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Peak Lenin Base Camp

Peak Lenin Base Camp 620 , 8 Days
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If you want exciting mountain vacation, combined with a full comfort and cozy relax – here is a tour in the Pamir that will match this all. The famous Lenin Peak area is like mountain heaven for every adventure lover. You can enjoy majestic alpine landscapes with fabulous lakes. You can breath fresh mountain air and get familiar with the locals’ life of nomads. You can climb up to the near hills and enjoy the breathtaking view of Alay Valley or participate in easy mountain hiking and walking trails. There will be comfortable yurt camps waiting for you. You can like play volleyball, relax in a sauna and experience the delicious traditional Kyrgyz cuisine, prepared by professional cook. There is a possibility for a cultural sightseeing tour of visa-free entry Kyrgyzstan. The tour is also suitable for kids at age 8 or more.

♦ Pamir Mountains - located in Central Asia and are formed by the junction of the Tian Shan, Karakorum, Kunlun and Hindu Kush ranges. One of the highest mountain chains in the world.
♦ Lenin Peak - Rises up to 7,134 metres and is considered one of the easiest peaks to climb. Every year hundreds of mountaineers make their way to it.
♦ Petrovskiy Peak - a small and easy peak, located very close to Lenin peak, with stunning views from its summit.


Day 1: Osh - Edelweiss Meadow
Arrival at Osh. Meeting at the airport or at the railway station. Transfer to the Mountain Camp (the Base Camp) on Edelweiss Meadow at Lenin Peak foot (3,600 m). Lunch en-route.  Hike up to Lukovaya (Leek) Meadow (3800 m).
Osh - Base Camp departure time: 09:00.

Day 2: Tulpar-Kel Lake
Breakfast at the camp. Hiking to the lake. Getting familiar with everyday life and traditions of the nomadic Kyrgyz. Lunch in traditional yurts (Kyrgyz national cuisine). Tasting koumiss (traditional Kyrgyz milk beverage).
Return to the camp, master class on cooking Uzgen plov. Dinner.
Overnight at “Edelweiss Meadow” camp.

Day 3: Petrovskiy Peak
Hike up to Petrovskiy Peak ridge is waiting for you. Petrovski is a small and easy peak located very close to peak Lenin. Most of the time the final part of the climb is a walk on snow. The peak offers stunning views from its summit. Then a Master class in cooking is following.

Day 4: Camp 1 (4,400 m)
Today we will hike up to Camp 1 (4,400 m) via Puteshestvennikov Pass, Marmots meadow, castle of Alai Spirits and the grandiose Lenin Glacier.
Lunch at the “Sunny” camp. Accommodation. Rest. Dinner.
Overnight at the "Sunny” camp.

Day 5. Free time at Camp 1
Breakfast at the camp. Hiking up to 4,750 m, where you can enjoy the main view of the majestic Northern wall of Lenin Peak and Lenin glacier.
Lunch at the "Sunny” camp. After lunch master class from the chef on cooking in the highlands. Dinner.
Overnight at the "Sunny” camp.

Day 6: The canyon of the Achik Tash River.
Descent to Yurt Camp (3,600 m). A trip to the canyon of the Achik Tash River.

Day 7: Transfer to Osh. Hotel check-in.

Day 8: Transfer to airport. Departure.


Price Includes:
Meeting / seeing off at airport
All transfers as per program
One-night accommodation in Osh’s best hotel (3*) with breakfast (the last day)
Accommodation of 2 pax tents in Yurt Camp (Tents feature with electricity
wooden flooring
pillows and linens - blanket covers
Full board (including hot dish courses; vegetarian meals possible) by professional chefs
Heated communal yurts in Yurt Camp and Yurt Camp 1 for leisure
meals and entertainment
Mountain guide
Free transfer of personal baggage (under 15kg) from BC (3600m) to Camp 1 (4400m)
Equipment rental(Sleeping bag (for visiting "Sunny Camp");Telescopic ski sticks for walking;Raincoat; ;Headlamp;Sleeping pad;Metallic vacuum flask 0,5 - 1,0 litres;High gaiters to protect boots from snow;First-aid kit (group).)

Not Included:
Visa invitations and visa fees; - for the citizens of countries outside the CIS
International flights
Health insurance

Additional Services:
Upgrade: accommodation in yurt in Edelweiss Meadow camp : on request
Extra nights in Osh : price or request


Peak Lenin Base Camp (Rated 4.74 / 5 Based on 327 Reviews.)
620 EUR
8 Days
Single Supplement
75 EUR
Guaranteed departure
620 EUR
8 Days
Single Supplement
75 EUR
Guaranteed departure
620 EUR
8 Days
Single Supplement
75 EUR
Guaranteed departure
620 EUR
8 Days
Single Supplement
75 EUR
Guaranteed departure

Currency fluctuations might cause correction of price at any time.

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