Self Guided Trek In Mala Fatra, Slovakia

Self Guided Trek In Mala Fatra, Slovakia 370 , 7 Days
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Mala Fatra Mountains - small but highly varied

You will hike up among white rocks with splendid panoramic views, go through stunning wild gorges on steel ladders and footbridges, follow up and down clear mountain rivers in beautiful valleys. All this natural experience combined with the charm of visiting some historical and cultural sights of interests like medieval castles, churches, small mountain villages and others make this trip an entertaining and adventurous experience, worth trying.

 Tour highlights:
♦ Strecno castle - an extremely well-preserved medieval castle
Terchova – the tourist center of Mala Fatra National Park
Velky Krivan – the highest peak of Mala Fatra Mountains
Diery canyons - stunning gorges and canyons


Day 1: Arrival to Nezbudska Lucka.
Arrival to Nezbudska Lucka train station and walk to hotel outside of the village. Possibility for sightseeing tour of the nearby village Varin, or to visit Strecno Castle.

Day 2:  Nezbudska Lucka - Strecno - Mincol peak - Vrytky village - Nezbudska Lucka
Todays route will take you through the Lucianska Part of Mala Fatra mountains. You will walk mainly on dirt roads and some paths in pine – wood forests. Great views of the main ridge of Krivanska part of Mala Fatra and its highest peak Velky Krivan (1703m) will open up from Mincol peak (1369m). The trek ends with a downhill walk in Piatrova Valley to Vrytky village. From there you take the train to Strecno. Overnight in the hotel outside of Nezbudska Lucka .
Walking time: 6 hrs; uphill/downhill: 1020/1000 m.

Day 3: Nezbudska Lucka - Terchova
Today’s trek takes you in the Eatsern parts of Krivanska part of Mala Fatra. You start walking in Starohradska valley. Reaching Javorina saddle you can choose from 2 options. The first leads you directly down to Kur valley and then to Krasnany village. The other option that is to climb Suchy peak and then trek for an hour and so on the main ridge surrounded by nice panoramic views.
Walking time: 6hrs; uphill/downhill 765/745 m.

Day 4: Terchova - Stefanova village
Sightseeing tour of Terchova. Hiking trip trough Tiesnavy canyons. You will walk up on stone ladders surrounded by stunning rock walls, follow the rocky ridge of Sokolie and then reach Prislop saddle. From there you will go down to Stary Dvor, climb up to Grun peak and descend to Stefanova village.
Walking time: 4.30 hrs; uphill/downhill: 1200/1100.

Day 5: Stefanova village - Velky Fatransky Krivan Peak - Stefanova village
Today’s trek will take you to the highest peak of Mala Fatra mountains – Velky Fatransky Krivan Peak (1703m). You take the lift to Snilovske sedlo. After that you will climb up to the main ridge and Velky Fatransky Krivan Peak (1703 m) and continue following the ridge going up and down on few more peaks.
Walking time: 7 hrs; uphill/downhill 730/1600 m.

Day 6: Stefanova village - Rozsutec reserve - Stefanova village
Today’s hike is probably the most exciting of the whole tour. The first part will take you up and down on steel ladders and footbridges in the stunning canyons and gorges of Nove, Dolne, Horne Diery and Tesna Rizna. The second part of the hike will take you up in the open in the area of Rozsutec reserve. After spending some time admiring the views you go down to Medziholie saddle and then back to Stefanova village.
Walking time: 6.30hrs; uphill/downhill: 1060/1055 m.

Day 7: Departure
Check-out of the hotel. You take a local bus from Stefanova village to Zilina, and from there you and transportated (by public transport) to Bratislava airport for departure.

How to get there? It is best to fly to Bratislava or Vienna.

Good to know: ►Terrain: Most of the paths and dirt roads are steep and take you to a higher altitude directly and very fast (without making serpentines to avoid overtax). The terrain is versatile: from even forest paths and dirt roads, through steep stony paths, ladders and footbridges in gorges and alpine rocky paths above the tree line. ► Marking – the routes are very well marked with paint marks and signs (of places, saddles, peaks, etc.). ►Public transport schedule:

We recommend trip in the period: May - September 

Price Includes:
6 nights’ accommodation with breakfast in 3* family run hotels
Return transfers Bratislava Airport– Bratislava Rail Station
Train ticket Bratislava– Strecno & Zilina– Bratislava
1 x cable car ticket to Chleb (day
Luggage transportation
Map of the area and exact itinerary
Assistance of local travel agency on the spot

Not Included:
Flight tickets
ticket for local bus Stefanova - Zilina on departure day (app. 2 EUR)
entrance fees
drinks and meals not mentioned
personal expenses

Additional Services:
Private transfers: on request


Self Guided Trek In Mala Fatra, Slovakia (Rated 4.7 / 5 Based on 272 Reviews.)
370 EUR
7 Days
Single Supplement
110 EUR
Open for booking

Currency fluctuations might cause correction of price at any time.

Most of you, who are used to walking/cycling during a long weekend, will be in condition to cope with a tour of this level. You should be in a good health condition. We have successive days of longer and more difficult walking and days of lighter walking/cycling. Some parts of the day routes are done at a higher altitude. The paths are in good condition. We walk/cycle for 5/7h a day.

These tours include trekking which is a little harder, normally on a challenging terrain. We take it for granted that you are in good condition and fit. You should be physically prepared at home to get the maximum of the tour. Most of the trekking is done at a greater height (max 3000m).

Group Size
Min. 2 persons
Reservation System Code
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