The Highest Unclimbed Mountain in the World

The Highest Unclimbed Mountain in the World

Do you know that 200 of the highest mountains in the world are all located in Asia - mostly around the Tibetan Plateau. We have all heard about Mount Everest, climbed for the first time in 1953 by Edmond Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. Nowadays thousands of people are attempting the summit and overcrowding is becoming a real issue. Probably you cannot imagine that there is a line of people waiting to lay their food on top of the world, but there is – literally sometimes mountaineers have to wait on a queue for a couple of hours. Having so many people to attempt the summit is leaving huge negative print on the environment.

And in the meantime in the very same Himalayan range, lying on the border between Tibet and Bhutan there is a mountain called Gangkhar Puensum that is little known, but deserves our interest, as it claims to be the highest unclimbed summit in the world. To be accurate there were four attempts to climb Gangkhar Puensum, none of them successful. First one failed, because of poor mapping of the region - so inaccurate that mountaineers couldn’t even find the peak. The next to follow failed due to bad weather and illness. Than in 1987 Bhutanese government agreed with the beliefs of the natives that the high mountain is home of the holy spirits and no man should disturb them with his presence and logically mountaineering there was forbidden. It may sound unbelievable and hard for the western ear to process this information, but in widely religious Buddhist Bhutan it obviously makes sense and, believe it or not, this ban is still a fact and probably is the only reason for Gangkhar Puensum to remain one of the Himalayan unclimbed giants.

Bhutan, Sikkim & Darjeeling

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