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Rota Vicentina - from Sao Luis to Odeceixe via Porto Covo (Portugal)

Rota Vicentina  - from Sao Luis to Odeceixe via Porto Covo (Portugal) 530 , 8 Days
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A walk along Rota Vicentina or The Way of St. Vincent in Southwestern Portugal.

Highlights of the tour:
♦ Zambujeira do Mar –
a small cozy village with the historical mountains Amores and Santa Catarina
♦ Almograve –
a popular spot for surfing enthusiasts from around the world
♦ Odeceixe –
another cozy village by the opening of the Ribera de Seixe at the border between Algrave and Alentejo


Day 1: São Luís 
Arrival at Lisbon airport or Faro airport in the Algarve. Overnighting near the Alentejo village of São Luís at a rural guest house with use of swimming pool (in season), where you can relax on the terrace and take in the wonderful views of the “Alentejo Montado”.

Day 2: São Luís - Cercal do Alentejo 
Your first walk is along a stage of the Historical Way through the hills between São Luís and Cercal. Your accommodation for the night is an Art Nouveau-style inn featuring traditional Alentejo-style décor near the centre of the town.
Walking distance: 21 km; walking time: 6-7 hrs

Day 3: Cercal do Alentejo - Porto Covo das Bandeiras
Today's walk is along a stage connecting the Historical Way to the Fishermen's Trail. The night will be spent at a small inn in the main street off the village square.
Walking distance: 18 km; walking time: 4,5-5 hrs

Day 4: Porto Covo das Bandeiras - Vila Nova de Milfontes 
You are going on a hike starting from the northernmost point of the Fishermen's Trail. You will spend the night at a small hotel close to the castle with views over the river estuary.
Walking distance: 20 km; walking time: 6-7 hrs

Day 5: Vila Nova de Milfontes - Almograve
A day with an easy walk continuing on the Fishermen's Trail along the coast. You will spend the night at a delightful guest house situated just behind the sand dunes.
Walking distance: 15 km; walking time: 4,5-5 hrs

Day 6: Almograve - Zambujeira do Mar
And today you walk south from Almograve. You will spend the night at a small guest house close to the village centre.
Walking distance: 21 km; walking time: 6-7 hrs

Day 7: Zambujeira do Mar - Odeceixe 
On the last walking day you follow a coastal path to the Algarve village of Odeceixe. You will spend the night at a small guest house close to the village centre.
Walking distance: 18 km; walking time: 5,5-6 hrs

Day 8: Departure
Departure on your own from Odeceixe to Lisbon or Faro airport (or you can order a private transfer).   

NB! The higher price band applies to stays during 23 March – 2 April, 27 April – 1 May and 4
- 6 October due to Easter and other public holidays


Practical information: ►You can fly to Lisbon Airport. There is a direct bus from Lisbon to S. Luis and from Odeceixe to Lisbon ►The tour is not available in July and August as it is hot, nor in the Christmas/New Year's period.

How to get there: 
By bus:
Rede Expressos coaches from Lisbon (Sete Rios) transit station depart daily to São Luis and other towns closeby. Single fare is between €16.00 and €16.90.
To São Luis. Departs 17.30. Arrives 20.10.
To Cercal do Alentejo. Departs 07.30. Arrives 10.35; Departs 15.00. Arrives 18.15.
To Odemira. Departs 07.30. Arrives 11.10; Departs 15.00. Arrives 19.15.
To Vila Nova de Milfontes. Departs 07.30. Arrives 10.50; Departs 10.30. Arrives 14.00. *; Departs 15.00. Arrives 18.30.
* Only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from September to June.
Tickets can be purchased from the transit station or on-line on the English language pages of the coach company's website no more than 14 days before travel date. Tickets cannot be bought on the coach.
There are no direct express coaches from Faro to the region.
There is an option to travel from Faro via Portimao to Odemira.
EVA Transrapido , single fare is €5.50, pay driver on bus.
Departs Faro: 12.30 Arrives Portimão: 14.15
Rede Expressos, single fare is €12.50, purchase as detailed above.
Departs Portimão: 15.00 Arrive Odemira: 16.45
You will then have to take a local taxi from the coach stop to the guest house.
(São Luis – 2km, Cercal – 12 km, Vila Nova de Milfontes – 17 km, Odemira – 19km.)
By train:
Trains depart from Lisbon Oriente or Entrecampos stations and Faro station to Funcheira (Garvão) station, the nearest one to São Luis.
From Lisbon Oriente or Entrecampos: 10.20 10.29 14.20 14.29 17.20 17.29
Arrives to Funcheira:                                12.08             16.10            16.10
Single fare €15.70.
From Faro:       07.00 09.46 13.41 17.35
To Funcheira:  08.23 11.27 15.12 19.23
Tickets can be bought in advance from ticket office at the station or on-line on the English language pages of the railway company's website no more than 28 days before travel date. Tickets cannot be bought on the train. TAP airline passengers are entitled to 20% discount for intercity or Alfa-Pendular services.
You will then have to take a taxi, 36 km from the station to the guest house.

Recommended travel period of the year: April - June, September - October

Necessary equipment: sturdy walking boots and walking socks, a small rucksack, sunglasses, sunhat, sun cream, rainwear and insect repellent.

Price Includes:
7 overnights at family owned gueshouses with breakfast in a double room with ensuite facilities
luggage transfer
walk information pack in English
24-hour telephone service
6 packed lunches + 1,5 l water
personal accident insurance (please,send your birth date for that when booking the tour)

Not Included:
flight tickets
personal insurance
transfer from/to airport
meals,not mentioned in the program
personal expenses
entrance fees

Additional Services:
single room supplement: for the concrete amount,plese refer to concrete periods
extra night in Odeceixe: 40 EUR per person (February-May+October-November)/night in a double room/// 45 EUR per person (Easter
June + September)
extra night in S. Luis: 45 EUR (February-May+October-November) and 50 EUR (Easter
June + September) per person in a double room/per night
private transfer from Lisbon airport to S. Luis or private transfer Odeceixe - airport is possible. Please contact us for quote
if you are travelling alone (1 person),you have to pay solo departure fee on top of the basic price: 105 EUR


Rota Vicentina - from Sao Luis to Odeceixe via Porto Covo (Portugal) (Rated 4.82 / 5 Based on 302 Reviews.)
530 EUR
8 Days
Single Supplement
175 EUR
Open for booking

Currency fluctuations might cause correction of price at any time.

No special experience is needed; everyone who is in condition to cope with long Saturday walks in the forest can also cope with these tours. As a rule, the trips are short and at a low altitude. Often, it is your choice to join or skip a day-tour. The routes follow a hilly terrain without steep ascents and descents. Normally we walk 3/5h a day.

Most of you, who are used to walking/cycling during a long weekend, will be in condition to cope with a tour of this level. You should be in a good health condition. We have successive days of longer and more difficult walking and days of lighter walking/cycling. Some parts of the day routes are done at a higher altitude. The paths are in good condition. We walk/cycle for 5/7h a day.

Group Size
Min. 2 persons
Reservation System Code
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