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Hiking the Heart of South Tyrol

Hiking the Heart of South Tyrol 670 , 7 Days
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South of the Alps and in the shadow of the Dolomites you can hike through some of the prettiest parts of South Tyrol, the main part of the tour is between the cultural capital of Tyrol, Bressanone, and the provincial capital of Bolzano, linking the northern Tyrolean and Southern Italian cultures. The first part of the walk goes down the Chestnut Path (“Keschtnweg”) before presenting you a vista of the beautiful plateau south of the Dolomites above Bolzano. You pass close to the village of Renon, the “in” summer place for the rich from the Capital city’s residents. Vineyards and orchards line the way on the hike through one of the most beautiful areas located in the centre of the South Tyrolean wine region. Lake Kaltern, the most famous lake in South Tyrol, is a further highlight on this route. Castles, palaces and manor houses emboss the landscape of the South Tyrolean Wine Route where numerous wineries avail a tasting of superb wines. The excellent cuisine and the amazing panorama create an unforgettable experience.

Tour highlights:
♦ Diocese town of Bressanone
♦ Typical South Tyrolean hamlets and mountain farms
♦ The Spa town of Meran with its Mediterranean flair


Day 1. Arrival in Brixen/Bressanone
Individual arrival at the hotel in Bressanone. Have a look round the fascinating lanes of the town, don't miss the cathedral and the Bishop’s Castle Residence.

Day 2. Bressanone – Klausen/Chiusa
From Bressanone you hike up to the Pfeffersberg. You pass small hamlets and mountain farms on our way along the plateau. To the south you have a wonderful view of the Dolomite summits. You reach Feldthurns and carry on to the Säben convent, the Acropolis of South Tyrol, before arriving in the small town of Klausen. A short tour information will be held in the evening in Klausen/Chiusa.
Walking: 5-6 h, ascent: 625 m/descent: 700 m

Day 3. Klausen/Chiusa – Ritten/Renon – Bozen/Bolzano
After a short transfer by bus to Barbiano, you reach Renon, a wonderful plateau above the Eisacktal with impressive view of the Dolomites and the Schlern. After passing the Earth Pyramids, you can enjoy an afternoon trip with the Renon`s cable car which brings you from Soprabolzano back down to Bolzano. In the evening, you can discover this European city, a place where the Italian and South Tyrolean cultures are closely entwined.
To shorten the route you can take Renon`s cable car from Collalbo to Soprabolzano.
Walking: 6 h, ascent: 675 m/descent: 275 m

Day 4. Bozen/Bolzano – Kalterer See/Dorf
The sunny south of South Tyrol is awaiting you! Today you will discover the area around South Tyrol’s most famous lake, Kalterer See, a renowned wine growing region. But here, it is not only the vineyards that impress, but also the numerous castles, manor houses, churches and farms. A must for every wine lover is a visit to the South Tyrolean wine museum in Caldaro, which gives an insight into the history of South Tyrolean wines. The way from the lake Kalterer See to the village can be shortened by using the bus.
Walking: 6-7 h, ascent: 550 m/descent: 350 m

Day 5. Kalterer See/Dorf – Tramin/Termeno – Kalterer See/Dorf
The South Tyrolean wine route: a tip for every wine lover and connoisseur. Picturesque vineyards and fascinating landscapes are accompanying you on your way. Enjoy the wonderful view from “Altenburg” over all the vineyards. The most famous wineries of the region and many of the well-known wine producers are found in this area. The way from the lake Kalterer See to the village can be shortened by using the bus.
Walking: 6-7 h, ascent: 500 m/descent: 500 m

Day 6. Kalterer See/Dorf – Lana – Meran/Merano
After breakfast transfer to Lana. Shortly after Lana the hiking route continues along the famous Marlinger Waale – the longest irrigation ditch in South Tyrol. These irrigation ditches known as ‘Waale’ were constructed hundreds of years ago to supply dry corridors with water. These ditches nowadays are used for hiking and walking. The route continues below Schloss Tyrol along the famous Tappeiner Weg towards Merano. The Empress Sissi knew how to appreciate the mild climate. Inviting centuries old Arbours and superb parks add to the completion of a perfect day.
Walking: 6-7 h, ascent: 325 m/descent: 325 m

Day 7: Departure
Individual departure or extension of your stay.

Practical information: ►Well marked paths are mainly signposted around the meadows and throughout the forests. The Dolomites are always in view and the paths offer no element of danger. You can use public transport on some of the routes to shorten the journey ►There is a city tax in most of the Italian cities, approx. 2-4 Euro per person per day, which has to be paid directly in the hotel ►Arrival is only on Sundays. The tour can be arranged as 8-day program with an extra day of walking in Brixen on Saturdays in the above period: contact us for details and a price. The tour can be arranged on any other date at min. 5 pax without price change.

How to get there: You can fly to Innsbruck or Verona and then take the train via Bozen/Bolzano to Brixen. There are good train connections Meran-Bozen-Brixen:

Recommended travel period of the year: May - September

Necessary equipment: sturdy walking boots and walking socks, a small rucksack, a water bottle with at least 1 litre capacity, sunglasses, sunhat, sun cream, rainwear, insect repellent.

Price Includes:
6 overnights in a double room at guesthouses and standard hotels with breakfast
luggage transfer
map and road book in English
24-hour telephone service
tickets for transfers according to the program (cable car and bus and trains)
info meeting in the evening on day 2 in Klausen

Not Included:
Flight tickets
personal insurance
transfer from/to airport
drinks and meals not mentioned in the program
personal expenses
entrance fees
local taxes

Additional Services:
Single room supplement: 125 EUR
half board supplement: 165 EUR
additional nights: on request


Hiking the Heart of South Tyrol (Rated 4.68 / 5 Based on 302 Reviews.)
670 EUR
7 Days
Single Supplement
125 EUR
Open for booking
745 EUR
7 Days
Single Supplement
125 EUR
Open for booking

Currency fluctuations might cause correction of price at any time.

No special experience is needed; everyone who is in condition to cope with long Saturday walks in the forest can also cope with these tours. As a rule, the trips are short and at a low altitude. Often, it is your choice to join or skip a day-tour. The routes follow a hilly terrain without steep ascents and descents. Normally we walk 3/5h a day.

Most of you, who are used to walking/cycling during a long weekend, will be in condition to cope with a tour of this level. You should be in a good health condition. We have successive days of longer and more difficult walking and days of lighter walking/cycling. Some parts of the day routes are done at a higher altitude. The paths are in good condition. We walk/cycle for 5/7h a day.

Group Size
Min. 2 persons
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