South America's Forgotten Corner - Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana 1850 , 9 Days

South America's Forgotten Corner - Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana

Explore 3 countries in South America in only one journey! On this tour to remote corners of...

Suriname, located on the northeastern coast of South America, is a small country with a rich cultural heritage and diverse natural landscapes. With its tropical rainforests, unique wildlife, and colorful history, Suriname is a fascinating destination for travelers seeking adventure and exploration.

Getting to Suriname

The most common way to reach Suriname is by air, with the Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport located just outside the capital city of Paramaribo. Flights to Suriname are available from major cities around the world, including Amsterdam, Miami, and Port of Spain. It is also possible to travel to Suriname by boat or overland from neighboring countries.

Exploring Suriname's Natural Beauty

Suriname's vast rainforests are home to a variety of exotic flora and fauna, including jaguars, sloths, and colorful tropical birds. Nature lovers will appreciate the opportunity to hike through the dense jungle, go birdwatching, or take a boat tour of the pristine rivers and waterways. One of Suriname's most popular natural attractions is the Brownsberg Nature Park, which offers stunning views of the surrounding rainforest and its many waterfalls.

Another must-see destination in Suriname is the Central Suriname Nature Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that covers over 1.6 million hectares of pristine rainforest. This vast protected area is home to rare and endangered species such as the giant otter, harpy eagle, and spider monkey.

Discovering Suriname's Cultural Heritage

Suriname's rich cultural heritage is reflected in its diverse population, which includes people of African, Indian, Chinese, Javanese, and Indigenous descent. Visitors to Suriname can explore the country's history and culture through its many museums and heritage sites, such as the Fort Zeelandia Museum and the Palmentuin (Palm Garden) in Paramaribo.

Another unique cultural attraction in Suriname is the Maroon villages, which are home to the descendants of enslaved Africans who escaped from Dutch plantations during the colonial era. These communities have preserved their own distinctive culture and traditions, including their own language and music.

Whether you're interested in exploring Suriname's natural beauty, learning about its fascinating history and culture, or simply relaxing on its idyllic beaches, this small South American nation has something for everyone. With its friendly people, vibrant culture, and stunning landscapes, Suriname is an unforgettable destination for travelers seeking adventure and discovery.

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