Glimpse of Cameroon and Central African Republic

Glimpse of Cameroon and Central African Republic 1880 , 11 Days

A landlocked country in Central Africa, the Central African Republic is little known and little explored. It rubs shoulders with neighbours including Chad, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo and is not a destination for the fainthearted. The Central African Republic has a troubled history, having suffered under colonisation and then at the hands of its own leaders, however the people here are open and friendly and keen to show adventurous travellers all that their country has to offer away from the capital and the headline. We take a road trip across Cameroon and then fly to Central African Republic where we will meet pygmies and have the chance to see the capital Bangui, the wooden houses of Zinga on Oubangui River.


Day 1. Arrive Yaoundé in Cameroon.
Arrival in Yaoundé and met at the airport by our driver to transfer you to your accommodation.

Day 2. Yaounde
After breakfast city tour including the Reunification monument and the National museum. The museum housed the first presidency after the independence in 1960. After lunch we proceed to Mount Febe hill for the scenic view of Yaounde the city of 7 hills. Back to our hotel for overnight.

Day 3. Yaoundé – Bafoussam - Koutaba
Today we start early morning driving towards the west region of Cameroon which we will reach after 5-6 hours. The West region is the most populated in Cameroon and also the bread basket of the country. We visit the royal palace of Bandjoun and its museum. After the palace we continue passing through Bafoussam town to Bamougoum to see the Metchie waterfalls. Before reaching our final destination for the day Koutaba we visit the crater lake close to Baleng village.

Day 4. Koutaba - Foumban - Koutaba
One day trip to Foumban famous for its palace, home of the king dynasties of the Tikar tribes. We visit the newly built historical museum we in the form of a two head snake with the spider on top, which is the symbol of the Bamoun people. Back to Koutaba for overnight,

Day 5. Koutaba - Bafoussam - Ekom Nkam - Douala
Early morning we drive close to touristic site of mount mbapit where we will park our vehicle and hike to the top of the mount mbapit, where we will enjoy beautiful scenery and also see the beautiful crater in this location. From there we drive back to Douala, on our way we will stop at ekom-nkam waterfalls about 13km from the main road.

Day 6. Douala - Kribi
We drive through the “Moungo corridors” (the most fertile lands of volcanic soils in the country), where we will see large plantations of banana, rubber, pineapple. A pirogue trip in Lobe river will take us to a Pygmy village. We spend some time with the local community and the pygmies, the people of the forest, who live by hunting and gathering. Return to Kribi for overnight

Day 7. Kribi - Douala - Bangui (Central African Republic)
Transfer back to Douala airport to catch the afternoon flight to Bangui. Hotel in Bangui

Day 8. Bangui - Boali Waterfall - Bangui
Drive to Boali waterfalls (70 km). Against an impressive backdrop of virgin forest, the M'bari river pours down from over 60 m high and is 300 m wide. We can go down along the falls, taking the steps hollowed into the rock. A steep path then takes us to the lake below. Bathing is not recommended in the lake as it is swarming with crocodiles. Back to Bangui, city tour in the afternoon including the Republic Square and the cathedral in rue des Missions.

Day 9. Bangui - Baka to Loko pygmy village - Bangui
A long day! We start early in the morning the trip to Baka to Loko village taking about 4-5 hours (140 km). The Baka people, known in the Congo as Bayaka (Bebayaka, Bebayaga, Bibaya), are an ethnic group inhabiting the southeastern rain forests of Cameroon, northern Republic of the Congo, northern Gabon, and southwestern Central African Republic. The Baka live mainly from hunting, gathering and fishing.We stay in the village for a couple of hours before returning back to Bangui.

Day 10. Bangui - Zinga - Bangui
After breakfast we head to the port taking a pirogue down the Oubangui river to Zinga. The trip takes about four hours. The town Zinga stretches roughly one km long and 300 m wide. It is known for its wooden buildings and as a ferry port, from which boats sail to Bangui and Brazzaville. The town's French colonial history is exemplified by the remnants of a 6 km long train that was built in the 1920s, connecting Zinga and Mongo. It was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative list. Drive back to Bangui (130 km)

Day 11. Departure
Trasfer to airport for departure.

Price Includes:
10 nights in standard hotels
transportation as per program incl. transfer from/to the airport
English speaking guide
Penguin tour leader at min. 8 p.

Not Included:
international flights
flight ticket Douala - Bangui
drinks and meals not mentioned in the program
entrance fees
tips and personal expenses
optional tours


Glimpse of Cameroon and Central African Republic (Rated 4.97 / 5 Based on 128 Reviews.)
1880 EUR
11 Days
Single Supplement
250 EUR
Open for booking

Currency fluctuations might cause correction of price at any time.

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