Climb Peak Lenin 7134 m, Kyrgyzstan

Climb Peak Lenin 7134 m, Kyrgyzstan 2380 , 22 Days

Pamir is one of the biggest and highest (up to 7495 m-Communism Peak) mountain range at the south of Central Asia. Peak Lenin (7134m), the highest peak of Trans Altai Range and the second highest peak in Pamir, is located in the northern parts of the Pamir Mountains, in Kyrgyzstan. Besides its height, this majestic mountain top, covered by snow and glaciers, is also popular, due to the fact that it actually is the easiest for ascension seven-thousand metres’ peak on the Earth. Nevertheless, this ascent requires experience in altitude, glacier, snow, rescue and camping equipment. The route we pass (Razdelnaya Route) is the most popular one and normally needs no roped climbing.

♦ Peak Lenin (7134m) - considered the easiest peak over 7000m and probably the best background to attack a peak over 8000, afterwards.
♦ Pamir Mountains are located in Central Asia and are formed by the junction of the Tian Shan, Karakorum, Kunlun and Hindu Kush ranges. They are among the world’s highest mountains.
♦ Kyrgyzstan - Landlocked and mountainous, it borders Kazakhstan to the north, Uzbekistan to the west, Tadzhikistan to the southwest and China to the southeast.
Excellent acclimatization & climbing 4 tops in total: Edelweiss peak (4805 m) + Yukhin peak (5130 m) + Razdelnaya peak (6148 m) + Lenin peak (7134 m).


Day 1. Arrival to the city of Bishkek, accommodation at a local hotel.
After receiving baggage and passing customs control upon arrival at the Manas International Airport, you will be met by a local representative. Free time. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 2. Flight to Osh. Transfer Osh – BC “Achik-Tash” (3600 m).
After an early breakfast, the driver will pick you up and take you to the morning flight Bishkek-Osh. In Osh, you will be met by our representative, and then on our transport you will be delivered to the Achik-Tash Base Camp. In the camp you will be met by the head or administrator of the camp, who will accommodate you and provide all the necessary information.

Day 3. Acclimatization hike to Puteshestvennikov (Travelers) pass (4150 m).
After the breakfast, group goes on acclimatization walk. Return to camp. Lunch. Rest. Checking of the highaltitude equipment.
Altitude difference: +550 m; 550 m. 11 km.

Day 4. Ascent to our first Edelweiss Peak (4805)
Ascent to Edelweiss Peak (4805 m). Descent to the Base camp (3600 m).
Altitude difference: +1205 m; 1205 m. 16 km.

Day 5.Trek to Sunny Camp 1 (4400 m).
After breakfast, we go to camp 1. The baggage can be sent by horse (for an additional fee). The path goes through the alpine meadows, through the Puteshestvennikov Pass, and further along the slope of the ridge along the Lenin Glacier. Altitude difference: +800 m. 12 km.4-7 hours.

Days 6. Ice climbing lessons. Climb to Yukhin peak 5130m.
Climbing to Yukhin peak. Starts with Traversing Lenin glacier crosswise. Rest of the rute is snow, in parts with small and medium size stones. Up to 30% steepness. Then back to Sunny camp 1.
Altitude difference: +675 m; 675 m. 6 kms.

Days 7. Preparation for the ascentRazdelnaya peak (6148 m). Ice training.
Climbing lessons in the morning. We go through the rules of traversing glaciers with open and closed crevasses,work in a rope team, climb and descent along a fixed rope, skills of self-rescue and rescue of the injured from a glacial fissure. Rest, packing stuff for tomorrow ascend to camp 2.

Day 8. Climb to the Camp 2. (5300 m).
We leave at 4 oclock in the morning. Ascent along the northern slope of Lenin Peak. Moving on crampons, in rope teams, crossing glacial cracks. The transition takes 7-9 hours. Overnight in tents in camp 2. Self - cooking.
Altitude difference: +900 m. 5 km.

Day 9. Ascent to Razdelnaya Peak (6148 m). Descent to Camp 2 (5300 m).
Ascent to the slope of 2530-degrees steep. Moving along a wide ridge and again a steep ascent to the top of the Razdelnaya Peak. Moving on crampons in rope team. Overnight in camp 2, Self-cooking.
Altitude difference: +848 m; 848 m. 5 km.The average transit time is 4-7 hours.

Day 10. Descent to the base camp 3600 m.
Early in the morning we start descent from to Sunny Camp 1. Moving on crampons in rope team. Lunch in the camp 1. After lunch, descend to the base camp. Dinner at the base camp. Breakfast: Self-cooking.
Altitude difference: 1700 m. 17 km.

Day 11. Rest day.
Rest in the base camp.

Day 12. Rest day. Reserve day in case of bad weather. Preparation for the ascent.
Rest in the base camp, packing for the ascent of Lenin Peak.

Day 13. Trek to the Camp 1 (4400 m).
You already have acclimatization and path takes less time and efforts.
Altitude difference: +800 m. 12 km.

Day 14. Trek to the Camp 2 (5300 m).
We leave at 4 oclock in the morning. Ascent along the northern slope of Lenin Peak. Moving on crampons in rope team, crossing glacial cracks. Conducted after acclimation transition requires less time and effort. Overnight in tents in camp number 2. Lunch and dinner: Self-cooking.
Altitude difference: +900 m. 5 km.

Day 15. Trek to the Camp 3 (6100 m).
Overnight in camp 3, Self-cooking
Altitude difference: +800 m. 2.5 km.

Day 16. Ascent to the summit of Lenin Peak 7134 m. And descent to the Camp 3 (6100 m).
We leave before dawn. Moving on crampons in rope team. Move along a wide ridge to a steep snow-ice rise Knife at an altitude of 6700m. There is a fixed rope. Further along the wide snowy fields and stony hills to the top.
Important: If climbers did not reach the summit before 14:00, they must turn back and descend to Camp 3. Self-cooking.
Altitude difference: +1034 m; 1034 m. 12 km.

Day 17. Descent to the Camp 1 (4400 m).
Early in the morning we descent from the camp3 to Camp 1. Moving on crampons in rope team. Lunch in the camp 1. Rest.
Altitude difference: 1700 m. 7.5 km.

Day 18. Descent to Base Camp.
Trek to the base camp. The baggage can be sent by horse (for an additional fee). Handing certificates to those who ascend the summit.
Altitude difference: 800 m.12 km.

Day 19. Reserve day.
Reserve day in case of bad weather

Day 20. Transfer from to Osh. Hotel accommodation.
After breakfast, will be organized transfer from Base Camp to Osh through the famous AlayValley - high-altitude Taldyk (3615m) and Chiirchik (2408 m) passes. Overnight at hotel. B/-/-

Day 21. Flight to Bishkek. Hotel accommodation.
After early breakfast, our driver will be taken you to the airport for the morning flight from Osh to Bishkek. In Bishkek you will be met and taken to the hotel. B/-/-

Day 22. Bishkek - departure
Transfer to Bishkek Airport for departure. B/-/-

Visa: entry tourist visa (up to 30 days) can be ontained upon arrival at the airport in Bishkek. EU-nationals do not need a visa (as per 12/11 2012). Holders of other passports should contact the respective embassy well in time before departure.
OBS. All visa information is subject to change and sometimes the information has not come to our knowledge.

Practical information: 1. During the flight Bishkek Osh Bishkek, it is permitted to have 15 kg of the load. Payment for extra kilos appr. 0,5 EUR / kg. 2. If participants of the expedition can not continue the program because of some reasons (stomach or acclimatization problems), they can stay in the Base Camp all the period of the program without additional payment. 3. If the program finishes earlier because of any reasons, we provide service of accommodation in the cities according to the program (Osh 2 nights and 2 nights in Bishkek). The other days will have to be paid extra. 4. Money can be changed in Kyrgyzstan easily (Euros or USD). But please take into account that the small banknotes 1, 5, 10 dollars will be taken by worse rate compared to 50 and 100 banknotes. It is difficult to change old banknotes or with stamps on them. 5. Be very careful when you leave caches with food and clothes above 5000m along the route during the acclimatization walks as you may find them stolen in the end which may cost your life if you rely on them.

Recommended travel period of the year:July - August

Necessary equipment: Rucksack (90 liters); plastic mountaineering boots; crampons; ice-axe; jumar; safety system; head lamp; 4 season sleeping bag; harness; duvet jacket; polartex costume; gore-tex costume; gloves and overmitts; woolen mittens (gore-tex); warm cap; face mask; telescopic trekking sticks; helmet; sunglasses; sun screen lotion (30-50); 2x screw gate karabiners; ice screws. It is not possible to hire personal equipment in BC. You can hire only tent upon request when bookng your expedition.


Price Includes:
experienced English-speaking guide
accommodation in twin rooms at hotels in Bishkek and Osh with breakfast included (altogether 3 overnights)
overnights (twin tents with wooden platforms and mattresses) and full board (breakfast; lunch and dinner) in BC and C1
overnights in permanently installed high-altitude tents in C2 and C3 (3 people per tent)
high-altitude food
lunch en-route between Osh and BC
flight tickets Bishkek-Osh-Bishkek incl. all taxes
airport transfers and transport as per itinerary
visa support letter (if necessary)
permit to the boundary zone
rent of walkie talkie
eco fee and registration with rescue team
complete camp equipment in BC and C1 including: electricity; cook; heated national Kyrgyz yurts for leisure activities (music,board games,etc.); sauna in "Edelweiss Meadow” Base Camp and bath in Camp 1; shower cabins in Base Camp; Luggage room; a mess kit; gas stoves and cooking set etc.
WC; bath and shower in BC; WC in C1
medical aid in the base camp (professional doctor)
A permanent source of 220V grid electricity at BC
and a 220V power generator from 18:00 to 22:00 at C1

Not Included:
international flight tickets to/from Bishkek
Kyrgyz Visa
medical expenses and insurance (Obligatory - to cover rescue by helicopter in case of health problem or accident
personal alpine equipment
porter services

Additional Services:
porters: BC - C1 (4200 m) - 3 USD/kg; C1 - C2 (5300 m) - 6 USD/kg; C2 - C3 (6100 m) - 8 USD/kg
internet access - 5 USD/hour
70 USD/program
international call by satellite telephone - 3 USD/min.


Climb Peak Lenin 7134 m, Kyrgyzstan (Rated 4.81 / 5 Based on 387 Reviews.)
2380 EUR
22 Days
Guaranteed departure
2380 EUR
22 Days
Guaranteed departure
2380 EUR
22 Days
Guaranteed departure
2380 EUR
22 Days
Guaranteed departure
2380 EUR
22 Days
Guaranteed departure
2380 EUR
22 Days
Guaranteed departure

Currency fluctuations might cause correction of price at any time.

Tours of this level demand that you be really in good shape. The paths are not always in the best condition and the marking can be scarce. There are day-treks with big ascents and descents. Changing weather conditions /even in midsummer/ play an important role when trekking/cycling at a very high altitude and may cause changes of the preliminary route. This is to be decided by the mountain guide on the spot. Normally, the treks are 6/8h per day, but some can be longer. Preliminary hiking experience is an advantage, but not necessary if you are really in a good shape. Note that during some of the days, you should personally carry your baggage, which is naturally an additional difficulty. No rock/ice climbing experience is needed.

Group Size
Min. 1
Reservation System Code
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