Jordan is an Arab kingdom. To the south, near the city of Aqaba, is the highest point of the country - Mount Ram. A part of the Syrian Desert lies in the Northeast. To the west is the Jordan Valley, where goes the sacred to the Christians - Jordan River. The most popular landmark in the country is the ancient city of Petra - the capital of the baptisms and the tomb that is there - the Pharaoh's Treasury. The capital of Jordan - Amman is more than 8000 years old, also known as the White City, because it has many low-rise houses built of white stone. The country is situated between Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iraq and Syria.

The Wonders of Jordan 400 , 7 Days

The Wonders of Jordan

Jordan is a land with a long and fascinating history. It has been home to some of mankind's...
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The magic ancient Nabataean town of Petra

For many individuals Jordan begins and ends with the magic ancient Nabataean town of Petra. And it is true, Petra is without doubt one of the Middle East’s most spectacular, unmissable sights,...