9 Facts About Somaliland

9 Facts About Somaliland

1. Somaliland became an independent country in 1991 and has already celebrated being a country for over 25 years.

2. Somaliland is located at the northern part of Somalia – and yes, they are two different countries.

3. The country is bigger than you think – it’s the size of United Kingdom without Scotland.

4. They are dreaming about getting recognition from the International Community.

5. The main incomes are repatriated money from families abroad, international aid and sale of animals.

6. Somaliland introduced democratic regime and had their first election in 2003.

7. Somaliland pays one the lowest rates for mobile calls in the world.

8. About four million live in Somaliland and more the one million live abroad.

9. Denmark was the first western country to set up an office in Somaliland in 2012.

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