Gerewol Festival, Chad 2190 , 9 Days
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Witness one of the most vibrant cultural events in one of the most remote corners of the world.
The Gerewol festival is a spectacular gathering of the Wodaabe tribe - a nomadic cattle-herding tribe in the Sahel region of Chad. Every year, in the end of the rainy season, the Woodaabe people gather to celebrate their beauty and charm - something they take particular pride in, earning themselves the nickname “the vainest tribe in the world”.
During the week-long festival, the men of the tribe put on colourful make up and dance for hours on end in an attempt to prove themselves most beautiful and win the hearts of the women of the tribe.
With very few Western travellers visiting Chad as a whole and the festival in particular, this tour is an authentic immersion in a distinct and remote culture.

Tour Highlights:
♦ Gerewol Festival - one of the most vibrant African cultural festival
♦ N'Djamena - capital and largest city of Chad
♦ Elephant Rock - a scenic rock formation near the capital

Day 1. Arrival in N'Djamena
Arrival in N’Djamena, police registration for travel permit for the tour. Transfer to the hotel and free time. -/-/D

Day 2. N'Djamena -Dourbali - Alidjam

Today we are heading to the region of Dourbali. On the way we will make a few short stops to enjoy the scenery and visit some of the villages of the local nomad Arabs. We will spend the night camping in Alidjam. B/LD

Day 3. Kanoumoudji
Today we are driving to the region of Kanoumoudji. Here we will meet the nomadic herders of southern Chad, known for their beautiful facial paintings. Overnight camping. B/L/D

Day 4-5. Guerewol festival

The next two days we will be attending one of the most important annual events of the Wodaabe people - the Guerewol festival.The Wodaabe are one of the biggest nomadic tribes of the Sahel region, also known as “the vainest tribe in the world”. Beauty and charm play an important role in Wodaabe culture and the Guerewol festival puts a strong emphasis on these traits.
The festival takes place at the end of the rainy season and also serves as important courtship event. During the festival, the men of the tribe put on make-up and dance for hours to attract the female observers. Since Wodaabe women appreciate most white teeth and eyes and tallness, the typical dance moves include expressive teeth-showing and eye-rolling, which you see in most of the pictures from the festival. Overnight camping. B/L/D

Day 6. N'Djamena
Today we are heading back to N'Djamena. Free time and overnight in a hotel in the city. B/L/D

Day 7. Douguia - Elephant Rock Tour - N'Djamena

Today we will visit the famous Elephant Rock formation (Hadjer Lamis), just 40km away from the capital. We will then continue along the banks of the Chari River and stop for a picnic lunch with a scenic view of the river. In the village of Dougui we will have a chance to walk around and observe everyday life of the locals, before heading back to N’Djamena where we will spend the night. B/L/D

Day 8. N’Djamena city tour

Today is dedicated to exploring the capital and largest city of Chad. We will visit The Grand Mosque and the N’Djamena Cathedral and then head to the Central Market and the Artisanal
center for souvenirs. We will also visit the National museum where we will learn more about the ethnography, palaeontology and the natural history of the region. Overnight in a hotel in the city. B/L/D

Day 9. Departure
Breakfast at the hotel and transfer to the airport for departure.B/-/-

Price Includes:
transport in a 4x4 air-conditioned vehicle
English-speaking guide/driver
accommodation according the itinerary (3 nights in mid-range hotels and 5 nights camping)
mattress and camping materials
meals according to itinerary (B-breakfast,L-lunch,D-dinner) and mineral water
police registration and travel permit
entry fees
visa assistance
tour leader from Penguin Travel (at min. 8 participants)

Not Included:
international flights
visa fees
photo permits
drinks and meals not mentioned
tips and personal expenses

Gerewol Festival, Chad (Rated 4.72 / 5 Based on 9 Reviews.)
2190 EUR
9 Days
Single Supplement
545 EUR
Open for booking

Currency fluctuations might cause correction of price at any time.

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