Somaliland and Djibouti - A Tour Back In Time

Somaliland and Djibouti - A Tour Back In Time 1880 , 10 Days

Join us on a journey to the most exciting places in the Horn of Africa: Somaliland – a country that does not officially exist and Djibouti – one of the smallest and least known countries in the African continent. While the rest of Somalia has been a no-go zone for travelers for two decades, the self-proclaimed Republic of Somaliland has restored law and order within its boundaries, the safety of Westerners is taken very seriously and foreigners are welcome. This is a tour back in time to the beginning of civilization. These two countries can rightly be considered the last true frontiers of African travel. Оn this tour, we will admire some exceptional rock paintings in Las Geel, feel the pulse of the fast growing capital Hargeisa, walk along deserted beaches, visit bustling market towns, and enjoy the jaw-droopingly landscapes at Lac Abbe – a geological wonder with characteristic limestone chimneys. Sitting at the edge of Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden opposite the Arabian Peninsula, Somaliland and Djibouti are the cultural melting pot of African, Arabic and Indian Ocean influences. But perhaps the most lasting impression will be the people you will meet – proud of their countries with a legendary sense of hospitality.

Highlights of the tour:
Las Geel – the earliest cave paintings in the Horn of Africa
Lake Abbe -  a true geological wonder
Lake Assal – the lowest point in Africa


Day 1 Arrival in Hargeisa
Pick up at the airport and transfer to the hotel.-/-/-

Day 2. Arabsiyo – Dhagah Khoure - Gabiley – Borama
Today we are heading on a captivating full-day journey westward to Gabiley, often referred to as the breadbasket of Somaliland. Gabiley plays a crucial role, supplying nearly 85% of the region's food. On the way, we will explore the charming town of Arabsiyo and its picturesque valleys. Our itinerary includes a visit to the fascinating rock art site at Dhagah Khoure before concluding the day in Borama, where we will spend the night. B/-/-

Day 3. Borama – Jufo – Hargeisa
Borama is a significant educational hub, home to the historic Amoud University – the first post-war institution of higher learning in Somaliland. Our morning in Borama will be dedicated to sightseeing, including a visit to Amoud University, before we make our way back to Hargeisa. En route, we'll pause at the nomad village of Jufo, adding a cultural touch to our journey before reaching Hargeisa. B/-/-

Day 4. Hargeisa – Laas Geel – Berbera
We will start our day with a walk around Hargeisa, where we'll visit the Civil War Memorial, The Central Market and others. Following this, delve into the rich history at Laas Geel, the paramount rock art site in Africa, boasting vibrant colors and exceptionally well-preserved paintings dating back approximately ten thousand years. Our journey then takes us to Berbera, where we'll spend the night. Berbera is Somaliland's main seaport. he city was once an important trade centre. Unfortunately, it was badly damaged in the 1980s -1990s civil war. Many Ottoman mansions, along with structures from Arab, Jewish, and Indian trading communities, are now in a state of decay but manage to still keep the city's unique atmosphere. This evening, we will have time to walk around the city to soak its atmosphere and visit its beaches. B/-/-

Day 5. Berbera - Hargeisa - Djibouti city
Today, we are heading back to Hargeisa to catch our flight to Djibouti. We will check in at our hotel in Djibouti city in the afternoon and have some free time to relax. B/-/-

Day 6. Djibouti city
We will start our day with a short sightseeing tour of Djibouti city - the capital and largest city of the Republic of Djibouti. Despite its small size, Djibouti City and its surrounding areas have a lot to offer for those seeking unique experiences, especially water sports and nature enthusiasts. Today, you will have the option to join a whale shark snorkelling tour, in the waters just off the Djiboutian coast. It’s one of the few places in the world where tourists can spot these magnificent creatures. B/-/-

Day 7. Djibouti city - Lake Abbé
Today, we are heading to to Lake Abbé - a remarkable saltwater lake situated on the Ethiopia-Djibouti border, known for its otherworldly scenery. The lake is characterized by unique limestone chimneys, also known as "chimneys of the devil," that rise dramatically from the water's surface, creating a surreal landscape. The area around Lake Abbé is also home to the Afar people, who have been traditionally pastoralists and are well-adapted to the arid and semi-arid landscapes of the region. Afar culture is rich and diverse, with a strong emphasis on oral traditions, storytelling, and poetry. We wil spend the night in a tourst camp in the region, which features traditional Afar huts and provides a basic, but immersive experience (It is recommended to bring a sleeping bag liner and a headlight for your convenience. Tents and mattresses/camping beds are provided by the camp). B/L/D

Day 8. Lake Abbé – Tadjourah
Today we will wake up early to enjoy the breathtaking views and tranquility of the lake at sunrise. After breakfast at the camp, we are heading to our next destination - Tadjourah. On the way we will do some short stops to enjoy the scenery and interact with the locals. We will get to see some of the distinctive features of the Great Rift Valley in Djibouti. Djibouti is located at the junction of the East African Rift and the Gulf of Aden Rift. The whole region is characterized by geological features such as volcanic craters, hot springs, and fissures. It has experienced volcanic eruptions, which contribute to its unique topography. We will also stop at a local nomadic settlement, where we will learn more about the traditional way of life of the local communities, which notable for their historical reliance on pastoralism and their adaptation to the challenging environments of the region. In the afternoon, we will arrive at Tadjourah, also called The White Town. The nickname is derived from the distinct white color of many of its buildings and structures, creating a striking contrast against the backdrop of the blue sea and sky .After checking-in at the hotel, you will have the option to visit the famous beach of Sable Blancs (about 10 km from the town), where we will have some time to relax and go for a swim. Overnight in a hotel in Tadjourah, B/L/D

Day 9. Tadjourah - Lake Assal - Djibouti city
Today we will be exploring another highligh of any visit to Djibouti - Lake Assal. It is renowned for being the lowest point on the African continent and the third-lowest point on Earth. Its shores lie at an impressive 155 meters (509 feet) below sea level. The lake is nestled within a volcanic crater and is surrounded by stunning landscapes. Its high salinity is a notable characteristic, making it one of the most saline bodies of water globally. The salt concentration is even higher than that of the Dead Sea. In the afternoon, we will drive back to Djibouti city, where we will arrive just in time for dinner. Overnight in a hotel in Djibouti. B/L/D

Day 10. Departure
Airport transfer for departure. B/-/-

Visa: Both visas for Somaliland and Djibouti can be obtained at the airport upon arrival. We apply for pre-authorisation letter on your behalf. We will provide more details once your reservation is confirmed. 

Price Includes:
accommodation according to the itinerary (8 nights in standard 2** and 3*** hotels in rooms with ensuite facilities/ one night in a tourist camp at Lake Abbe - shared accommodation)
all ground transportation
airport transfers
all meals according to the itinerary (B-breakfast,L-lunch,D-dinner)
entrance fees
local English-speaking guides
English-speaking tour leader from Penguin Travel (at min.8 people)
visa invitation
permission letters for visiting the sites per itinerary
photo permissions

Not Included:
international flights
flight Hargeisa- Djibouti City (around 250 EUR)
visa fees
optional whale shark snorkelling tour (120 EUR)
tips and personal expenses
drinks and meals not mentioned in the program


Somaliland and Djibouti - A Tour Back In Time (Rated 4.86 / 5 Based on 414 Reviews.)
1880 EUR
10 Days
Single Supplement
310 EUR
Guaranteed departure
1880 EUR
10 Days
Single Supplement
310 EUR
Guaranteed departure
1880 EUR
10 Days
Single Supplement
310 EUR
Guaranteed departure

Currency fluctuations might cause correction of price at any time.

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