An Arabian Fairytale - A Group Tour to Oman

An Arabian Fairytale - A Group Tour to Oman

On this one-week tour you will have the chance to enjoy the open desert landscapes of Wahiba Sands, home to isolated settlements of semi-nomadic Bedouin; to explore the lively capital Muscat with its lovely port and bustling souq, where you can buy anything from spices to shoes; to learn more about the historic events of Nizwa and to experience sailing on a traditional dhow. Oman’s diversity of landscapes, wildlife and heritage means that there is truly something for everyone, who comes to visit this extraordinary country.

 Tour highlights:
♦ Muscat - the bustling capital of Oman with its beautiful bay
♦ Ras al Jinz - the scientific center for observation of giant turtles
♦ Oman's beautiful nature - Wahiba Sands and the wadis
♦ Nizwa - the cultural capital of the country


Day 1. Arrival in Muscat
Arrival at Muscat International Airport. After proceeding through immigration and collecting your luggage you will be met by your driver in the arrivals hall. Transfer to the hotel and check-in. Overnight in Muscat.-/-/-

Day 2. Batinah tour
Breakfast at the hotel. Today we will visit the Barka fish market - a traditional local Omani fish market situated in Barka. Here you will see many varieties of fish - tuna, prawns, king fish and many more, being sold in traditional Omani environs. We will then continue to Ain Thawara hot spring which sits among the date farms in the foothills of the Al Hajar Mountains. We will visit the Al Hazm Fort, one of the most beautiful Omani forts. The fort does not contain any ceiling rafters with the roofs being are held up by columns. The width of each wall is no less than three metres. After that we will return to Muscat and visit The National Museum, Oman's flagship cultural institution, showcasing the nation’s heritage from the earliest human settlement in the Oman Peninsulasome two million years ago through to the present day. Overnight at Muscat hotel. B/-/-

Day 3. Full day Muscat tour and sunset boat trip
In the morning we will depart for the city tour which begins with a visit to the magnificent Grand Mosque, built with sandstone and marble. A beautiful Swarovski chandelier and a huge handmade Persian carpet adorn the main prayer hall. Then we will continue to Muttrah Souk, a traditional market. We will get to enjoy the lively atmosphere and the scent of frankincense and spices. Our next stop is Bait Al Zubair museum. This privately owned museum, located in the old town of Muscat, is known for its fine collection of traditional costumes, antique jewellery and weapons. Lunch is included in a local restaurant during the tour. Afterwards we will have a photo stop at AlAlam Palace, the palace of the Sultan, followed by a 2-hour sunset boat ride along the coast of Muscat. On the way back to the hotel, photo stop at the Royal Opera House and drive through the ministry and embassy district back to the hotel. Free time for dinner and overnight at a hotel in Muscat. B/-/-

Day 4. Muscat – Jabrin – Al Hamra – Jebel Shams – Nizwa
After breakfast we will leave Muscat and depart towards the interior of Oman. We will visit Jabreen Castle, Oman’s most beautiful castle with its winding hallways, hidden staircases and beautifullydecorated interior. Later, we will reach Al Hamra and visit the village. Afterwards we will switch to 4x4 vehicles and go further up to Jebel Shams, the ‘mountain of the sun’, where we will enjoy the spectacular view from the Grand Canyon. Lunch during the tour is in a local restaurant. Afterwards, we will proceed to Nizwa, the former capital of Oman. Here we will visit Nizwa Souq, which lies in the vicinity of the walls of the famous Nizwa Fort. Its building embraces both traditional and modern architectural lines through its many alleys and divisions. Nizwa Souq has remained for hundreds of years home to a number of local industries, such as daggers, copper, spinning, livestock, fish, vegetables and handicrafts. Overnight in Nizwa. B/-/-

Day 5. Nizwa – Sinaw – Al Mansfah – Wahiba
After breakfast, we will proceed to Sinaw Thursday Market, held every Thursday. It is a very busy market due to its proximity to the Bedouin communities, who head there to buy staples and sell their livestockand handicrafts. After that we will continue with a visit to a local house where we will meet the family and enjoy a homemade lunch. After lunch, we will see the ruins of the old mercantile community of Al Mansfah near Ibra. Later arrival in Wahiba Sands. 4x4 vehicles will take us to the camp. Dinner and overnight at the desert camp. B/-/D

Day 6. Wahiba – Wadi Bani Khaled – Sur
After breakfast the 4x4 vehicles will take us back to the bus. We will then visit Wadi Bani Khaled, which stands in strong contrast to the desert with its natural pools and greenery. Afterwards we will continue to the coastal town of Sur and visit a Dhow factory. Night excursion to Ras Al Jinz turtle resevre, where you can see the nestling turtlesDinner in the hotel (included in the price). Overnight in Sur. B/-/-

Day 7. Sur – Wadi Tiwi -Bimah sinkhole - Muscat
After breakfast we will drive to Sur for a short city tour. After that we will start our journey back to Muscat along the coast. We will stop at the beautiful Wadi Tiwi and have lunch at the Wadi Shab Resort. We then head towards Bimah sinkhole,a geological formation of the karst topography and a scenic wonder. We then continue our drive to Muscat for overnight .B/-/-

Day 8. Departure
Transfer to the airport and departure. B/-/- 

Visa: All arrivals to Oman (By Air or by road) should apply for visa online prior to the arrival: Check if your country is eligible and apply

Practical information: Visitors should ask permission before attempting to photograph people or their property. ‘No Photography' signs exist in certain places and must be observed. Women should dress modestly beyond the hotel grounds, i.e. long skirts or dresses (below the knee) with covered shoulders; men should wear trousers and shirts with sleeves. Tight-fitting clothes should be restricted to hotel restaurants to avoid giving offence although this is not strictly followed by some Westerners. Shorts should not be worn in public and beachwear is prohibited anywhere except the beach. Women should cover their head with a scarf when visiting a mosque. Collecting seashells, abalone, corals, crayfish and turtle eggs is also prohibited. Avoid tap water and dairy products, which are likely to have been made from unboiled milk. Only eat well-cooked meat and fish. Vegetables should be cooked and fruit peeled.

Price Includes:
accommodation at standard hotels in Muscat; Nizwa and Sur; camp in Wahiba in a double standard room
English speaking local guide
airport transfers with a local driver
meals as per program
representative from Penguin Travel at min. 6 people

Not Included:
flight tickets
entrance fees
drinks and meals not mentioned
personal expenses and tips


An Arabian Fairytale - A Group Tour to Oman (Rated 4.76 / 5 Based on 47 Reviews.)
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