taxi will take you to Santana after the walk
Distance: 14.5 km; Walking time: 5.5 hrs; 370m (1 200ft) ascent, 875m (2 800ft) descent

Day 6: Caldeirão Verde
The Parque Florestal das Queimadas will be the starting point for today’s route, and the taxi will drop you there in the morning. First stop: a cosy bar inside a typical Madeiran house! You’ll follow the Levada do Caldeirão Verde to reach the waterfall, then retrace your steps and make a detour to the village of Ilha, where the taxi will pick you up in the afternoon. Remember to bring a torch and water-proofs on this walk! Though you will be walking along cliffs, the path is protected by handrails.
Distance: 13km; Walking time 4-4.5 hrs, 70m (230ft) ascent, 600m (2 000ft) descent

Day 7: Santana – Arco de São Jorge: the Caminho Real
For the last route, you will walk part of the Caminho Real which, with a total distance of 182 km, completely circles the island of Madeira, linking the major harbours and villages. Starting in Santana, today you’ll walk through a series of ruins, landscapes, villages and traditions to each Arco de São Jorge. A taxi will take you back to your hotel in Santana.
Distance: 13 km; Walking time 5 hrs, 560m (1 800ft) ascent, 850m (2 800ft) descent

Day 8: End of the program
Tour ends after breakfast. A transfer back to the airport is included, so remember to provide all you flight details in advance.

Accommodation and food
There are two options for accommodation. This price includes standard 3 or 4* hotels. You can upgrade to higher end 4* hotels. They are generally located in historic, carefully decorated buildings and they provide exclusive services for their clients. Some have a swimming pool or SPA and, in many cases, a restaurant with unique, sophisticated cuisine.

Practical information
Relatively easy hikes. Its recommended to use high hiking boots with hard sole, as the terrain varies. Should have a torch and water prof jacked for day 6. Perfect weather all year, however summer is hotter. If you fear heights, trip may be challenging.
Price is for 2 people, we can take booking for a single traveler.


Price Includes:
7 nights accommodation
7 breakfasts
Luggage transfer
Private transfers mentioned in the program
Transfers to first accommodation and from last accommodation
Detailed route notes
maps and GPS
24-hour telephone assistance

Not Included:
Lunches and dinners
Tourist Tax
Transfers by public transportation
Personal expenses
Any items that have not been specifically mentioned in the program

Additional Services:
For solo travelers - by request.


Best of Madeira self-guided tour (Rated 4.76 / 5 Based on 41 Reviews.)
575 EUR
8 Days
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8 Days
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545 EUR
8 Days
Open for booking
575 EUR
8 Days
Open for booking

Currency fluctuations might cause correction of price at any time.

Most of you, who are used to walking/cycling during a long weekend, will be in condition to cope with a tour of this level. You should be in a good health condition. We have successive days of longer and more difficult walking and days of lighter walking/cycling. Some parts of the day routes are done at a higher altitude. The paths are in good condition. We walk/cycle for 5/7h a day.

Most of you, who are used to walking/cycling during a long weekend, will be in condition to cope with a tour of this level. You should be in a good health condition. We have successive days of longer and more difficult walking and days of lighter walking/cycling. Some parts of the day routes are done at a higher altitude. The paths are in good condition. We walk/cycle for 5/7h a day.

Group Size
Min 2
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