Trekking in the Albanian Alps

Trekking in the Albanian Alps
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How many are the mountains of the Balkan Peninsula? Many! But one of them stands out against the others, reasonably named after the European symbol – The Alps. These are the Albanian Alps. Jagged rocky peaks, in whose foothills rivers cut through vast pastures. And if they still have not become a hit among the mountaineers, it is because Albania itself recently opened its mountains for international tourism. Therefore, the Albanian Alps are still wild and beautiful in their primitiveness.
The trek we offer includes the most scenic routes of the mountains. But that's not all. The tour offers more beautiful scenery - Koman lake and sailing along the canyon of Drina river, as well as cultural sights as the historical town of Kruja and the old Sufi sanctuary.

Tour Highlights
♦ The Albanian Alps
♦ Kruja town and Kruja castle
♦ Bectasci Teqe - Sufi Dervishes Sanctuary located at 1900 m a.s.l.
♦ Thethi is the best-preserved alpine village in Albania.



Day 1 - Kruja
Arrival at Tirana airport and transfer (30 min / 25 km) to the town of Kruja. Check in at hotel and free time for sightseeing. Main sights are the Kruja castle, the Skanderbeg Museum and Kruja Bazar where many souvenir, antique shops, traditional costume knittings and carpet workshops are located. At the evening we meet the guide and have dinner in a traditional restaurant. 

Overnight: 3 star hotel Kruja
Dinner: traditional restaurant

Transfer information:
Distance: 22 km
Duration: 45 min
Day 2. The holy mountain of Sarisalltik
Today we will hike up the holy mountain of Sarisalltik and visit the Bectasci Teqe (Sufi Dervishes Sanctuary) located at 1900 m a.s.l. After the decent, we continue with a transfer heading north in the direction of Shkodra (100 km). At the entrance of the largest city of Northern Albania, we stop for a visit of Razafa Castle, Shkodra's impressive historical sight offers great view of Shkodra Lake and the surrounding mountains.
Overnight: 2/3 star hotel in Shkodra
Dinner: Traditional restaurant

Hike information:
Gradient: .600m ; – 600m
Distance: 2.5 km
Duration: 3 hrs

Transfer information:
Distance: 85 km
Duration: 1:30 min

Day 3. The lake of Koman and the canyon of Drin
Early morning transfer to Koman Lake, from where we take the ferry for a stunning journey through the canyon of Drin river. The boat trip to Fierzë passes through series of deep gorges and interconnected lakes. Then we continue with a transfer along the picturesque valley of Valbona to Dunishë, where we stay for overnight.
Overnight: Village house in Valbona,
Dinner: home-cooked meal.

Transfer information:
Distance: 82 km
Duration: 6 hrs
Car transfer: Shkodër – Koman (42 km); Koman-Fierzë (2,5 h ferry), Fierzë – Quku i Dunishës: 40km

Day 4 - Qafa e Rosit
We start hiking in the direction of Kukai village (900 m a.s.l.). From there following a shepherd’s path through the remote landscapes of the eastern Albanian Alps we reach Qafa e Rosit (2000 m a.s.l). The path climbs gradually through vast green pastures, offering gorgeous views to The White Circle - Jezerca Mountain and Rrethi i Bardhë. At the end of the day we reach Rogam village, where we stay for overnight.
Overnight: Mountain hotel Rrogam or guesthouse
Dinner: Traditional dinner

Hike information:
Gradient: 1100m ; – 950m
Distance:18.7 km
Duration: 7-8 hrs

Day 5 - The Pass of Valbona
In the morning we  hike to the renowned pass of the Albanian Alps (Valbona 1966 m a.s.l.), connecting the valleys of Valbona and Theti for centuries. The local people use the pass from late spring until the first snow. Several springs along the route will make our stops refreshing, while we enjoy the surrounding views of Jezerca, Radohima and other jagged peaks. From Valbona pass we continue with a descent towards the village of Thethi (800m a.s.l), where we stay overnight. Thethi, with its authentic houses still roofed with wooden tiles is probably the best-preserved alpine village in Albania. Mules will carry our luggage throughout the whole trek.
Overnight: Gueshouse in Thethi
Dinner: meal prepared by a local family

Hike information:
Gradient: 1150m ; – 900m
Distance: 14 km
Duration: 6 hrs

Day 6 - Thethi's attractions
Today we explore the picturesque surroundings of Theti, visiting the church, the Kulla e Ngujimit (a tower, where in the past men who were targeted have been seeking refuge), the Theti Waterfall, Grunasi Canyon and the cyclopean stone walled terraces dating back from the late bronze era. Overnight in authentic local house. 
Overnight: Gueshouse in Thethi
Dinner: meal prepared by a local family

Hike information:
Gradient: 200m ; – 200m
Distance: 11 km
Duration: 5 hrs

Day 7 - Tirana
After breakfast we leave Thethi heading in the direction of Boga village. Today we walk along another classic route of the Albanian Alps – “Shtegu i Dheneve” (The Path of the sheep). From a mountain pass, offering stunning views to Bjeshket e Namuna - The Accursed Mountains, starts the descent to Boga village (900 m a.s.l.), where we have lunch surrounded by  dramatic rocky peaks raising up above 2000 m. Afterwards we head towards Shkodra along the Boga valley and than to Tirana, where we stay overnight (120 km).
Overnight: 3 star hotel Tirana
Dinner: restaurant

Hike information:
Gradient: 900m ; – 1100m
Distance: 17 km
Duration: 6-7 hrs

Transfer information:
Distance: 150 km
Duration: 3 hrs

Day 8 - Tirana
Free time for sightseeing and shopping. Main attractions of the capital are the Italian buildings, The Mosque of Ethem Bej, the National Museum of History, the local markets, etc. Departure. 

Good to know: we can organize (upon a request but without any promise) the tour even with less participants. I such a case applies an additional supplement (per person). Please, contact us for more inormation and prices.

We recommend trip in the period: May - October

Price Includes:
3 nights in standart hotels
4 nights in family-run guesthouses
breakfasts every day except day 1
4 picnic lunches and 7 dinners
all transfers as per itinerary
English-speaking guide
Luggage transportation by horses on day 5

Not Included:
flight tickets
maps and entrance fees
alcohol drinks
meals not mentioned in the program and other personal expenses.

Additional Services:
Single room supplement (only for hotels): +60EUR Supplement for small groups (2-3 tourists): 1075 EUR p.p.


Trekking in the Albanian Alps (Rated 4.87 / 5 Based on 272 Reviews.)

These tours include trekking which is a little harder, normally on a challenging terrain. We take it for granted that you are in good condition and fit. You should be physically prepared at home to get the maximum of the tour. Most of the trekking is done at a greater height (max 3000m).

Tours of this level demand that you be really in good shape. The paths are not always in the best condition and the marking can be scarce. There are day-treks with big ascents and descents. Changing weather conditions /even in midsummer/ play an important role when trekking/cycling at a very high altitude and may cause changes of the preliminary route. This is to be decided by the mountain guide on the spot. Normally, the treks are 6/8h per day, but some can be longer. Preliminary hiking experience is an advantage, but not necessary if you are really in a good shape. Note that during some of the days, you should personally carry your baggage, which is naturally an additional difficulty. No rock/ice climbing experience is needed.

Group Size
min. 2 persons
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