Slovene Alpine Pearls

Slovene Alpine Pearls 925 , 8 Days

The mighty peaks, which offer incredible views and crystal-clean water, and which sparkle in the sunshine, are a verdant green landscape whose tranquility will inspire you and whose energy will uplift you. All this awaits in the sanctuary of the Julian Alps, where the peaks can reach as high as 2500 m and more. Experience a genuine contact with nature in Triglav National Park, which in addition to high mountains also features picturesque Alpine valleys, rivers and lakes. The largest of these are Lake Bohinj and the idyllic Lake Bled, with Slovenia’s only natural island. Put on your hiking shoes and explore the treasure trove of natural beauty in the Julian Alps.

Jezersko – a small romantic village, located in the remote Kokra Valley in the Kamnik - Savinja Alps
Lake Bled – a large glacial lake with tectonic origin with its unique and picturesque environment
Lake Bohinj – a large glacial lake, which lies entirely within the borders of Triglav National Park and has a wonderful naturalness


Day 1. Arrival in Jezersko
With its idyllic location in a basin between the towering Kamnik-Savinja Alps and Karawanke Mountains, on the border with Austria, the small romantic village of Jezersko will be the starting point for your hike. You will spend the next two nights here ( farmhouse / agriturismo guesthouse 3* ).

Day 2. Jezersko - Ceska Koca
This short walk leads up to just above the tree line to one of the oldest alpine huts in Slovenia (100 years old), where you will be blessed with an outstanding view into the two parallel valleys. Your return route takes you past Shepherds Lake and back to Jezersko ( farmhouse / agriturismo guesthouse 3* ).
Round-walk 12 km / 6 hrs / ascent and descent 640 m 

Day 3. Jezersko - Virnikov Grintavec
Today you hike up the northern side of the Kamnik Alps' – Virnikov Grintavec. A meadow and forest walk brings you to to an amazing viewpoint above Jezersko valley. With one foot in Slovenia and the other in Austria you'll enjoy splendid view of Grintovec range arena ( farmhouse / agriturismo guesthouse 3* ).
18 km / 7 hrs return hike. Walking / ascent and descent 760 m.

Day 4. Jezersko - Ljubelj - Begunje
You will be taken by car to the starting point at Ljubelj, on the Austrian border. From here the trail leads through a short underground tunnel originally dug by merchants in order to reduce the travelling time between Carniola and Carinthia. As you emerge at the other side the trail then follows the old shepherd’s route before entering the peaceful Draga Valley, which takes you on your final leg into the historic village of Begunje. Begunje is also the home town of the famous Slavko Avsenik / Oberkrainer band. 2 kms down the road are the ruins of Kamen Castle ( farmhouse / agriturismo guesthouse 3* ).
12,5 km / 4 hrs / descent 700 m, ascent 250 m.

Day 5. Begunje - Karavanke Range - Lake Bled Hillside walk
Day for a panoramic walk at the foot of Karavanke range. Morning ascent will bring you to tiny St. Peters church, built at an outlook observation point in days of Turkish raids. The days walk is an easy one, you can enjoy the quiet pastural nature and panoramic views of Julian Alps. The day, after a short car transfer, ends in Bled – a world famous town on the shore of a beautiful glacial lake, with its unique island church sitting proudly in the lake, and the castle perched high upon a cliff standing guard over the town. ( hotel 4* ).
13 kms / 7 hrs / descent 790 m, ascent 850 m.

Day 6. Bled - Pokljuka High Plateau
A short morning car transfer brings you to the beginning point, on top of Pokljuka high plateau (1280 m) – starting point of many hiking trails in Julian Alps. The hike will lead you over mountain pastures and through dense fir forests to up to Lipanska Hut. A typical hikers' lunch can be taken there. The afternoon walk will bring you along a panoramic route (excellent views of Karawanke range, Pokljuka plateau, Krma valley and Bohinj Mountains) to biathlon centre of Pokljuka where you stay for the night. ( hotel 3* ).
14 km /6 hrs /  descent 640 m , ascend 710 m

Day 7. Pokljuka - Uskovnica Sadle - Lake Bohinj
From Pokljuka Plateau you will begin your hike across mountain pastures and old farmhouses where you will come to a viewing point providing outstanding views into the Bohinj Valley. As you descend you can stop at the little historic village of Studor where you can visit the museum and see how people lived 150 years ago. Your final destination is Lake Bohinj, the jewel in the heart of the Triglav National Park, and the small settlement of Ribčev Laz.( hotel 4* )
12 km / 5 hrs / ascent 200m. Mountain meadows & tree line walk.

Day 8. End of tour or extension of stay in Bohinj

Price Includes:
Accommodation in hotels 3* / 4* hotels and guesthouses in two bedded ensuite facilities room,on basis of bed & breakfast
Personal transfers on days 4,5 and 6
Luggage transfer – one piece,max 23 kgs / 50 lb. Lufthansa airline dimensions. Every additional piece 60 EUR per trip,payable on spot
Tour description and maps in GUIBO application electronic form
Local tourist and other taxes
Backup service (hotline) during the walk

Not Included:
Flight tickets to/ from Ljubljana
Arrival/departure transfers: Ljubljana airport to Jezersko/ or Bohinj to Ljubljana Airport; Bohinj to Jezersko,option for private transfers
Drinks and meals not mentioned in the program
Personal expenses
Entrance fees
lunch and dinner

Additional Services:
Printed information package in English including route notes and corresponding maps delivered upon arrival 35 EUR.
Transfers: price on request
This tour can be arranged with 1 person only ,single traveler fee: 575 EUR and mandatory single supplement


Slovene Alpine Pearls (Rated 4.9 / 5 Based on 37 Reviews.)
925 EUR
8 Days
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975 EUR
8 Days
Single Supplement
480 EUR
Open for booking
925 EUR
8 Days
Single Supplement
440 EUR
Open for booking

Currency fluctuations might cause correction of price at any time.

Group Size
Min. 2
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