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Hanne C./Denmark
(Date: 14.07.2014)
Rating: 10/10
Tour: Orpheus Trail (8 days progressive ride in Rodopi mountains)
We had a fantastic trip to Bulgaria. We hope you all know and appreciate the great work Loboo is doing, He is very service minded, have great knowledge in his country and put a lot of enthusiasm in his work. Thanks for a great holiday, the setup is good - being outdoor all day and the combination with the beautiful Plovdiv.

Morten P./Denmark
(Date: 12.07.2014)
Rating: 9/10
Tour: Rila Family Adventure, Bulgaria
The guides were very friendly and flexible.

Alexandra B./UK
(Date: 11.07.2014)
Rating: 9/10
Tour: Horseriding, Rodopi mountains
Lyubo is very friendly - helpful and good with the horses. Like his laid back attitude. Very satisfied with the tour, will recommend to anyone.

Kirsten J./Denmark
(Date: 08.07.2014)
Rating: 10/10
Tour: Den Transsibiriske Jernbane - gruppeafgange
Så er jeg her endelig. Også en stor tak til dig Zina, for at du bragte os sikkert ud og hjem. Du har bare været alletiders, på alle måder. det får Pinguin også at vide. Ja det har været en fantastisk rejse, som vi alle vil huske. Alle de gode minder vi har fået med os, det har været en stor berigelse.

Jytte H./Denmark
(Date: 02.07.2014)
Rating: 10/10
Tour: West Highland Way - Self Guided Tour (United Kingdom)
Hvad var højdepunktet på din rejse? Faktisk var det busturen fra Fort William til Glasgow. Der var strålende solskin og klart vejr, så vi kunne se alle toppene i Glen Coe. Det er usædvanligt.

Kim K./Belgium
(Date: 19.06.2014)
Rating: 10/10
Tour: Horseriding holiday "Balkan Village Trek", Bulgaria
We booked a horsebackriding trip in june. I didn't know what to expect. Anna (the travelling guide) waited for us at the hostel in Sofia. She was going to drive us with her car to the horseriding village. It matched from the first time. Then we met the horses. It were very stable and steady horses. The horse guide was very kind to his horses. You feel that his horses are very important to him and that the horses are very trusting to him. It was a beautiful environment. We walked through: alpen medows... authentic villages, on top of the hills. It was crossing and learn to know Bulgaria by horse. We slept in hostels and tourist rooms from the local village people. You don't have to expect luxury, but it was very clean and the owners did the best they can. We ate in typical bulgarian reatuarants and in the hostels. The food was great! I never ate so good in my whole life. The spices, the time and the love they put in there meat and vegetables dishes... no words for that. You can't choose your food, but it was very good and they ask in advance what you absolutely don't like. And a tip: take biscuits or something litle and water for on the horse. The trips are long and you don't may underestimate the effort that you have to do when you ride a horse. I could say that this one of the best voyages I have ever done. I did all kinds of voyages: luxurious trips, camping... hiking. For me it is not important what someone have. For me it is more important what someone can offer. Anna, the horse guide and the village people offered us: a secure feeling, a welcome feeling, badminton on the streets, a local who sang so beautiful great bulgarian food; kind, wise and not spoiled horses, a clean bed, .... honesty. We saw the real people behind Bulgaria and I hope that they stay the way they are. Thank you.

Kevin F./USA
(Date: 02.06.2014)
Rating: 10/10
Tour: Orpheus Trail (8 days progressive ride in Rodopi mountains)
Having been on several horseback excursions, I have found that guides are the most instrumental factor for an enjoyable time. Dobryan and Lubo delivered on all accounts.

Birgitta K./Denmark
(Date: 09.05.2014)
Rating: 9/10
Tour: The Historical Way of Rota Vicentina - from Santiago do Cacém to Odeceixe
Vi var for nylig på vandretur i Portugal, The Historical Way of Rota vicentina. Jeg vil bare fortælle at det var en virkelig god oplevelse. Dejlig vandring i smuk natur på vel afmærkede ruter. Fremforalt vil jeg rose jeres samarbejdspartner i Portugal, Ray og Marnie Gloster. De var utrolig venlige, velforberdte og hjælpsomme. En tur jeg varmt kan anbefale, ddog ikke til nybegynder. I den danske beskrivelse af rutten står der at dag 6 går i ugæstvenlig natur. Det er nok en fejloversættelse. Det burde stå "øde natur". De bedste hilsener

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