A Journey to Panama and Venezuela

A Journey to Panama and Venezuela 1950 , 10 Days

 Embark on a fascinating journey in the heart of two tropical countries that abound in amazing natural features - dense rainforests, picturesque lagoons, a variety of exotic animals and plants and of course, the highest waterfall in the world - The Angel Falls. During this trip, we will spend several days in Canaima National Park, Venezuela, where we will have the opportunity to see Angel Falls from several different sides and swim in the pools at its base. We will continue to the coastal town of Choroni, where a completely different landscape awaits us - sandy beaches, turquoise waters and colonial architecture. We will not miss the Panama Canal - one of the most remarkable engineering marvels in the world. From the visitor center here we will be able to learn about the history of its construction and its importance to international trade, as well as see how huge cargo ships pass through it.

♦ Canaima National Park – the second largest park in Venezuela
♦ Angel Falls – the highest waterfall in the world with a height of 979 m.
♦ Choroni – a charming coastal town known for its stunning beaches and Afro-Caribbean culture
♦ The Panama Canal - one of the most remarkable engineering wonders of the world
♦ Soberania National Park – Located about an hour from Panama City, this is one of the most accessible birding and wildlife viewing locations in Central America


Day 1. Arrival in Panama City
Arrival in Panama City and transfer to the hotel for overnight.-/-/-

Day 2. Tour of Panama City - Panama Canal - Caracas
Our tour today begins with a visit to one of the world's greatest engineering marvels - the Panama Canal. From the Miraflores Visitor Center we will be able to see the ships passing through the canal and learn more about its history and significance. With the construction of the canal, it greatly reduced the time and distance required for merchant ships to travel between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, which became a crucial factor in the development of international maritime trade. The construction of the canal began in the late 19th century by the French, but they faced many challenges, diseases and engineering difficulties. The United States took over the project in 1904 and completed it in 1914. The canal was officially opened on August 15, 1914. Nearby is the former US military base Fort Clayton, which today has been converted into an academic and cultural center. In the evening we head to the airport for a flight to Caracas. B/-/

Day 3. Caracas - Canaima National Park
This morning we will catch a flight from Caracas to Canaima National Park. Then we head to Angel Falls - the highest waterfall in the world, with a height of 979 meters. The waterfall is named after American aviator James "Jimmy" Angel, who discovered it in 1933 while flying over the area in his small plane. Everyone who has traveled here describes the moment they first saw the waterfall as magical. As we travel by boat to the area where we will spend the night, you will have the opportunity to enjoy majestic views of Auyan Tepui (Tepui - a mountain ending in a plateau at the top) from where the waterfall originates. Tonight we will spend the night in hammocks near the waterfall. B/L/D

Day 4. Canaima National Park - Angel Falls
Today we will continue our adventures around the waterfall, starting with the impressive Devil's Canyon. We will then embark on a short trek through the dense jungle to the Laime Viewpoint - one of the places from which an incredible view of the waterfall is revealed. We will also have the opportunity to swim in some of the pools at the base of the falls before returning to camp and relaxing for the rest of the day. B/L/D

Day 5. Canaima Lagoon
Today we will explore the Canaima Lagoon, which is famous for its crystal clear waters that reflect the surrounding tepuis, creating a mesmerizing mirror effect. One of the main attractions in the region is the Sapo waterfall. The waterfall allows you to walk behind its curtain of water - an unforgettable experience that offers a close encounter with the power and beauty of nature. The name "El Sapo" translates as "The Frog" and is named so because of the shape of the rock formation from which the waterfall descends, which resembles the back of a frog. We will spend the night in a local guest house in the region. B/L/D

Day 6. Canaima-Caracas - Choroni
This morning we have some free time before we say goodbye to the jungle and board our return flight to Caracas. From Caracas, we continue with a transfer to Choroni, where we will arrive in the evening. B/-/-

Day 7. Choroni - Chuao - Choroni
We start our day with a visit to the nearby village of Chuao, famous for its amazing scenery, rich cultural heritage and high quality cocoa production. The village has a long tradition of cocoa cultivation dating back to pre-Columbian times. Today, Chuao cocoa is highly sought after by chocolatiers and connoisseurs for its superior quality and unique flavor profile. Here we will visit a local plantation and learn about the entire chocolate production process. In the afternoon we will return back to the hotel in Choroni. B/L/-

Day 8. Choroni (free time)
Today you have free time to continue exploring Choroni on your own and enjoy some of the beautiful beaches here, such as Playa Grande, perfect for swimming and other water sports. B/-/-

Day 9. Choroni - Caracas- Panama city
Today we will return back to Caracas, from where we will continue with a flight to Panama City. Overnight at a hotel in Panama City. B/-/- 

 Day 10. Panama City - Soberania National Park - Gatun Lake. End of program
Today we will have the opportunity to enjoy the wildlife and incredible biodiversity of Panama. After breakfast at the hotel, we head to Soberania National Park. Located just 45 minutes from Panama City, the park is considered one of the most accessible birding and wildlife viewing areas in Central America. Here we have a chance to observe toucans, parrots, hummingbirds, capuchins, howler monkeys, tamarins, sloths and more. The area around Gatun Lake is also home to several small indigenous communities. Here we will have the opportunity to learn more about their traditional way of life, dances and crafts. In the evening we return back to Panama City. End of the program upon arrival in Panama City (group transfer to the airport). B/-/-

Practical information:
♦ Domestic flights Caracas-Canaima-Caracas include hand luggage (5 kg.) and checked luggage (23 kg.)
♦ Recommended clothing: comfortable clothes and shoes suitable for trekking. During the expedition to the waterfall, there is a chance that your clothes will get wet. On these days, it is recommended to wear comfortable, quick-drying clothes and shoes
♦ Don't forget to pack a swimsuit, sun hat, goggles, sunscreen, insect repellent, towel
♦ You will spend two nights at a camp near Angel Falls, where you will sleep in hammocks. The camp has communal bathrooms and you must bring your own towels and toiletries. There is no mobile coverage or internet access in the camp.
♦ Citizines of the USA and Canada must book the trip at leat 6 months in advance to allow enough time to arrange your visa to Venezuela. Once your reservation is confirmed, we will assist you with required documents and more details, but you need to arrange the visa on your own.

Price Includes:
accommodation according to the program (2 nights in a hammock in front of Angel Falls and 7 nights in local hotels/lodges/guesthouses in en-suite rooms
transportation according to the program
domestic flights Caracas-Canaima-Caracas
airport transfers
meals according to the program (B-breakfast,L-lunch,D-dinner)
local English-speaking tour guides
tour leader from Penguin Travel (at min. 8 people)

Not Included:
international plane tickets
flight tickets Panama-Caracas/Caracas-Panama
optional excursions
Canaima National Park fee: around 40 euros
food not mentioned in the program
tips and personal expenses

A Journey to Panama and Venezuela (Rated 4.78 / 5 Based on 6 Reviews.)
1950 EUR
10 Days
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250 EUR
Guaranteed departure
2040 EUR
10 Days
Single Supplement
280 EUR
Guaranteed departure

Currency fluctuations might cause correction of price at any time.

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