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On a Horse in the Moroccan Desert

On a Horse in the Moroccan Desert
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 Experience the authentic Tuareg lifestyle and spend 8 days horseback riding on a scenic trail through the dunes and rocks of the Saharan desert, the old Moroccon ancient castles, its small villages and plam groves. The ride is divided into two main stages: the first one starts from the city of Tamegroute in the Draa river valley where you can admire endless palm grooves; the scond passes through the Sahara desert with a changing landscpa of sand dunes and rocks.


♦ The stunning scenery of the Sahara Desert
♦ The ancient castles of Morocco
Large palm grooves


Day 1. Arrival 
Arrival at Ouarzazate airport, welcome and transfer to the hotel for overnight.-/-/-

Day 2-6. Horseback riding
Starting from the base of Zagora, towards the southwest to explore the large spaces of the Moroccan desert. During the ride in the desert we will cross the last mountain range that separates us from the Sahara. With small hairpins we continue to get to the top, where we will discover a magnificent panorama. The descent leads to oasis on desert plateaus where only a few acacia trees that look like umbrellas resist the drought. Progressing towards the south you approach the first dunes whose size increases progressively until no longer finding the limits to the landscape that lies before us. Continuing crossing vast dune fields dotted with tamarisk towards the Draa Valley, we will discover houses, palm groves, ksars (fortified village) and enter the Draa Valley, with the crossing of dunes, plateaus (reg), and passing grooves. After crossing the fields we will encounter the bustling small villages, then the succession of ksours and gardens takes us to the heart of the palm groves and oases. Every evening we will enjoy Tuareg lifestyle at our camp.
Dinner and overnight in bivouac. B/L/D

Day 7. Arrival in Zagora
Today we continue northwards on trails that wind through the ksars, cultivated fields with palm groves where impressive dunes threaten to cover up the houses and crops. Our last stop is the town of Zagora. This stage lasts half a day, so we are scheduled to arrive in time for lunch. The afternoon is spent visiting the town of Zagora. Transfer to Ouarzazate, where we have dinner and overnight at the hotel. B/L/D

Day 8. Departure
Transfer to Ouarzazate airport for departure. B/-/-

Price Includes:
accommodation (2 nights in standart hotels and 5 nights in Berber tents for 6-7 persons)
transportation as per program
transfers from/to Ouarzazate airport
meals as per program
English-speaking guide
horses equipped for trails,

Not Included:
international flights
personal expenses


On a Horse in the Moroccan Desert (Rated 4.7 / 5 Based on 36 Reviews.)
Group Size
5-8 pax
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