Venezuela - Angel Falls & Orinoco Delta

Venezuela - Angel Falls & Orinoco Delta 1680 , 11 Days
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Ranked among the countries with the richest biodiversity (currently 7th in the world's list of nations with the most number of species), Venezuela has definitely something to offer to its visitors. This is a trip that is going to reveal you the essentials of one of the most exotic corners of Latin America – an experience full of wilderness and exploration of indigenous communities preserving their traditional daily lives and customs. From the magnificent Angel Falls to the wildlife inhabiting the Orinoco delta, the marvels of Venzuela will give you an experience to remember for a lifetime.


Canaima National Park - the second largest park in Venezuela and the sixth biggest in the world
Angel Falls - the world's highest uninterrupted waterfall, with a height of 979 meters and a plunge of 807 meters
Orinoco Delta - one of the eight natural regions of Venezuela rivalling the biodiversity of the Amazon and sustaining the region’s indigenous people


Day 1. Arriving in Caracas

Arrival in Caracas and overnight in a hotel near the airport -/-/-

Day 2. Canaima National Park

Today we take an early morning flight to Canaima National Park. The Angel Falls are located deeply inside the park. Our tour begins in the Canaima Lagoon area, from which you can see a group of four different cascades known as Hacha, Wadaima, Ucaima and Golondrina. After a tasty lunch at a local indigenous village, we will be taken across the lagoon and walk along the pink sand banks and  through the jungle before reaching the majestic Sapo Falls. Here you can swim in the waterfall and enjoy a great view through a powerful water curtain. Dinner at the camp before going to sleep (beds) to the sound of crickets. Feel free to walk in the Pemon Community and get to know a bit more about their culture. B/L/D

Day 3. Angel falls

After breakfast, we will walk through the jungle before taking a motorized canoe up Carrao and Churún rivers towards the spectacular Angel Falls. As we travel along the rivers for about 4 hours, we will have time to take in the lush scenery and the fantastic tepuys (table-top mountains). We will enjoy a light picnic lunch afterwards. At Devil’s Canyon, you can see the Angel Falls cascading 1km down from the top of Auyántepuy and running all the way to Churún river. From this point, we will walk up through the jungle for about an hour to the Laime viewpoint and then down to the rock pools near the base of the falls. Here you will have the chance to swim in the fresh water of Angel Falls. Overnight in a comfortable hammock in front of the tallest waterfall in the world. If you are not experienced in sleeping in hammocks, your tour guide will show how to get a perfect sleep as local Pemons do. B/L/D

Day 4. Angel Falls- Canaima Lagoon

After breakfast and coffee at the camp, we willl have some time to enjoy the spectacular views of Angel Falls with the sunlight hitting the walls of Auyan Tepui. Afterwards, we will travel back down the river to the first camp. Lunch en- route to Canaima Lagoon. B/L/D

Day 5. Canaima- Caracas

After breakfast and coffee at the camp, we will have some free time in Canaima Lagoon village before flying out to Caracas. After arriving in Caracas, we will have a short city tour and explore its most interesting sites. Ovenight in a hotel near the airport.  B/-/-

Day 6. Maturin - Orinoco Delta

Today we will take an early flight to Maturin. After arriving in Maturin, we have a short transfer to Orinoco pier. Our camp is located in the middle of the dense rainforest, on one of the many tributaries of the Orinoco river. We will take a boat tour to observe a wide variety of flora and fauna – water hyacinths, pink dolphins, giant river otters, anacondas, tortoises, red howler monkeys, etc. Along the riverbanks we will see Warao Indigenous villages with their unique raised dwellings (palafitos), built over the river’s edge.Once under the canopy, our Warao guide will point out edible plants which you will get a chance to taste, or if your stomach is strong enough, you can try the juicy grubs that can be found living in the dead trees and vegetation. After returning to the camp, you will have time to relax before dinner. After a delicious dinner you will have the chance to enjoy the silence of the Orinoco river from the harbor of the camp. -/L/D

Day 7. Orinoco Delta 

This morning we will sail along the Orinoco river in search of various species that live there- river dolphins and spectacled caiman in the water, capuchin and red howler monkeys up in the dense foliage, hummingbirds and kingfishers in the skies above. Back to the camp for lunch, we will take a boat trip to some of the Warao villages and palafitos that line the riverbanks in this part of Orinoco. Our local guide will explain about Warao culture, and the flow of the community’s daily life –a truly fascinating experience. Here, we will have an opportunity to meet some of their craftsmen, and inspect some of their workmanship first-hand. In the evening, you will be offered a hearty meal and maybe even a few beers or local Rum with Coca Cola. Additioanl night tours available on the spot at extra cost. B/L/D

Day 8. Orinoco Delta - Caripe

After breakfast at our lodge, we are heading to the mountainous town of Caripe, where we will spend the night in a local guesthouse. B/L/-

Day 9. Cueva del Guácharo-Mochima National Park

Today we will explore the Cueva del Guácharo National Park, located just 12 km. away from Caripe. Here we will visit the most famous cave in Venzuela - Guácharo Cave, which gave its name to the whole park. We will walk along the narrow serpent canyon Miraflores, where everyone will have free time for further hiking or swimming. We will have a picnic lunch in the area before heading to the village of Mochima, where we will spend the night in a local guest house. B/L/-

Day 10. Mochima National Park

After breakfast at the guest house, we will explore the mountains and beaches of the Mochima National Park. We will do a short dolphins observation tour and relax at the Playa Blanca beach. Overnight in a local guesthouse. B/-/- 

Day 11. Departure 

Breakfast at the guest house and transfer to Caracas for departure. B/-/-

Optional extension of the tour:

Day 12. Isla Margarita

After breakfast, we take a ferry to Isla Margarita. Upon arrival, we will check-in at our local guesthouse in  Playa El Yaque. After that, everyone will have free time for optional experiences like snorkelling, kayaking or more. B/-/-

Day 13. Isla Margarita

Free time to relax and explore the region on your own. Flight back to Caracas late in the afternoon. End of services. B/-/-

Practical information:

♦ Only flights from Mexico, Dominican Republic, Turkey and Panama are permitted. You can contact us if you need assistance with booking your flight. All arrivals to Venezuela must present a negative PCR test result, no older than 48 hours before departure, and may be subject to additional testing upon arrival.(as of 05/10/2021)

♦ You must have a negative  PCR test  (done maximum 48 hours before your flight to Canaima National Park) issued by a laboratory with Venezuelan license. You will probably need to take a test with local authorities right after your arrival to Venezuela (around 50 EUR per person).

♦ Food and gifts for locals: Since we will stop in local houses in Orinoco Delta and Turimiquire, we will give food as donations. Probably $15 per person is enough, feel free to give more if you like. If you want to donate medicines for Diarrhea, fever, or cough, that would be most welcome. Clothes that you don't use and still look in good condition, even better if they are for kids.

Price Includes:
domestic flights and all transport according to the itinerary
English speaking tour guide throughout the trip
10 overnights (3 nights in shelter camps in Canaima NP (bed or hammock),2 nights in a rustic wooden lodge in bedrooms with mosquito nets and private bathroom in Orinoco delta,5 nights in local standard posadas (guest houses) or hotels with private bathrooms)
all meals according to the itinerary
entrance fees
group airport transfers
tour-leader from Penguin Travel at min. 8 people

Not Included:
international flight tickets
meals not mentioned
optional trips and activities
National Park fee in Canaima: around 18 EUR
personal expenses
food and gifts for locals: around 13 EUR (check the description above)

Additional Services:
Extension of the tour to Isla Margarita: 80 EUR per person
additional nights prior/after the trip: on request
helicopter tour in Angel Falls (1-2hours approximately): 475 EUR (with a minimum of 4 passengers on board),payable only cash on the spot


Venezuela - Angel Falls & Orinoco Delta (Rated 4.66 / 5 Based on 353 Reviews.)
1680 EUR
11 Days
Single Supplement
110 EUR
Open for booking

Currency fluctuations might cause correction of price at any time.

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