Glimpse of Libya 1990 , 7 Days

Endless and dazzling is the horizon of the Sahara and it has always been enchanting travelers from all over the world. This is especially true for a country like Libya, which combines the charm of the Sahara with grand Roman heritage sites, overlooking the Mediterranean, legendary oases, picturesque oriental markets and hidden Berber and Tuareg towns. With this tour you will dive into a familiar and yet so different world - a world of piercing eyes, hidden in the gap of the white clothes, flickering like a mirage in the haze.

♦ the Berber culture fortresses
♦ Gadames -
the legendary oasis
Leptis Magna and Sabrata - important ancient Roman cities


Day 1. Arrival in Tripoli
Arrival in Tripoli and transfer to the hotel, where we will meet our local guide. In the afternoon, we will start our city tour of Tripoli with visiting Tripoli´s WWII Cemetery, which contains 1,369 Commonwealth burials of the Second World War, 133 of them unidentified. Some of the other sites the city is known for include The Great Mosque of Tripoli, built in the 13th-14th century, the old souq and many more. -/L/D

Day 2. Jebel Nafusa - Ghadames
Today we are heading south to the rugged scenery of Jebel Nafusa. The mountain rises abruptly from the desert plain of Jefara to a height of over 750 meters, with the highest peak of a modest 968 meters. The fertile plains on the mountain-high plateau are full of olive, fig, and fruit trees and vineyards. The region is known for its Berber (Amazigh) population, and you may find unique cultural elements, including Berber languages and traditions. Here we will visit the magnificent 12th-century fortified granary of Qasr al-Haj (chosen as one of the World’s 80 Greatest Treasures in a recent BBC series). We will then continue driving to the town of Nalut where we will visit the Qasr Nalut - a historical fortress that dates back to the 11th century. Its architecture is characterized by the use of local materials, including mud bricks and stones, and its distinctive design that incorporates elements of North African and Islamic architectural styles. Later we descend the mountain and head further south into the Sahara until we arrive at Ghadames - one of the most ancient towns in the Libyan Desert. B/L/D

Day 3. Ghadames
Today we will be exploring the legendary oasis Gadames - located on the border with Tunisia and Algeria. It has been inhabited by Berbers and Tuareg from antiquity and used by the Romans as a military base. Here we will visit the medina (the old city) and enjoy a traditional lunch in a traditional old house. In the late afternoon, we will take a walk to the Mojazem lake to enjoy the magnificent sunset views. B/L/D

Day 4. Ghadames - Kabaw - Gharyan - Tripoli
Today we are embarking on a scenic journey via Kabaw to reach Gharyan, a town located at the base of the Nafusa Mountains plateau, approximately 80 km to the south of Tripoli. Historically, Gharyan played a crucial role as a stop on trade routes leading south to Fezzan and across the Nafusa Mountains. During the early 20th century, Gharyan gained prominence as the center of Libyan resistance against the Italian invasion. One of Gharyan's notable attractions is its famous troglodyte cave dwellings. The name "Gharyan" itself is derived from the root "Ghar," meaning "cave," reflecting the unique vertical caves dug into the rocky ground. Our visit also includes a stop at the Al-Qawasem area in Gharyan, renowned for producing exquisite pottery due to the high-quality clay available in the region. In the evening, we will return to Tripoli.  B/L/D

Day 5. Тripoli - Sabrata - Tripoli
Today we will be exploring the ancient archaeological site os Sabrata. It was part of the region known as Tripolitania in antiquity. Sabrata, along with Leptis Magna and Oea (modern-day Tripoli), formed the Tripolis, which were three prominent cities in the Roman province of Africa. The archaeological site of Sabrata is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it features well-preserved ruins that provide insight into the city's ancient past. The most notable structures include a theater, forum, The Basilica of Justinian and various temples. In the afternoon, we will return to Tripoli and visit the medina and the city market. B/L/D

Day 6. Tripoli - Leptis Magna – Tripoli

Today we will explore another important ancient site - Leptis Magna, located approximately 130 km. east of Tripoli. The city boasts impressive Roman architecture, including well-preserved structures such as the Arch of Septimius Severus, the Severan Basilica, the Forum, the Market, and the Amphitheatre. The Arch of Septimius Severus is particularly famous for its intricate carvings and monumental presence. It was built in honor of Emperor Septimius Severus and his family. It is one of the best-preserved Roman triumphal arches in the world. In the evening we will return to Tripoli for overnight. B/L/D

Day 7. Tripoli City Tour.  End of services
Today we will have some time to visit sites in Tripoli which we might have missed during the city tour on the first day. After we are finished with the city tour, we have a transfer to the airport for departure. End of services upon arrival at the airport. B/-/-

Price Includes:
accommodation in standard hotels and guest houses (6 overnights)
all ground transportation as per itinerary
meals according to the itinerary (B-breakfast/L-lunch/D-dinner)
letter of invitation for Libya visa
English-speaking local guide
tour leader from Penguin Travel (at min. 8 people)
entrance fees

Not Included:
international flight
visa fees
meals not mentioned in the itinerary
tips and personal expenses

Additional Services:
small group supplement (if the group is 2-3 people) - 250 EUR per person


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7 Days
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