Horseriding in Montenegro

Horseriding in Montenegro

Discover the pristine nature and enjoy the charms of Montenegro on the back of a horse. Montenegro is a pocket-size country famous for its splendid nature. On its small territory you will find 5 national parks, numerous lakes and river flows, various mountain ranges. Most people, who have visited it, claim that this is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, especially for horseback riding tours. Our 8-day tour (6 days of riding) gives you the oportunity to explore the most attractive locations in Montenegro - National Parks Biogradska Gora and Durmitor as well as Sinjavina mountain.

Biogradska Gora National Park - proclaimed a National Park in 1952 Biogradska Gora is considered to be the last virgin forest reserve in Europe. The reserve offers a mild mountain terrain covered with mounatain slopes and glacial lakes, making it a great horseriding area.
Sinjavina mountain - 40 km long and 15 km wide, the Sinjajevina massif is famous for its carstic fields and beautiful grassy slopes.
Durmitor National Park - a breathtaking national park formed by glaciers and traversed by rivers and underground streams. Along the Tara river, the dense pine forests are interspersed with clear lakes and harbour a wide range of endemic flora.
Tara River Canyon - with its depth of 1300m, the Tara canyon is the biggest in Europe and 2nd world biggest canyon after Colorado).


Day 1. Arrival
Arrival at Podgorica and transfer to the northern part of Montenegro, the town of Kolasin located at an altitude of 960m. The ride trough Platije Canyon will centainly be the interesting one. On the way we visit the Moraca monastery (built in 1252 –one of the most monumental medieval memorials in Montenegro). Upon arrival we meet the horses and have orientation briefing during dinner, tasting montenegrin traditional cuisine. Overnight near Kolasin - Bjeli Potok Cabins

Day 2. Kolasin - Eco katun Vranjak
After breakfast we prepare horses and start riding along the stream and woods to Izlazak, viewpoit of Kolasin. The ride goes near Cirilovac monastery up to Kljuc peak and Kapela, and than across Bjelasica meadows to eco katun Vranjak ( small complex of eco huts located on a summer pasture) where we stay for overnight. During dinner we will have a chance to taste some local traditional meals and on the following morning we can enjoy some great views at Prokletije, Maganik and Sinjajevina.

Day 3. Riding in Biogradska Gora National Park
Today we ride through the Biogradska Gora National Park. From Vranjak we ride near Zekova Glava peak and Pesica lake, than we will visit Ursulovacko, Sevarine & Sisko lake. Ride continues to Svatovsko groblje, spring of Biogradska river, Ogorela Glava and ends at katun Goleš where we stay for overnight.

Day 4. Goleš katun - Potrk katun
From Goleš katun we ride trough village of Moračko Trebaljevo, and than we go across Tara river (when the water level is small we can also ride acros the water) to Markovo Brdo and reach Sinjavina mountain. Sinjavina view points will show us different scenery, including Lipovo valley and we finish our ride for today at Potrk katun where we stay for overnight at a local house, having a wellcome drink and diner.

Day 5. Sinjavina platoes - Zabojsko lake
After morning a ride to Savina Voda lake we ride up hills to Sinjavina platoes, near Ruzica church and continue across Sinjavina to Zabojsko lake where we can spend some time to relax and enjoy the untouched nature. After lunch and rest we will ride to Gomile katun where we will overnignt –camping or night at the house with locals (by your choice).

Day 6. Riding in Durmitor National Park
After breakfast we ride across the Sinjavina meadows, trough local villages of Saranci where we have lunch at local people, and continue to Durmitor mountain (ride along Tara river canyon, listed in UNESCO World Heritage), Zminjicko lake, Njegovudja and afterwards to Zabljak, where we stay at 3* hotel.

Day 7. Rafting on the Tara river
After a morning ride across Durmitor meadows to Riblje lake (about 3h ride) we have lunch at Ostojic family farm after which a short drive (about 30 min) takes us to the rafting starting point at Tara canyon. We go for a slow 2,5h raft passing through the Durmitor Park and the Tara River Canyon. During the raft we see the Ljutica River, the strongest spring in Europe, the Bridge on Djurdjevica Tara, green whirlpools and Zugica luka which also marks the end of the tour. After the rafting, the is an optional oportunity to fly on a Zip line across a canyon near Djurdjevica tara bridge. Tranfer to Kolasin where we stay for overnight again at Bijeli Potok cabins.

Day 8. Departure
Depending on the scheduled flight time it is possible to organize a visit of Virpazar & Skadar lake. Transfer to airport.

Practical information: ►The daily ride is about 5-7 hours, the pace: walk and in certain parts - gallop ►As the tour takes place in in mountain ranges, riding experience is required. It is suitable to medium / experienced riders and in good psycho-physical condition.Min. age of the participants is 12 years

Horses: domestic/local, mountain Balkan horses. They are medium size, calm, and they are skilled and used to mountain terrain. The maximum weight limit of the riders is 100 kg ►Saddles: Western type ►Extension at the coast can be arranged ► As nights at mountains can be chilly, it is good to bring warm clothes ► Individual insurance is mandatory. 

Recommended travel period of the year: May - October
Nessesary equipment: Bring your own helmet

Price Includes:
accommodation as written in program
food and drinks
English speaking riding guide
saddled horses
logistics,rafting on day 7
taxes and entrances for the national park areas

Not Included:
flight tickets
drinks and meals not mentioned in the program
personal expenses

Additional Services:
Single room supplement: EUR 125 (guaranteed 4 nights)


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