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Horseriding Adventure in Kyrgyzstan

Horseriding Adventure in Kyrgyzstan 1045 , 11 Days
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Experience the nomad life and spend 11 days horseriding in Kyrgyzstan -  the land of unspoiled nature, crystal-clear mountain lakes and uniqe culture in which horseriding has played a central role for centuries. You will cross spectacular mountain passes, swim in some of the biggest alpine lakes in the world, sleep in traditional yurts and enjoy the prominent hospitality of the locals.


♦ Issykkul lake - the biggest and one of the most beautiful alpine lakes in Kyrgyzstan
♦ The unspoiled nature of Juuku valley
Skazka Canyon - with its unique rocks of many different shapes and colours
Song-Kul Lake - a large alpine lake in the Tian Shan mountain range
♦ The centuries-old tradition of eagle-hunting


Day 1. Arrival 

Arrival in Bishkek and check-in at the hotel.

Day 2. Bishkek – Issykkul - Karakol City.

In the morning we meet our guide and head out to Issykkul lake. On the way we will stop to visit Burana Tower, we will also make short stops for coffee and lunch at local restaurants. Drive by the north shore of the lake and stop for a swim in Issykkul lake. Evening arrival to Karakol, check-in in the guest house and dinner in local restaurant. 

Day 3. Suttu Bulak

Today we start the day with a visit to the Russian Church and Dungan mosque on our way to Suttu Bulak valley. We will have an expedition to the red big canyons. Visit to Suttu Bulak pasture (Milky Spring valley) and meeting with a lot of nomads in the mountains. We will climb up to 2800m alt. and get fantastic views of the lake and the high snow- covered tops. We will ride around the red rocks of Jety Oguz and other canyons and spend the night in traditional yurts. 4h riding/ yurt camp (3-4 beds in a yurt, sauna)

Day 4. Kychy Kyzyl Suu

Horseriding expedition to the green meadows of Kyzyl Suu valley. Today we will gallop on green lands, cross alpine forests and rivers and test local foods in the yurts. Crossing the pass at 2740m alt, we will reach Kychy Kyzyl Suu, have dinner around the camp fire and spend the night camping. 6-7h riding/ camp (2 pax in a tent)

Day 5. Jukuchak

Today we will ride along the valley and cross the pass Jumatay at 3400m alt. For lunch we will have picnic in nature and then continue to Jukuchak, here we will have dinner and enjoy the hot springs, where water reaches 45°C. 6-7h riding/ camp (2 pax in a tent)

Day 6. Juuku Valley

To reach our next  stop - Juuku Valley, we will cross a small pass, ride up to the foot of the mountains and meet a lot of local nomads on the way. We will have a picnic in the nature and for the evening you can fish trouts in the river. 6-7h riding/ camp (2 pax in a tent)

Day 7. Arabel Surt

Today we will climb to Juuku pass at 3700m alt. On the way we will see the beautiful mountain lake Jashul Kol and then reach the famous highland plateau Arabel Surt and the Kumtor gold mine. We continue driving to Tamga village near the Barskoon gorge, where we will spend the night in a guest house. 6-7h riding/ guest house (2-3 beds in a room, private shower)

 Day 8. Expedition to the south shore of Son Kul Lake

We will start the day with a short hike in the Skazka canyons before reaching the wild beaches of the lake where we can swim and have a rest. We will have the chance to meet the traditional eagle hunters and withness a demonstration of the hunt. Lunch in local family and continuing to Kochkor town, where we will visit a handy craft center. The drive continues to Son Kul lake, crossing the Kalmak Ashuu pass at 3420m alt. and enjoying the beautiful landscape of steppe mountains and meadows with yaks. 270km/ yurt camp(3-4 beds in yurt)

 Day 9. Kyzyl Oy

In the morning we can ride and walk around the lake, have lunch in the yurts and drive to Chaek town via Kara Keche pass at 3230m alt, seeing many colorful hills on the way. Arrival to Kyzyl Oy village and check in to guest house and have dinner with a local family. 220km/ guest house(3-4 beds in a room, shared shower)

Day 10. Suusamyr - Bishkek 

Today we are heading back to Bishkek, on the way visiting the musel of local hero Kojomkul and passing the Too Ashuu pass at 3500ma lt. Arrival to Bishkek and lunch in local restaurant. City tour, visit to Osh Bazaar, souvenir shops and evening walking in the center. Last dinner with the local team. Overnight in a hotel

Day 11. Departure

Transfer to the airport for departure.

Price Includes:
transfers from/to airport
4X4 car for the luggage during the riding
guide translator
equestrian guides
accommodation according itinerary
all meals according itinerary
admission to the museums
tents and kitchen equipments

Not Included:
travel insurance
international air ticket and airport taxes
alcohol,additional services not mentioned in the program
sleaping bags
horses in Son Kul Lake


Horseriding Adventure in Kyrgyzstan (Rated 4.81 / 5 Based on 41 Reviews.)
1045 EUR
11 Days
Single Supplement
195 EUR
Open for booking
Singe accommodation not possible in yurts
1045 EUR
11 Days
Single Supplement
195 EUR
Open for booking
Singe accommodation not possible in yurts

Currency fluctuations might cause correction of price at any time.

No special experience is needed; everyone who is in condition to cope with long Saturday walks in the forest can also cope with these tours. As a rule, the trips are short and at a low altitude. Often, it is your choice to join or skip a day-tour. The routes follow a hilly terrain without steep ascents and descents. Normally we walk 3/5h a day.

Most of you, who are used to walking/cycling during a long weekend, will be in condition to cope with a tour of this level. You should be in a good health condition. We have successive days of longer and more difficult walking and days of lighter walking/cycling. Some parts of the day routes are done at a higher altitude. The paths are in good condition. We walk/cycle for 5/7h a day.

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