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Discover Lebanon 460 , 6 Days
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Lebanon is an incredible tourist destination with its fascinating historical landmarks, pristine beaches, delicious cuisine, stellar night life and picturesque mountains. The country truly offers something for everyone's taste.It is located at the meeting point of three continents; of Christianity and Islam; of tradition and modernity. Over the centuries it has been the crossroad of many civilizations whose traces may still be seen today. It’s a place where culture, family and religion are all-important, but where sectarian violence can too often erupt – claiming lives and scarring both the landscape and the national psyche. After years of unrest, Lebanon is regaining its former reputation as «The Switzerland of the Middle East». Home to a glorious national cuisine, a string of beach resorts and the Middle East's most glamorous, hedonistic city (Beirut), Lebanon rewards the traveller with food for thought and a feast for the senses and the stomach. Moreover the weather is always moderate, the prices are very reasonable and, most of all - the people are very friendly.

Tour Highlights:
Beirut – “Paris of the Middle East”
Jeita Grotto - the longest explored cave in Lebanon
Byblos - "the oldest continuously inhabited city"
Tyre and Sidon – the ancient Phoenician cities
Beqaa valley - the Roman Temples of Baalbeck

Day 1. Arrival to Beirut.

Arrival to Beirut, transfer to the hotel and overnight.

Day 2. Anjar - Baalbek - Ksara - Beirut

After breakfast we will start our day tour with a visit to the ancient city Anjar - built in the 8th century under the rule of Caliph Walid I. After exploring the its Umayyad ruins we will continue to Baalbek. Its ancient ruins reveal stories about  the Mesopotamian, Roman, Christian and Islamic culture. Finishing the day with a glass of wine at Chateau Ksara and exploring its collections. Back to Beirut for overnight.

Day 3. Jeita Grotto - Byblos - Harissa - Beirut

Our first stop for today is knows as "The Pearl of Nature of Lebanon" - Jeita Grotto. It's a system of two connected limestone caves which we can explore by a small boat, examine the the stalactites and the stalagmites, the walls and the lightings. Next stop is Byblos, a calm seaside town, continuously inhabited for more than 7000 years that gave its name to the Bible. We continue then to the municipality of Harissa, famous for the grand white Marina statue Our Lady of Lebanon. Back to Beirut for overnight. 

Note: This tour is not running on Mondays, change in the order of the day tours is possiible.

Day 4. Sidon - Tyre - Maghdouché - Beirut

The first stop for the day is Sidon where we will see the main sights Sidon Sea Castle, built in the 13th century, The Soap Museum, where we will learn more about the soap making in the region and the beautiful Khan Al Franj (Inn of the Foreigners). We will then continue to Tyre - once a great Phoenician city. We will see the Hippodrome, which in now part of the UNESCO World Heritage list and visit the authentic old souk. The next stop is Maghdouché- the place where Virgin Mary is believed to have been waiting for Jesus while preaching. Back to Beirut for overnight. 

Day 5. Qadisha Valley - Becharri - Cedars– Beirut

Today we will explore the beautiful nature of Qadisha Valley, known also as Holly Valley becuase of the numerous monasteries that can be found here, some of which very ancient. We will visit the small town Bcharre, rich in history and culture and home to Kahlil Gibran - a famous writer, poet, visual artist and philosopher.  We will visit his museum and discover his manuscripts and writings. We finish our tour with a visit to the forest known as The Cedars of God and learn more about the Cedar of Lebanon - the tree which has long been a symbol of the country and is even on its flag. Back to Beirut for overnight.

Day 6. Departure

Breakfast and transfer to Beirut airport for departure.

Visa: At present most European citizens can obtain visa to Lebanon upon arrival, which is free of charge right now. Make sure you do not have any Israeli Visa or Stamp on the passport, otherwise you will be denied entry to Lebanon.

Price Includes:
5 nights at 4**** hotel in Beirut in a double room with breakfast
transfers airport-hotel-airport
transport as per program
English speaking driver/guide

Not Included:
Flight tickets
visa to Lebanon (free at present time)
entrance fees: approximately 50-60 EUR for the sights mentioned in the program
drinks and meals not mentioned
personal expenses

Additional Services:
supplement for 3 travelers: 57 EUR per person
supplement for 2 travelers: 170 EUR per person
high season and holiday supplements might be applied


Discover Lebanon (Rated 4.91 / 5 Based on 115 Reviews.)
460 EUR
6 Days
Single Supplement
125 EUR
Open for booking

Currency fluctuations might cause correction of price at any time.

Group Size
Min. 4 persons
Reservation System Code
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