Hiking in the Aosta Valley, Italy

Hiking in the Aosta Valley, Italy
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 In the shadow of famous peaks like the Grand Combin, Matterhorn, Gran Paradiso and Mont Blanc, of course, lies the Valle d'Aosta. Stunning views of the snowy peaks will stretch before your eyes, giving you the most beautiful sight you could ever think of.The castles, villages, vineyards on very steep slopes form the heart and soul of this valley. Val d'Aosta lies at the foot of the highest mountains of Europe, surrounded by Italy, France and Swiss and its strategic position will enable you to discover many different cultures and traditions.

Tour highlights:
♦ Many little mountain villages to discover
Spellbinding views, wild open spaces, luxury forests, snowy peaks
♦ The Alpine Loie Lake
♦ The 2616m-high Oilletta peak




Day 1: Aosta - arrival
Arrive in the quaint, small town of Aosta, in a valley dominated by the stunning views of Europe’s highest mountains. Take a walk through its streets and admire some of the still well-preserved remnants of the Roman times, like the Roman Theatre, the Arch of Augustus and the town walls and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the place.

Day 2: Lez Croux - Homene Dessus
A car transfer will lead you to the small hilltop village of Lez Croux, where today’s itinerary starts with a tough climb to above 2.000 metres. You walk through flowery meadows overlooking the valley and the high mountains around. Finally you will be warmly received at the accommodation located next to a lonely chapel, just outside the village of Saint Pierre.
Distance: 15km, +984m /-813m , 6h.

Day 3: Dessus - Fallere Lake - Dessus
This is a fairly demanding route due to the difference in height that must be tackled. For long stretches it offers spectacular panoramic views over the valleys and peaks of the Gran Paradiso. You pass through some mountain villages that have the typical architecture and local structure.
Distance: 17km, + 994m/ -994m , 6h

Day 4: Homene Dessus - Vens
You go from east to west along the more than 2.000m high slopes of the Valle d'Aosta. Higher up are the pastures where the famous Fontina and Toma cheeses are made, and, on the lower slopes, are the mountain villages and local farms. The small family run hotel where you stay tonight is located in a charming mountain hamlet surrounded by a wonderful scenery.
Distance: 12km, + 653m / -421m. , 4h

Day 5: Vens - Pointe Oilletta - Vens
From the village of Vens, stroll into the area of the old gold mines.
Then you climb 2.616m high on the Oilletta peak, where your efforts will be rewarded for the stunning views of the many high peaks including the Gran Paradiso and the impressive Mont Blanc Massif which seems very close.
Distance: 12km, +963m/ - 999m , 5h.

Day 6: Vens - Villeneuve - Cogne
The day’s walk starts in a mountain environment. The long descent along the Dora Baltea River is on good paths, alternated with flat section, where the vegetation becomes drier with fewer conifers and more fruit trees and some small vineyards. Along the itinerary you will encounter many castles and churches of different historical periods. From the end of the walk travel to Cogne by public transport or by car.
Distance: 10km , +1081m/ - 21m , 4h.

Day 7: Cogne - Lillaz - Loie Lake - Cogne
Reach the mountain village of Lillaz, also known for its the enchanting waterfall, where the day’s walk begins with a steady climb to the beautiful Loie Lake (2.354m). Walking along a mountain stream, you pass other two smaller lakes and gradually you descend to the bottom of the Urtier Valley. From here take a bus back to the accommodation.
Distance: 11km , +900m/ - 908m , 6h.

Day 8: Gimillan - Colle Tsa Sètse - Gimillan
From the hotel you walk through a beautiful path to the Colle Tsa Sètse (2.820m), populated by the Alpine marmots and from where you can enjoy great views of the Gran Paradiso and the Mont Blanc Mountains. On the way back, the path beyond the farm can be, for a short distance, unclear but after you walk on a downhill forest clearly visible path.
Distance : 13km , + 1134m/ - 1068m , 6h.

Day 9: Cogne - Departure
The trip and our services end after breakfast.


Getting there:
►The closest airport is Turin (TRN). It is advisable to choose a morning flight back and /or an afternoon flight back. You can always book an extra night in Turin before or after your trip. From Turin Airport take a train to Turin train station (about 30 minutes). Get off at Porto Susa station and take a train to Aosta (about 2hrs.). At the end of the trip you travel by bus from Cogne to Aosta (about 1 hour) and from there take a train to Turin. Travel time is approximately 2 hours. ►From Porta Susa station in Turin, take a train to the airport (30 minutes).► From Milan Malpensa or Linate Airport take a train to Milano Centrale train station. From here you travel by train to Aosta. The ride takes from 3 to 4 hours, depending on the train you choose. www.savda.it for busses timetable and www.trenitalia.com for train timetable

Luggage transfer:
►Luggage transfer is included in your package and is normally provided by the accommodation itself.
IMPORTANT NOTE FOR DAY 6: On Day 6, your luggage will be taken from the accommodation to a Restaurant in Saint Pierre (if you don’t have a car and you travel by public transport) or in a Gelateria in Aymavilles (if you travel with your own car) . Pick up your bags in St. Pierre (or Aymavilles) at the end of the walk and take a bus to Cogne.
Please clearly mark all your belongings with your name and put a small note with the name of the next accommodation in order to indicate where the bags should go to next (check your accommodation list). Also ask the accommodation owner where the bags should be left in the morning. Labeling your belongings prevents mix ups, delays and loss.
Bags should be ready and at the reception or store room by 9:00 hrs.
►If you are unable to walk, you can always ask, if the luggage transporter can take you with him when transporting your baggage, but this is not always possible and sometimes you have to pay a small fee locally. In some countries there are special insurances for transporting peoples and sometimes the car is not suited for transporting persons.
When you travel with public transport you always take your luggage with you unless specified differently.

Price Includes:
8 Nights in selected B&Bs hotels
8 Breakfasts
7 Dinners
Private transfer from Aosta to Lez Croux(+ luggage to Saint Pierre) on DAY 2
Luggage transfer from Saint Pierre to Saint Nicolas on DAY 4
Luggage transfer from Saint Nicolas to Aymavilles or Saint Pierre on DAY 6
Detailed information pack,route notes and maps with tracks on
24/7 telephone support

Not Included:
Travel insurance
Touristic city taxes
Travel to Aosta and from Cogne
Trains,busses or boats wherever necessary
Lunches & Dinners not specifically mentioned
Drinks and snacks
Personal equipment

Additional Services:
Additional nights before,during or after the walk: on request
Solo traveller fee: 100 EUR


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