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Northern Lights Watch at the Abisko National Park, Sweden

Northern Lights Watch at the Abisko National Park, Sweden 520 , 5 Days
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We are heading to northern Sweden, where we will enjoy and photograph the amazing Northern Lights. However the amazing night show is not the only thing that these lands have to offer, so during the day we have the opportunity to ride a dog sled, go skiing, visit an ice hotel and go for a hiking trip at the national park.

Why Abisko National Park ?

Lonely Planet (and NASA) has listed Abisko as one of the 10 best places for observation of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) for a reason. Part of the park is defined as an area with a blue “hole” sky – an area without clouds, which is why NASA declared that the Abisko offers the clearest venue, where you can observe the Aurora. Furthermore the park is far away from any major cities, emitting serious light pollution and also located deep in the North, allowing its visitors to see the lights from September to mid April throughout the entire territory of the park. This is a trip which will leave you breathless among the vast

Tour highlights:
♦ The Magical Northern Lights
♦ Hiking trips at the Abisko National Park


Day 1. Arrival. Kiruna - Abisko

Arrival at Kiruna airport and transfer to the Abisko National Park. Check in at the hotel and free time for a walk in the park. In the Evening a local guide takes you on a walking tour observing the Northern Lights. Overnaight at the Park.

Day 2. Abisko National Park
Optional activities during the day. After dinner we will go on an evening tour to watch Northern lights.

Day 3-4. Abisko National Park
During these days you will have the opportunity to explore the Abisko Park and observe the Aurora each night. During the day you can visit the sites located in the park (a museum and a waterfall) as well as take the opportunity for some additional activities such as a dog sled ride, visit the Narvik fiord in Norway, visit an ice hotel or take a snowmobile trip.

Day 5. Abisko – Kiruna
Optional Ice hotel visit with drop off to the Airport for departure.

Important: In order to use the group transfer, your flight should arrive at Kiruna Airport between 13:00h and 14:00h on day 1 and depart after 13:00 on day 5. 

Practical information:
Accommodation can be in rooms with two or more beds, located on different levels. All the rooms have private toilets, however bathrooms are shared for the hut. There are blankets and pillows at the hut, but you have to bring you own sheets or rent on spot. There is a fully equipped kitchen at the hut, and there is a grocery shop nearby, where you can buy all the products needed for a meal. There is also a restaurant close to the hut.

Optional Activities (require a prior request, payment on spot):

Dog sled trip (2 hours - 155 - 165 EUR per person)
During the trip you will be riding the sled with the dogs yourself (1 sled per person - 165 EUR), as you will be also accompanied by a guide riding  near you. There is also an option to just sit and relax in the sled while somebody else is riding it (in this case the price will be 155 EUR).

A trip to an Ice Hotel (95 EUR)
A truly once in a lifetime experience for everyone who is interested in unconventional and original ideas. You will see sculptures, rooms and even small chapels and a bar made of ice, notably popular among newlyweds for everyone who is interested in unconventional and original ideas.

A day trip to Narvik Fjord in Norway (55 EUR). Must be paid in advance
Located 85 km from Abisko, Narvik is the longest fjord in the Norwegian Nordland region, famous for its stunning beauty. On the way you can visit some historical sites and reach the sea shore. In the Narvik town you can visit the local fish market and buy freshly caught fish for dinner. You can also visit for a drink at the sky bar known for its amazing views. In the afternoon we will have some free time before we go back to Abisko.

Snowmobile trip (85 - 160 EUR )

Join in unforgettable snowmobile trips in breath-taking natural areas of Abisko. Let it be your greatest winter adventure. Duration: Around 2 hours. The price is varying depending whether you chose sitting in the sled behind the guide driving the snowmobile or you  chose driving the snowmobile yourself.

Ice Climbing (82 EUR)

Adrenaline and vertical ice. Abisko is a perfect place for trying out ice climbing. We start with fitting the equipment and then drive to one of our climbing areas. After an introduction on tecnique, you get to start climbing. It ́s not only a fun and exciting activity, it also takes place in a breathtaking and beautiful place surrounded by frozen waterfalls in all shades of blue. Take the opportunity to try it!

Ice fishing (82 EUR)

Try fishing on one of the many frozen lakes in the Abisko surroundings. Ice fishing is a peaceful but yet exciting activity. While waiting for the fish to strike we sit down and relax on some cosy reindeer fur and gaze at the wonderful arctic winter landscape. If we are lucky, we catch trout or arctic char. 

Price Includes:
English speaking guide
4 nights stay in a cabin accommodation/ 2 twin room in a cabin
transfer from Kiruna airport to Abisko National Park (100km each way) and back
guided Northern Lights walking tour&photos of northern lights for 4 nights (min 3 hours each night)
visiting Abisko National Park Museum
guided Walks in Abisko National Park
walks to Canyon and frozen waterfall

Not Included:
flight ticket to Kiruna
travel insurance (Obligatory)
personal expenses and any optional activities
food- There is a supermarket (2km away) where you can buy food and cook in the kitchen of your cabin. There is breakfast/lunch/dinner option in the hotel restaurant

Additional Services:
bed linens (20 EUR)


Northern Lights Watch at the Abisko National Park, Sweden (Rated 4.73 / 5 Based on 288 Reviews.)
520 EUR
5 Days
Guaranteed departure

Currency fluctuations might cause correction of price at any time.

Group Size
10-20 persons
Reservation System Code
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