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Highlights of Patagonia 1520 , 7 Days
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 Fall in love with Patagonia amid its massive peaks, welcoming people, and incredible foods. Take in the colors of Buenos Aires then head into nature to explore Torres del Paine National Park and the humbling Perito Moreno Glacier. Reaching the end of the world at Ushuaia is just the tip of the iceberg of this incredible adventure.

Day 1: Comodoro Rivadavia / Los Antiguos -/L/-

Reception at Comodoro Rivadavia airport and transfer at 4:30AM to Los Antiguos visiting on the way the Petrified Forest of Sarmiento, foreseeing arrival at destination around 17:00hs.Overnight in a hotel in Los Antiguos.

Day 2: Los Antiguos (B / L / -)

Day destined to make the navigation to the Marble Chapels and discover the vertiginous way, in part of cornice, that crosses the mountain range, crosses the south coast of the lake and the transition of the steppe to the Andean Patagonian forest to then join an exclusive navigation until the Marble Chapels. If it is not possible to cross the border into Chile, the original program will be modified. Instead, we will travel along Route 41 to cover this scenic route that in less than 100km ascends from 200m to 1500m, thus being the highest road in Southern Patagonia and crossing four well-differentiated environments: steppe,Andean forest, high pasture and high mountain.Overnight in a hotel in Los Antiguos.

Day 3: Los Antiguos (B / L / -)

This day is destined to travel the scenic Route 41, the highest road and one of the most beautiful in all Patagonia, which runs parallel to the border with Chile joining the valleys of Lake Buenos Aires with Lake Posadas in 170 km of contrasts and panoramic views. We start from Lake Buenos Aires at 220 meters above sea level and ascend to the top of the plateau at 1500 meters above sea level, crossing four well-differentiated environments: steppe, Andean forest, high pasture and the high mountain. We end up on a viewpoint towards the impressive San Lorenzo mountain
(3,706mts) and descend to the valley of the Posadas and Pueyrredón lakes at only 105masl.Overnight in a Hostel in the area.

 Day 4: Los Antiguos (B / L / -)

During this day we will explore the Jurassic environment of the lakes Posadas and Pueyrredón through a trek that will take us to the Arco de Piedra. We will also visit the Cerro de los Indios, the Cueva del Puma, the Laguna Multicolor, the Isthmus of Lakes and the Garganta del rio Oro, thus culminating an unforgettable day.Overnight in a Hostel in the area.

 Day 5: Los Antiguos (B / L / -)

We start the tour by taking route 40, seeing a lot of native fauna, crossing the Caracoles Canyon until we arrive at the Cave of Hands Interpretation Center.The deep canyon of the Pinturas River houses the most important archaeological site in Patagonia. In the so-called Cave of Hands, the passage of man through the area has been recorded, reflected in cave paintings, throughout a period of almost ten thousand years. The proposal consists in emulating our ancestors and accessing the site through the same track they knew how to use in ancient times.After this visit, we will explore in a simple trekking the striking Tierras de Colores to finally stay at La Posta de los Toldos, inside the Portal Pinturas of the Patagonia Park. This is a new nature refuge for hiking,stargazing, and wildlife watching and interpretation led by the Rewilding Argentina Foundation.

Day 6: Los Antiguos (B / L / -)

Day entirely dedicated to immerse ourselves in the Patagonia Park project. After a very interesting introduction to the work of the foundation, we will have a variety of trails of varying difficulty to explore the Pinturas gateway, such as the Koi and La Guanaca trails, among others. In addition to the attractiveness of the landscape, we will have opportunities for wildlife watching.Overnight in a Refuge in the area.

Day 7: Los Antiguos / Comodoro Rivadavia (B / - / -)

Breakfast at the hotel.Return to Comodoro Rivadavia airport for your flight, with a visit to the RNP Caleta Olivia sea lion colony.End of our services.

Additional services:

- For those who plan to continue traveling to El Calafate and / or El Chalten, we offer the option of
combining, on the last day of the tour and after the visit to the Cueva de las Manos, with one of the buses
that run daily along route 40, thus allowing to arrive in the morning of the following day to destination.
- This combination can also be done in the opposite direction, that is, make the transfer from El
Calafate / El Chalten and then join our tour.

Price Includes:
6 nights accommodation in the detailed hotels or similar with breakfast and lunch box included
Transfers in regular transport service from/to Comodoro Rivadavia
Permanent assistance in each destination
Trekking poles
maps and flora and fauna guides available

Not Included:
international and domestic flights
services and non-mentioned meals in the itinerary
Entrance fees to the mentioned sites
early check-in
late check-out and hotel extras
personal expenses
additional tours that can be booked on the free days


Highlights of Patagonia (Rated 4.87 / 5 Based on 225 Reviews.)
1520 EUR
7 Days
Open for booking
1520 EUR
7 Days
Open for booking
1520 EUR
7 Days
Open for booking
1520 EUR
7 Days
Open for booking

Currency fluctuations might cause correction of price at any time.

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