The Troodos Mountains and Akamas

The Troodos Mountains and Akamas 660 , 8 Days
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Seemingly isolated in the eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus has been at the cockpit of western history for thousands of years, notably during the medieval crusades, when it acted as a launch pad for the crusaders. These days crusades are led by the waves of tourists who arrive to enjoy the popular seaside resorts, but inland a few kilometres, an older World prevails. Sleepy villages, farms and forests with fabled mountain views. You will find in this a natural, unhurried people who are proud of their ancient associations.

♦ Troodos Mountains – the largest range in Cyprus
♦ Kelephos medieval Venetian bridge
♦ The beautiful beaches of Akamas peninsula
♦ Baths of Aphrodite cave

Day 1: Arrival
Transfer from the airport to Kakopetria village where you spend the first three nights. Free time to explore the old part of the village and visit the two UNESO World Heritage Troodos painted churches.

Day 2: Artemis Trail and Caledonia Falls Trail
Walking on Artemis offers superb panoramic views of different parts of Cyprus. The trail combines barren rocky land with forested stretches of black pine (and of the endemic Troodos juniper). Walkers pass by some very old and huge trees. The walk has a very high value also for those interested in geology. It should be noted that when there is snow, (usually a few months each year) we advise against doing this walk. There is a lower elevation alternative around Unesco World Heritage painted Asinou chapel that we suggest (included in the package).

Walking day continues with a part of the Atalanti trail, a short stretch on paved road and the Persophone trail. We highly recommend the Caledonia Waterfalls trail as it is quite dramatic and steep and has a running stream all year round, which is atypical of Cyprus. It provides an excellent contrast to Artemis trail. Instead of doing the 19 km long Long Option, travellers may choose to do a shorter stretch (eg 9 km long, or even shorter).
Walking: 19km; Uphill walk: 600 m; downhill walk: 1200m.

Day 3:Madari Circular Walks
The walk is on a circular nature trail that offers a combination of habitats (including a Cyprus Cedar forest), excellent panoramic views, and the very extraordinary rock formations in the area (appropriately named ‘Teishia tis Madaris’ meaning ‘Madari’s walls’).
Walking: 13km; Uphill walk: 800 m; downhill walk: 800m .

Day 4: Platy Valley and Kelephos Medieval Venetian Bridge
Transfer to Kelephos medieval Venetian bridge, a great location that combines beautiful nature and great cultural heritage. About half of the stretch of the walk is found in the expansive Paphos Forest, until Roudias medieval bridge. There are good possibilities for mouflon spotting here. The second half of the walk is along Xeros Potamos river bank, a scenic part of Cyprus with no villages, but with cultural heritage in the form of watermills and a non functioning monastery . If you are lucky, you may spot griffon vultures gliding in search of food. Transfer from a bridge near the monastery to the village of Droushia, where you spend the next two nights.
Walking: 16km; Uphill walk: 400 m; downhill walk: 800m .

Day 5:  Akamas Coast and Avakas Gorge
Today you have the chance to explore Akamas west coast. The standard route starts from the hotel and firstly descends on a cement road, offering lovely views of Lara coastline. The coastal part of the route connects Lara beach to Touxeftra beach (on the south end of Lara coast) and is just about six (6) km long. The walk could be combined with swimming/snorkelling in a couple of Lara beaches (with the possibility of sea turtle spotting close to summer). A walk in the unique Avakas Gorge is integrated in the route. Avakas Gorge offers a unique habitat on the island. The walk ends at Agios Georgios tis Pegeias locality.
Walking: 12km; Uphill walk: 300 m; downhill walk: 300m .

Day 6: Akamas Panorama Walk
Traverse the pristine Akamas peninsula enjoying glorious views initially of the west coast and subsequently, on the imposing Moutti Tis Sotiras peak, of the north west, and of the north coast, all the way to Pomos in the north east . The walk is a bit over twenty 20 km long and starts at Drousheia village, from where it goes north. There is a shorter option that is thirteen (13) km long, starting from the village of Neo Chorio and goes initially west.

Walking: Long option: 20 km, Uphill walk :500 m ; downhill walk 1000m
Shorter option: 13 km, Uphill walk: 550 m; downhill walk: 750m .

Day 7: Adonis Trail or Free Day
Today is a free day, and you can choose to spend it on the clear pebble beach or make some easy optional walks. You can also visit Paphos ancient city – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the walks you can do is the Adonis trail on the Akamas north coast.
Walking: 7km; Uphill walk: 350 m; downhill walk: 350m .

Day 8: Departure

After breakfast you can use public bus to the airport or you book a private transfer.

Note: Price is for 2 people sharing. For single treaveler please ask. 

Price Includes:
7 nights in DBL/TWIN rooms (private en-suite)
Luggage transfers when changing hotels on day 4 and 6
Transfers as per itinerary
24/7 telephone assistance by our local office/representative in Cyprus
All the needed navigation materials
roadbooks in digital format

Not Included:
Flights and airport transfers
Other public transport
Travel insurance
Lunches and dinners not mentioned
Personal expenses

Additional Services:
Airport transfers: Arrival from Paphos airport to Kakopetria village : 105 Euro per vehicle; Arrival from Larnaca airport to Kakopetria village : 105 Euro; Departure from last hotel (near Akamas) to Paphos airport : 80 Euro; Departure from last hotel (near Akamas) to Larnaca airport : 160 Euro;


The Troodos Mountains and Akamas (Rated 4.93 / 5 Based on 35 Reviews.)
660 EUR
8 Days
Single Supplement
100 EUR
Open for booking

Currency fluctuations might cause correction of price at any time.

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