Danube-Delta by bike & boat

Danube-Delta by bike & boat 1820 , 8 Days

This cycling trip by “hotel boat” meanders through the stunning beauty of Europe’s last natural paradise - the Danube Delta to mile "0", where the mighty Danube River empties into the Black Sea.

The tour takes you through Romania’s Delta, the second largest and best preserved of Europe’s deltas. You will travel along canals with floating reed islands, lagoons and lakes. The landscape alternates between gently rolling hills and swamp and prairie land and amazes with its diversity and beauty. You will enjoy the tranquil life in the small fishing villages. Under expert guidance you will discover the fauna and flora of this landscape, which is also rich in history. Enjoy Romanian hospitality and cuisine on board your floating hotel and in the cosy guesthouses.


♦ Biosphere reserve Danube Delta
♦ Orthodox monasteries of Celic Dere and Saon 
♦ The medieval fortress of Enisala


Day 1.Arrival
Individual arrival to Bucharest/Airport; At 02:00 p.m into the Danube Delta to the town of Tulcea into the Danube Delta (ca. 4 hours); Afterwards we are getting on the comfortable floating hotel and starting our tour. Dinner and overnight on the boat.-/-/D

Day 2. Nufaru – Sfantu Gheorge (approx. 30 km)
Today we are heading towards the most southern Danube arm through the nature reserve Bestepe Hills. A wonderful view deep down into the Delta will make you forget some ascents. At the small fishing village Murighiol we enter by boat into a maze of channels, floating islands, dense forests and a pure wilderness experience. Overnight on hotel boat. B/L/D

Day 3. The journey to mile “0” (approx. 25 km)
Today we are cycling along a bumpy gravel path – on the right side we will enjoy the view of the wide open of the Black Sea, on left side -  the lush green reeds and marshes. In the loneliness of the Danube Delta Cormorants and Great White Egrets are our permanent companions. Mile “0” at Sulina: the Danube has reached its destination at the lighthouse and starts to meld with the salt of the sea. Overnight on hotel boat. B/L/D

Day 4. Gulf of Musura – Crisan (approx. 23 km)
Today's route will take us along the birds-paradise Musura-Bay - to the picturesque village Letea. It seems as time stays still here. The houses are made of reed and loam, lovely painted in blue, and a contemplative silence surrounds the village. Nearby the village, located on a sandbank, a special wonder of nature can be seen – a tropical forest with climbing plants and lianes. We will reach the fishing village Crisan by boat. Overnight on hotel boat. B/L/D

Day 5. The Fauna & Flora of the Danube Delta (day off)
During the boat ride through a labyrinth of narrow waterways we will pass by small fishing villages and again experience very intensively the incredible diversity of the Fauna and Flora of the UNESCO World Heritage Danube Delta. In the afternoon we return from a surreal dream world to the vibrant town life of Tulcea. Overnight on hotel boat. B/L/D

Day 6. The monasteries of the Dobrogea (approx. 25 km)
We will start the day with a trip through a gently undulating landscape to the Orthodox monastery Celic Dere - the biggest convent of the Dobrogea territory. The next stop is the beautiful monastery of Saon with its distinctive windmill, located amidst vineyards right on the bank of the Danube.The guides will take you to a ridge from where you have a fantastic view over the extensive and green floodplain. Transfer back to Tulcea. Overnight at Tulcea guesthouse 4*. B/L/D

Day 7. Lagoon-tour to the cape Dolosman (approx. 45 km)
Today we will take a short bus ride to explore the old town Ceamurlia de Jos.  We will then visit the nature reserve of Cape Dolosman. By bike we will reach the medieval fortress of Enisala, which is located high over the Danube and will enjoy a breath-taking view over the Lagoon Razim! Overnight Tulcea guesthouse 4*. B/L/D

Day 8. Disembarkation – Transfer Tulcea-Bucharest
After breakfast transfer by bus back to the capital Bucharest; arrival approx. 1 pm. Possibility of additional nights in Tulcea or Bucharest. B/-/-

Good to know: ► Guides: With our experienced local wildlife and bike-guides you will learn to recognize birds with their noise or in flight, discover rare plants and animals, about the life of the Delta residents and the incredible eventful past of this region, which already fascinated the Romans, Greeks and Dacians. ►Accommodation and meals: You will be accommodated, caring looked after, on a modern floating hotel and in a family run, comfortable guesthouse. The meals are traditionally with a lot of fish, meat and vegetable, for lunch picnic’s or lunch packs will be offered. ►Roads and conditions: You will bike in groups of 12-20 persons, you bring already some experience in bike-tours. Sand- and gravel roads require a bit of physical condition, but should be succeed by everybody as the daily stretches are quite short. If possible longer routes to choose. Some stretches will be done by boat or bus. Itinerary is subject to change – in case of high forces (water level, through no fault of one’s own engine- or drive-breakdown) Before and after your bike-tour you also have the possibility to book extra nights in Tulcea or Bucharest.

Price Includes:
accommodation according to the itinerary (5 nights on the boat in air-conditioned cabins; 2 nights in a guesthouse)
group transfers according to the itinerary
meals as per program (B-breakfast,L-lunch,D-dinner)
bike/wildlife guide
support van and support boat
1x travel documents per room

Not Included:
flight tickets
bike rent
private transport from/to the airport
meals not mentioned in the program
personal expenses

Additional Services:
rental bikes & equipment - 94 EUR for 24-Speed-Touring bike including panniers and helmets
extra nights: on request
private transfer Delta - Bucharest: 280 EUR (price per car; 1-3 persons)


Danube-Delta by bike & boat (Rated 4.69 / 5 Based on 361 Reviews.)
1820 EUR
8 Days
Single Supplement
555 EUR
Open for booking
1820 EUR
8 Days
Single Supplement
555 EUR
Open for booking
1820 EUR
8 Days
Single Supplement
555 EUR
Open for booking
1820 EUR
8 Days
Single Supplement
555 EUR
Open for booking

Currency fluctuations might cause correction of price at any time.

Most of you, who are used to walking/cycling during a long weekend, will be in condition to cope with a tour of this level. You should be in a good health condition. We have successive days of longer and more difficult walking and days of lighter walking/cycling. Some parts of the day routes are done at a higher altitude. The paths are in good condition. We walk/cycle for 5/7h a day.

Group Size
Min 12
Reservation System Code
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