4 Day Ride in Teteven Balkan with Guaranteed Departures

4 Day Ride in Teteven Balkan with Guaranteed Departures

Panorama views, century-old beech forests, hidden meadows and rippling brooks - these are the trademarks of Teteven Balkan - one of the most picturesque part of the Balkan range, just one hour drive from Sofia! On the way back before returning to Sofia we visit Sueva Dupka Cave and an optional tour to Etropole Monastery can be arranged after the ride on day 3. This ride offers unique opportunity to get acquainted with the genuine rural life of the Balkan villages Golyam Izvor, Lopian, Brusen and Cherni Vit. The riding is a bit slower due to the mountainous terrain but still with some canters and so you do need to be competent at walk, trot and canter.

The Glozhene Monastery „St. George“ - founded in XIII century, it is situated on an extremely scenic place, perched on high cliffs from where a spectacular view is revealed. Vasil Levski - the Apostle of Freedom - found refuge in it in Turkish times.
Etropole Monastery (optional) - the monastery was founded in the XII century. It declined after the conquest by the Turks but at the end of XVI century it was restored and became one of the most important spiritual centers in Bulgaria. The surrounding area of the monastery offers pleasant pastoral scenery and in immediate proximity to the monastery the Varovitets waterfall is located.
Saeva Dupka cave - one of the most beautiful Bulgarian caves. It is 205 meters long and over one million year old. Its five halls and numerous galleries are full of bizarre cave formations. It is illuminated and urbanized.


Day 1. Golyam Izvor
We leave Sofia and after an hour drive we reach our riding base Krivina in the village of Golyam Izvor, where we meet our horses. Our first ride is in the vicinity of Golyam Izvor. Overnight in a guest house. -/L/D
3 hours riding

Day 2. Golyam Izvor - Glozene Monastery-Golyam Izvor
The road passes through meadows and mixed forest. We will ascend the heights above the village where we will see the first beautiful view of the central ridge of Stara Planina and the town of Teteven surrounded by rocky peaks. Then, we will descend through an ancient beech forest at the end of which Glozhene Monastery is located. Perched on a high rock, it reveals an even more spacious view of the Danube plain. B/L/D
4-5 hours riding

Day 3. Golyam Izvor - Brusen - Lopian
The route starts with a dirt road along one of the ridges in the region, passing through Brusen village. Then we head off Southwest to the village of Lopian where we have late lunch and stay for overnight. An optional tour to Etropole Monastery and the waterfall near it (30 min drive). B/L/D
5-6 hours riding

Day 4. Lopian - Cherni Vit - Sofia
The trail again passes through mixed forests, but this time - uphill. We will then ride along unwooded ridge, after that we will descend to the village of Cherni Vit. In the afternoon we visit Saeva Dupka cave which is known for its beautiful formations and then continue back to Sofia. B/L/-
5-6 hours riding

Tack: Western and English. We provide saddle bags.
Level: Mostly for intermediate riders. This ride can also be customized on other than the guaranteed dates for novices or advanced riders.
Weight limit: 100 kg
Group size: Max. 7 riders

Price Includes:
transport from/to Sofia
3 nights in guesthouses
2 rooms sharing shower/toilet
meal plan as per itinerary B=breakfast; L=lunch; D=dinner
saddled horses
transport of luggage
English speaking guide
local guide

Not Included:
personal expenses
drinks and meals not mentioned in the program


4 Day Ride in Teteven Balkan with Guaranteed Departures (Rated 4.74 / 5 Based on 373 Reviews.)
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