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The Wonders of Jordan 400 , 7 Days
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Jordan is a land with a long and fascinating history. It has been home to some of mankind's earliest settlements and villages, and relics of many of the world's great civilizations can still be seen today. As the crossroads of the Middle East, the lands of Jordan and Palestine have served as a strategic nexus connecting Asia, Africa and Europe. Thus, since the dawn of civilization, Jordan's geography has given it an important role to play as a conduit for trade and communications, connecting east and west, north and south. Jordan continues to play this role today.

Tour highlights:
Petra - the Nabatean Red-Rose City, one of the New 7 Wonders of the World
Wadi Rum - where many scenes from the movie "Lawrence of Arabia" were shot
Dead Sea - the salty sea, where plants and animals cannot flourish


Day 1. Amman

Arrival to Amman: the Capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, first known as a Rabbath Ammoun in the Iron Age, and later as Philadelphia, one of several Greco-Roman cities in the urban confederation known as the Decapolis, and recently the «white City» due to the white stone used to build its’ houses.Places of interest might be the Roman Theatre, Citadel, Folklore & Archeological Museum. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 2.Amman - Jerash - Ajloun - Amman 

Depart to visit Jerash; the best-preserved example of Roman civilization, part of the Decapolis (The ten big Roman cities of the east) has been called the Pompeii of the east for its unique state of preservation, featuring theatres, churches, temples (Zeus and Artemis), a Nymphaeum and colonnaded streets. Proceed to visit Ajloun; the 12th Century Castle which was built by Saladin in his successful campaign to drive the Crusaders from Jordan in 1189 and is an outstanding example of Arab/Islamic military architecture.Overnight in Amman.

Day 3. Kings way (Mount Nebo, Madaba (Map Church), Wadi Al-mujib panoramic view, Karak Castle, Petra. 

Today you will visit the Greek Orthodox church St. George, home of the enormous Madaba Mosaic Map, discovered in 1894. You will continue to Mount Nebo, from where Moses had seen the Promised Land before he died. You will also visit Shobak Castle built in 1115 by King Baldwin of Jerusalem. Overnight in Petra (Wadi Musa)

Day 4. Petra - Wadi Rum

Today you will continue  exploring Petra - one of the wonders of the world. The ancient Nabatean city is located 225 km from Amman and had been carved in stone more than 2000 years ago. You will visit its tombs, the treasury, the Roman Theater, the Courts etc. The tour continues to Wadi Rum where you will arrive just in time to watch the beautiful sunset. Known also as the Valley of the Moon, Wadi Rum is a uniquely shaped massive mountain that rose amongst the rosy red sand of the desert with towering cliffs of various brownish, reddish and golden colors. Overnight in Wadi Rum Camp

Day 5. Wadi Rum - Dead Sea                                                                                                                                     

You can start the day today with a 4x4 tour in Wadi Rum before continuing to our next stop - The Dead Sea - an impressive and spectacular place to visit - its water has high levels of concentration of salt and minerals, which makes it a therapeutic and unique swimming experience. Overnight at Dead Sea

Day 6. Dead sea

Today you can spend the whole day relaxing around Dead Sea. You can also use the free time to do a trip to Bethany - the site of John the Baptist's settelement, where Jesus was baptised or visit the Desert Castles.

Day 7. Departure

Visa: European citizens can get their visa on arrival to Jordan. Please, send us a scanned copy of your passport in order to arrange a visa in advance.

Practical information:  ►The hotels' category is according to local standards and does not necessarily corresponds to the international standards. ►Local currency in Jordan is dinar (JOD), known as "jay-dee" among young locals ►Tips of 10% are generally expected in better restaurants (and often included in the bill). ►Avoid tap water, refrozen ice cream, shellfish and raw-meat dishes. Eat meals only at busy restaurants. ►It is hot in the desert in the daytime but in the night it becomes very cold, so don't forget warm clothes ►June-August are not recommended for visiting Jordan - it gets extremely hot and many places are closed ►Jordan has low levels of crime.

You can get a guide for the attractions on the spot, approximate prices: Petra: 60 EUR (2 hours); Jerash: 45 EUR (1 hour); Amman: 40-60 EUR (1 - 1.5 hour); Karak: 30 EUR (45 minutes); Mount Nebo: 25 EUR (30 minutes)

Recommended period of travelling: September - May

Price Includes:
5 nights at 2** or 3** hotels in a double room with private facilities and 1 night in camping in Wadi Rum - standard tent with shared bath
transportation as per program incl. transfer from/to the airport,

Not Included:
International flights
entrance fees
drinks and meals not mentioned in the programe
supplements during New Year holidays in Petra
carriage at Petra
personal expenses

Additional Services:
supplement for 3 travellers: 62 EUR per person
supplement for 2 travellers: 193 EUR per person
extra nights: on request
transfer Aqaba - Amman: on request


The Wonders of Jordan (Rated 4.82 / 5 Based on 304 Reviews.)
400 EUR
7 Days
Single Supplement
120 EUR
Open for booking

Currency fluctuations might cause correction of price at any time.

Group Size
Min.4 persons
Reservation System Code
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