Vitosha - Rila MTB Adventure

Vitosha - Rila MTB Adventure 550 , 8 Days

Have you ever thought of going above 2000m with a bike or you have done it and want to do it again?

This tour is specially designed for the am/xc mountain bikers who love biking in pristine alpine landscapes including crystal clear glacier lakes, wild rivers, waterfalls, big glacier valleys, high alpine peaks and meadows with abundant wildlife. Surrounded by the alpine beauties and positive energy of the mountains every uphill and harder stage seems easier and pleasant and fills you with strength and desire to bike and see more and more. The biking in the highest mountain in Bulgaria includes the historic Kayser’s way made in the beginning of 20C by the Bulgarian Tzar Ferdinand to show Rila Mountains beauties to the Austrian Kayser. You will bike down to the lowest southern parts of the mountain and visit typical villages of the region. You will also see the Brown Bear sanctuary in Belitsa, where dancing bears used by the gypsies in the past are rehabilitated and brought back to normal life. At the end you will have the option to choose either to finish the tour with a pleasant downhill ride of 1300 vertical meters from Bezbog lake to Dobrinishte village or take a rest and do a cultural trip to the biggest and most famous monastery in Bulgaria – Rila monastery.
Tour highlights:

♦ Biking in the highest mountains on the Balkans - Rila Mountains
Rila National park and 3 natural reserves
Natural park Vitosha and its highest peak Cherni vrah (2290m)
♦ The historic high altitude Kayser’s way made in the beginning of 20th C
♦ The old churches in the small mountain village of Dobarsko
The Bear rehabilitation park in Belitsa
♦ The biggest and most famous monastery in Bulgaria – Rila Monastery

Day 1. Arrival
Meeting at Sofia airport and transfer to our hotel for overnight.

Day 2. Sofia – Aleko Mountain Base – Yarlovo - Govedartsi
Short transfer to Aleko hut in Vitosha Mountains. Biking in the alpine parts above the tree line to Cherni Vryh Peak (2290m a.s.l.), the highest in Vitosha Mountains. Downhill ride along beautiful meadows to Yarlovo village. Transfer to the village of Govedartsi in Rila Mountains. (28 km; highest elevation: 2290m; uphill biking: 400m; downhill biking: 1200m)

Day 3. Borovets - Kayser’s way - Chakar Voivoda hut - Zavratchica hut
30min drive brings us to Borovets ski resort. The biking starts on a dirt road along the famous Kayser’s way via the rock formation Wolf’s stone, Chakar Voivoda hut, Sara Giol palace and further upstream along Prava Maritsa River to Zavratchica hut at 2200m where we stay overnight. (20 km; highest elevation: 2200m; uphill biking: 800m; downhill biking: 100m)

Day 4. Kayser’s way - Granchar lakes - Treshtenik
Today we continue biking on the Kayser’s way surrounded by stunning alpine peaks and meadows. The road climbs at 2450m and goes down to Granchar hut (2200m) situated in the Granchar circuss with 3 glacier lakes. We continue downhill on a macadam road and asphalt road to Treshtenik area for overnight. (18 km; highest elevation: 2450m; uphill biking: 500m; downhill biking: 800m)

Day 5. Semkovo resort
Nice dirt road will lead us from Treshtenik in direction to Semkovo resort. We bike in forests at around 1800m and pass through Toritsa, Solishteto and Vranchevo areas. Afternoon loop ride in the region. Overnight in Semkovo. (25km; highest elevation: 1850m; uphill biking: 800; downhill biking: 800m)

Day 6. Dobarsko - Belitsa town
Biking today takes us to Belitsa town via the picturesque village of Dobarsko. The route passes near Belitsa river and Dobarsko hut and continues downhill to the small village of Dobarsko. After a rest and visit of the two old churches we hit the dirt road and after several ascents and descents we reach Belitsa town . Here we continue with a ride to the dancing bears rehabilitation park. Accommodation in Belitsa town.(25 km; highest elevation: 1700m; uphill biking: 300m; downhill biking: 850m)
Day 7. Rila Monastery/Bezbog lake area-Sofia
Today you can choose either to have a relax day with a visit of Rila monastery and short hikes in the region or do a ride in Pirin mountains (lift chair to 2200m and downhill ride or loop ride at lower altitude). We end up in Sofia, where some time at leisure may be spent in the late afternoon hours for sightseeing, shopping etc.

Day 8. Departure
Transfer to Sofia airport for departure
Included in the price: ► accommodation and boarding in guesthouses (day 1,7) and 3 star family-run hotels with en-suite facilities (days 2, 4, 5, 6); dorm (twin rooms if available) in a mountain hut with shared facilities (day 3) ►7 breakfasts and  5 dinners (days 2-6) English-speaking guide► driver with a supporting vehicle► all transfers  ► luggage transport

Not included:  ► Bike Rental  ► entrance fees ► alchoholic drinks ► other personal expenses ►helmet: 5 EUR per person per week

Other expences: single supplement: ► 80 euro 

Good to know:

♦Information about the tour: There is a guide riding together with the group. The unnecessary luggage stays in the supporting vehicle, which makes the transfers. For the overnight stay in the hut (day 3) bikers should allow clothing for 2 days and carry it in a daypack during the rides on days 3 and 4.
♦Bikes: Hardtail performance mountain bike “RAM” HT1/HT2 and Drag 27.5 Hardy COMP with 24 gears, 80mm front suspension fork and Sram components. 
♦Terrain: this is a true enduro mountain bike trip and we bike on all kinds of terrain: forests paths and dirt roads, alpine single tracks and macadam roads on rocky terrain, meadow paths and dirt roads and more. Uphill sections are moderate to hard (with some sections that may require pushing of the bikes)
♦ Extension at the Black Sea coast - relax at the seaside - more information upon request

How to get there: For low-cost flights to Bulgaria please check: Wizz Air -; Easy Jet -; Germanwings -; Penguin Travel –; Norwegian Air Shuttle -, ; Airberlin -; Ryan Air -

We recommend trip in the period: July - October

Necessary equipment: We strongly recommend you to bring a helmet or use one of ours, cycling gloves and light knee pads (for the downhill sections). Comfortable backpackwith camelback for the rides. For the full list of reccomended items please see "General" in our trip dossier


Vitosha - Rila MTB Adventure (Rated 4.95 / 5 Based on 239 Reviews.)
550 EUR
8 Days
Open for booking

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Difficult/Challenging. For experienced mountain bikers.

Group Size
min. 4 pax
Reservation System Code
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