Bangladesh Uncovered 780 , 9 Days

Unveil the hidden treasures of Bangladesh, a captivating destination that combines stunning landscapes, rich history, and warm hospitality. From the enchanting Sundarbans to the bustling streets of Dhaka, immerse yourself in a unique cultural tapestry and create unforgettable memories in this off-the-beaten-path gem. Discover the beauty that lies within Bangladesh and embark on a transformative travel experience unlike any other.

♦ Dhaka - the ninth-largest and seventh-most densely populated city in the world
♦ Chittagong - second-largest city in Bangladesh
♦ Kaptai lake - the largest manmade lake in Bangladesh
♦ Bandarban - one of the three hill districts of Bangladesh and a part of the Chittagong Hill Tracts

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Day 1. Arrive in Dhaka
Welcome to the capital of Bangladesh, the largest city and political, economic and cultural center of the country. Overnight hotel in Dhaka.

Day 2. Dhaka - Chittagong
Taking the train in Bangladesh is an activity that no tourist can miss. Early in the morning our guide will escort you to take the Sonar Bangla Express train.The train starts from Kamalapur Railway Station in Dhaka early morning and arrives at Chittagong Railway Station 7 hours later. After arriving in Chittagong we check in at tour hotel for a short break. In the afternoon, we will visit the Shrine of Bayezid Bostami, the Fishing Waterfront, the Chittagong World War Cemetery established after World War II, and the old Catholic Church in Pahartali, which was built by the British government in 1924. After the visit, we will go back to the hotel.

Day 3. Chittagong - Kumira - Rangamati
Today we will arrange a boat tour for you to visit Chittagong Ship Breaking Yard in Kumira. It is the largest ship breaking yard in the world. Then we will head to Rangamati by car and have lunch in a local restaurant and check in the hotel upon arrival. In the afternoon, we plan to go to the local Tribal Market and admire the scenery at the Iconic Hanging Bridge.

Day 4. Sightseeing tour to Kaptai Lake
After breakfast, we will take a boat to tour around Kaptai Lake, the largest artificial lake in Bangladesh. The magnificent scenery will surely make you linger on! Floating on the lake we will see the spots like Bonorupa Floating Market, Rajban Vihar and Chakma King House, and Shuvolong Waterfall.

Day 5. Rangamati - Bandarban
Today we are going to drive to Bandarban. On the way we will visit a beautiful golden temple near the town of Balaghata. As the largest Theravada Buddhist Temple in Bangladesh, it is located on a hill about 60 meters (200 feet) high, adjacent to Bandarban-Rangamati Road. In the afternoon, we will visit the Hatiabandha Tripura Village to learn more about the way of life of the Tripura indigenous people. Finally proceed to Nilachal to appreciate the mountain scenery and beautiful sunset.

Day 6. Bandarban - Cox's Bazar
Drive to Chimbuk and Nilgiri in the morning, from the peak of the hill you can overlook the whole mountain area. Then we will drive to Cox's Bazar. On the way, we will visit Farukpara Bawm Village, the Ramu Buddhist Temple, and the Famous Sleeping Buddha. After today's trip, we will drop you off at your hotel in Cox's Bazar so you can check in for rest.

Day 7. Maheshkhali Island tour in Cox's Bazar
After breakfast, we will take a boat to Maheshkhali Island. Upon arrival, the tour guide will show you the Rakhine Buddhist Temple and leave some leisure time for you on the island. Then go to a local fishing port and watch how fishermen load and unload seafood. After the visit, take the boat back to Cox's Bazar

Day 8. Himchari and Inani beaches. Fly back to Dhaka
In the morning we will drive to Himchari and Inani beach. We will also spend some time to relax before returning to Cox's Bazar to catch our evening flight to Dhaka.

Day 9. Departure

Price Includes:
8 nights in midrange hotels in rooms with en-suite facilities
airport transfers and ground transportation including all boat trips
English speaking local guide
tour leader from Penguin Travel at minimum 8 participants
flight ticket Cox Bazar-Dhaka
train tickets Dhaka - Chittagong

Not Included:
Meals and drinks not mentioned in the program
personal expenses
entrance fees

Additional Services:
Supplement pp. at 2-3 participants - 90 EUR


Bangladesh Uncovered (Rated 4.93 / 5 Based on 14 Reviews.)
780 EUR
9 Days
Single Supplement
190 EUR
Guaranteed departure
780 EUR
9 Days
Single Supplement
190 EUR
Open for booking

Currency fluctuations might cause correction of price at any time.

Group Size
4 - 12
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