A Glimpse of North Korea
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Explore one of the least known and rarely visited countries in the world on this summer tour!

There is quite simply nowhere on Earth like North Korea. Now on its third hereditary ruler, this nominally communist state has defied all expectations and survived a quarter of a century since the collapse of the Soviet empire. This is your chance to visit the world's most isolated nation, where the internet and much of the 21st century remain unknown, and millions live their lives in the shadow of an all-encompassing personality cult that intrudes on all aspects of daily life. We admire the flamboyant architecture of its socialist capital Pyongyang and stand on the border separating South Korea's peninsula during this fantastic trip through North Korea. This exciting adventure tour offers an unusual insight into the country's political and ideological heritage.

Tour highlights:
Pyongyang – get acquainted with the country's capital and its highligts
Demilitarized zone - a strip of land running across the Korean Peninsula, at the 38th parallel, that serves as a buffer zone between North and South Korea.
Kumsusan Memorial Palace – the Mausoleum of the Father of all Koreans, President Kim Il-Song


Day 1: Beijing - Pyongyang
Depart from Beijing by Air Koryo flight JS 152 Beijing-Pyongyang at 12.00 (noon) from TERMINAL 2, Beijing Capital Airport. Arrive in Pyongyang at 15.00 local time. Please be advised that the flight schedule is preliminary and due to peak season it may be changed with very short notice. We strongly advise you to arrive to Beijing at least one day before your departure to Pyongyang.
Transfer to Pyongyang - the capital city of North Korea and visit  Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum - unveiled in 2013 by the leader Kim Jong Un after massive renovation this museum explains the origins of the Korean War (1950-53) between South and North.

Mirae(Future) street-opened in 2015, this street features futuristic looking buildings. Korean government allocated apartments at this street to scientists and university teachers.

Day 2:  Pyongyang-Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)-Kaesong-Pyongyang
Breakfast . Drive to Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) - a strip of land running across the Korean Peninsula that serves as a buffer zone between North and South Korea, it is one of the most militarized area on our planet. Visit Panmunjom - a village where in 1953 Armistice Talks were held between the DPR Korea and the United Nation Command. Visit the blue tent-like building located exactly on the borderline between Koreas. You can walk around the conference room and hop from South to North Korea while you are in this building. This is one of the few places where you can take pictures of the DPRK military. Transfer to Kaesong -capital of Korea up to the 15th century, home for 12 historic sites from the UNESCO World Heritage List. Opportunity to buy the best insam (ginseng). Janamsan Park -located on a hill overlooking the city, beautiful panorama of the old Kaesong. Lunch at Tongil restaurant with Traditional Royal Korean Lunch with 12-side dishes, don`t miss to sample the famous ginseng chicken soup(at extra charge).

Sonjuk Bridge- a small stone bridge dating back to 1216, Nam gate. Drive to Sariwon - the southern gateway to Pyongyang, famous for its Maccoli-Korean traditional rice wine. Sariwon Folk Customs Street - opened in 2007, shows the local traditions and customs. Mt. Jongbang -581m high mountain near Sariwon famous for its many spots,beautiful landscapes and histotical fort. Songbul Temple - first built in 898, later rebuilt in Koryo dynasty.

Drive back to Pyongyang. Monument to the Three Charters for National Reunification, which is representing desire of Korean people for reunification. It is shaped in form of two women holding Korean peninsula over the Thongil highway. Dinner.

Day 3. Pyongyang - Nampo - Pyogyang

After breakfast drive to Nampo - gateway to Pyongyang on the west coast of Korea, the fourth biggest city in the DPRK.En route visit of Chongsanri Cooperative Farm - the DPRK’s most famous farm, the birthplace of the famous Chongsanri spirit and Chongsanri farming method
Lunch.Visit of the West Sea Barrage - built from 1981 to 1986 this 8 km barrage is a source of pride in the DPRK,Museum of West Sea Barrage Construction.
Drive back to Pyongyang.National Holiday special performance at Pyongyang Circus - one of two main circuses in Pyongyang where you can see fun and entertaining performance.Kwangbok Supermarket - located at one of the biggest city's street, it is the only place in Pyongyang where visitors can shop in local currency Won and exchange money according to the market exchange rate

Day 4: Pyongyang                                                                                                                        

After breakfast , we will visit Kumsusan Palace of Sun - Mausoleum of president Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il. To visit the Mausoleum tourists should follow a strict dress code: no shorts, T-shirts and sandals, no blue jeans and mini-skirts,Mansudae Fountain Park - composed of many beautifully designed in shape of dancing women fountains, this park is a place to enjoy jets of water reaching up to 80 meters,Mansudae Grand Monument - the huge bronze statues of the leaders standing in the center of the composition with two monuments titled "Anti-Japanese Revolutionary Struggle" and "Socialist Construction" on both sides. It was renovated in April 2012 following the passing away of the leader Kim Jong Il and a new statue of Kim Jong Il was added next to Kim Il Sung's,Moranbong Park - a recreation area where locals have picnics and sing songs during weekends. It is a unique opportunity to socialize with local people,Juche Tower - at 150 m it is the highest stone monument in the world. Take elevator to the top of the tower to enjoy the magnificent view of Pyongyang (optional, 5 Euro p/p).Lunch.After that visit of the Monument to Workers' Party of Korea - opened in Juche 84 (1995) the monument depicts the hammer, sickle and brush seized by a worker, a farmer and an intellectual. The round belt means the single-hearted unity of the leader, party and people,Pyongyang Metro - one of the deepest subways in the world, it was designed to serve as a bomb shelter in case of war. The stations' interiors are stunning with superb lighting and mosaics. This is a great chance to interact with local people and explore several subway stations,Arch of Triumph - built in 1982 to commemorate President Kim Il Sung’s role in resisting Japanese rule, it is the second tallest triumphal arch in the world. Each of its 25,500 blocks of finely-dressed white granite represents a day of his life up to that point
Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s Palace - recently renovated center for local children's extra curricular education. The palace was opened in 1989 and it features striking post-modern piece of design. In 2016 it was re-opened after massive reconstruction and now it is one of the most striking building in the country. After excursion you will have a chance to enjoy amazing children’s performance,Mass Dance - one of the most well known images of North Korea: students of local universities get on the main city's squares and dance dressed in traditional Korean suit.Dinner.Kaeson Youth Funfair - one of the most popular amusement parks and nightspots in Pyongyang, it was recently renovated. This is a great place to observe local people and take pictures with them.Expected fireworks on the occasion of the National Day.

Day 5. Pyongyang - Beijing
After breakfast in the hotel transfer to the airport and depart by Air Koryo flight JS 151 Pyongyang-Beijing at 9.00 am in the morning from Pyongyang Airport. Arrive in Beijing at 10.00 am in the morning (local time)at Terminal 2 Beijing Capital Airport. Please be advised that the flight schedule can be changed with very short notice. Therefore we strongly advise not to book your flight from Beijing to the next destination earlier than next day.

End of the tour.


Practical information: ►One should be properly dressed when visiting places considered to be holly ► Please note that from time to time the itineraries may be slightly changed, either for operational reasons or in response to feedback from customers. You are not allowed to go out on your own, especially in the evenings unless it is specified in your program in advance. You will be part of an international group. ► Cell phones are allowed in North Korea since 1st January 2013. However there is no International Roaming and you have to buy a local SIM card (about 120 USD) ►You can also bring professional camera, laptop or tablet. However a customs officer might decide to check them and ask you to delete photos or files. ►Bring EUR, USD or Chinese RMB in cash - preferably in small bills. Credit cards cannot be used ►GPS devices and radio equipment are not allowed. ►You can bring some small presents/souvenirs for the Korean guides and local children. Men appreciate cigarettes (most Korean men smoke) and women like inexpensive cosmetics. Children like chocolate, ball-point pens

Visa: ►All tourists need visa to North Korea. Depending on your nationality and when you book the tour we can apply for your visa in advance. We will need your passport, a colourful passport size photo (45 mm x 35 mm) and a filled application form, sent by Registered or Express mail. The fee for the visa itself is 60 EUR, plus the poastal expenses. Another option is to apply for your North Korean visa in China and you will pick it up upon arrival to Beijing one day prior to the departure to North Korea. The visa is issued as a separate document called Tourist card, on which all stamps will be put. ►As of January 1, 2013, citizens of 45 countries do not need to apply for a visa to China if they: 1. traveling in transit via Beijing to third countries (eg North Korea) from Beijing Capital Airport, 2. have confirmed onward flights out of Beijing to a third country (eg North Korea and your next destination after North Korea) within 72 hours after arrival in Beijing, 3. do not leave Beijing during these 72 hours. Visa-free transit is not applicable if you arrive or leave China by train or any other mode of transport than air. If you plan to stay for more days in China or you don't need arrive/leave by plance then you need a visa - please, contact your local embassy for more information. ►After you confirm booking the tour, please, send to us by e-mail colourful scanned copy of your passport, scanned copy of your photo, scanned copy of your employment certificate, scanned copy of the signed agreement with photo and video usage policy - we will send you all document forms/templates after you book your tour. 


Price Includes:
Flight ticket Beijing - Pyongyang - Beijing
Hotel accommodation in the DPRK (twin-shared room)
three meals a day
all ground transportation (acc. to program) in North Korea
english-speaking local guides
entrance fees in North Korea (acc. to program)

Not Included:
The DPRK visa fee
transportation to/from your home to Beijing
your stopover expenses in Beijing
your private expenses
ticket fee for occasional events such as circus(20 Euro)
funfairs,opera or Juche tower lift
tips for Korean guides and driver (10-15 Euros per day)


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