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25 days, 700 km and 100 peaks - cross the Balkan mountain range from west to east and have a good swim in Black Sea, where the finish line is

The international hiking trail E-3, better known as “Kom – Emine” begins from Kom peak follows the ridge of the Balkan mountain range for 650 km and leads you to the steep, spectacular coast of Black Sea around Emona Cape.Cross the Balkan mountain - Kom Emine

Due to its length and altitude, Kom–Emine is among Europe's longest uninterrupted high-mountain trails. The first person who finished the trail was P. Deliradev in 1933 and since then thousands of people successfully reached the sea shore by all means of transportation: on food (running or walking), by bikes, by motorcycles and on skies, during winter.

In case you consider yourself a passionate hiker, it’s an adventure worth being included in your “to do list”
The trail takes approximately 25 days to be finished. Each day varies a lot. Walking could be between 6 and 12 hours; distances covered could start from 20 and reach up to 50 km per day. The highest point of the trail is Botev Peak (2,376 m /7,795 ft), which is also the highest summit of the Balkan Mountains, located in the intersection of the Central Balkan National Park. In total you’d summit or circumvent approximately 100 individual peaks.

Cross the Balkan mountain - Kom Emine

Usually you’d start around 5 or 6 am, so that good distances could be covered during the mild cold mornings, as sun and heat in the Balkan could be quiet tiring. In the late afternoon you’d reach one of the picturesque huts where you could refresh yourself with some cooked meal and spend the night among fellow hikers. There are a few nights that you’ll spend in mountain shelters, so you should take care of the dinner by yourself.

Cross the Balkan mountain - Kom Emine

Some of the highlights during this trail are: Raysko Praskalo Waterfall and the nature reserve Djendema, Shipka Peak, Botev Peak, Buzludzha, The singing rocks, Kotel. All those combined with breathtaking nature, the chance to admire hundreds of species of trees, flowers and animals make Kom-Emine 650 km of pure adventure.
Have in mind that the trail should not be underestimated. It’s recommended for experienced hikers with good physical preparation.

The Great Balkan Trail - Kom-Emine

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