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Expedition to the Heart of Africa - Cameroon and Central African Republic

Expedition to the Heart of Africa - Cameroon and Central African Republic 1980 , 11 Days
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If you are looking for a destination off the beaten track , you should not think further than Central African Republic – one of the least visited countries not only in Africa, but the whole World. C. A.R. is bordering Chad, Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo and as some of its neighbors for the past years has been undergoing certain civil unrest, but there are areas which provide truly authentic experience for the passionate explorer and experienced traveler, while still being perfectly safe. A road trip from Cameroon will take you to the heart of Africa - Dzanga Sangha Reserve in C.A.R. – where you’ll spend your days admiring the spectacular wildlife and enjoying unforgettable encounters with Western Gorillas, Forest Elephants, Bongos, sitatungas, forest buffaloes and mangabey monkeys. Discover all the beauty this forgotten country has to offer!

Day 1: Arrival in Yaoundé, Cameroon
Arrival in Yaoundé. Our driver will meet you at the airport and transfer you to your accommodation.

Day 2: Yaounde - Batouri
Today we are heading to Batouri, situated in the Eastern part of Cameroon on the road leading to C.A.R. The drive today is quite scenic and diverse – we will crosss pineapple plantations, forests, colonial town and Bantu villages.
We reach Batouri, which since colonial times, has been involved in mining.

Day 3: Batouri – Yokadouma
After breakfast we leave Batouri and continue through the forests covering this part of Cameroon. The native tribes inhabiting this region are Baka, who have been suffering oppression from the Bantu speaking population. Baka tribes still manage to keep the balance and live as their ancestors did – close to nature, respecting their old beliefs and traditions.
Overnight in basic accommodation in Yokadouma.

Day 4: Yokadouma – Bayanga (C.A.R.)
Today we are heading to the border with Central African Republic. We will make our way into C.A.R. crossing Sangha River by pirogue and then we will continue to Bayanga, situated on the edge of Dzanga Sangha Reserve.
Our accommodation for the night is Doli Lodge – simple, rustic, made out of traditional local materials and offering excellent view towards the covered in trees banks of Sangha River

Day 5: Dzanga Sangha Reserve
Today we will engage in wildlife watching. In the morning we will pay a visit to a family of Western Gorillas and in the afternoon we will try to spot as many as possible, out of the large group of mangabay monkeys inhabiting this area – an impressive number of at least 300 monkeys.
We will be back to Doli Lodge for rest and an overnight.

Day 6: Dzanga Bai
We continue exploring the Dzanga region, visiting the famous Dzanga Bai – one of the best places to observe Forest Elephants, which come here to feed. This particular area, offers the rare opportunity to spot forest buffaloes, bongos, sitatungas and vast number of bird species.

Day 7: Bayanga – Dzangha-Sangha Reserve
Today we will spend our time in Bayanga and Dzangha Sangha Reserve. There is an opportunity to join an optional tour and participate along with the local Ba'Aka people in a net-hunting expedition and meet pangolin researchers. This is one of the best places to spot pangolins and there will the chance to head out at night in search of them.

Day 8: Bayanga – Libongo -Yokadouma (Cameroon)
It’s time to head back towards Cameroon. Once again we will cross Sangha River by pirogue. Before we continue on our way to Yokadoumae, founded by German explorers in 14th century, will visit a Pygmy camp, where we will learn more about the life of the Pygmy tribes. Overnight in Yokadoumae.

Day 9: Yokadouma – Batouri
Drive through the Sangha Tri-National Park area (a Unesco Heritage Site) which environment has preserved great biodiversity, including many endangered animal species. We reach Batouri where we will stay overnight.

Day 10: Batouri – Yaoundé
Return to Yaounde for the last overnight.

Day 11: Departure

Price Includes:
10 nights in standard hotels
transportation as per program incl. transfer from/to the airport
English speaking guide

Not Included:
international flights
drinks and meals not mentioned in the programme
tips and personal expenses
optional tours


Expedition to the Heart of Africa - Cameroon and Central African Republic (Rated 4.97 / 5 Based on 55 Reviews.)
1980 EUR
11 Days
Single Supplement
250 EUR
Open for booking
1980 EUR
11 Days
Single Supplement
250 EUR
Open for booking

Currency fluctuations might cause correction of price at any time.

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