The Good and Vicious Winds of Hormuz, Iran

The Good and Vicious Winds of Hormuz, Iran

In the coastal areas close to Hormuz strait people still believe in the existence of winds that can be harmful and peaceful. On the island of Qeshm the harmful winds are known as ZAR. According to the people in these regions, most types of ZAR cause disease, discomfort, and serious illnesses.

Qeshm is one of the best places to experience a ZAR ceremony, held to pacify the bad spirits.
Situated a few kilometers off the southern coast of Iran, Qeshm is often described as the gem of the Persian Gulf. It has the shape of a dolphin and a status of UNESCO Global Geopark. Qeshm offers incredible landscapes and unique flora and fauna.

In the past the island has been invaded by Elamites (civilization from the 4th millennium B.C), Portuguese, British.
According to the Bible, Qeshm is a supposed site of the Garden of Eden also. Today the island is a free trade zone with colorful local markets and beautiful beaches. Near Qeshm is situated the Naz island. When the water flows outward from it, a strip of land temporarily connects the two islands and tourists can walk between them by foot! An adventure for every real traveller! Not to mention, the local people and their vivid, unknown traditions and rituals are big part of this unique place’s magic.

Holders of normal passports travelling as tourists can enter Qeshm without a visa with maximum stay of two weeks, as of December 2017.


Day 1: Qeshm City – Hengam Island
Arrival at Qeshm. Transfer to Kandalou Point and transfer by boat to Hengam Island and overnight in a local house.

Day 2 : Hengam Island
Today we explore the island in a 4x4 vehicle. We can see wild gazelles, Egyptian iguanas and dolphins and turtles. We spend the afternoon relaxing on the beach (swimming without Islamic limitations).
And in the evening transfer to Shib-Deraz village and overnight in a local house

Day 3: Qeshm Island
After breakfast visit the Chahkooh Valley and visite the Geopark sites, Visit the workshop in Guran village and have lunch in Tabl, after lunch visit the mangrove forest by boat.
Overnight in local house in Tabl.

Day 4 : Queshm City
Back to Qeshm town, time to explore the city.t visit the Naz-Island and walking in Staa_Valley and next to visit the Khor-Bas Cave and lunch in Qeshm city. After Lunch we visit the Portuguese castle. Free time and hotel overnight

Day 5 : Hormuz Island
After breakfast transfer to Hormuz Islan by boat and visit the Portuguese castle and after lunch we sail back to Qeshm.

Day 6 : Qeshm
Possibility to attend ZAR ceremony ( In Salakh Village ) Overnight in a local house in Tabl.
According to the local believes, ZAR ceremonies represent the hope of the sick people who want to bring out the ghost (or the Jinn) from their bodies. These ceremonies, directed by a leader, bring together the patient and those previously afflicted by the ZAR and involve incense, music, and dancing in trance.

Day 7 : Departure 

Price Includes:
5 nighs in guest houses and one nioght in hotel
all meals and minerai water
confirmation code (if needed)
all boat trips as per itinerary
entrance fees
English speaking tour guide
all transfers

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