Northern Palawan Cruise (Philippines)

Northern Palawan Cruise (Philippines)
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Beautiful islands, spectacular coral reefs and diverse marine life, which can be enjoyed by both divers and non-divers.

Nothing defines Palawan more than the water around it. With seascapes the equal of any in Southeast Asia, and wildlife terrestrial and aquatic, the Philippines’ most sparsely populated region is also the most enticing. Diving and island-hopping snorkelling trips in this part of the world manage to captivate both those seeking adventure and those wanting to relax


Day 1 Batangas

Departure from Batangas International Port. Embarkation time is between 14 - 16 h. Boat Briefing and dinner

Day 2.  Apo Reef (3 dives)

Divers: Apo Reef is regarded as one of the world's best diving locations. We will make a total of 3 dives today, 2
day dives and a night dive for those qualified. You can look forward to some spectacular dives with
visibility of up to 40m or better. The reef begins at five meters depth, descending to approximately 40 m.
The first dive will be a check out dive where you will be asked to demonstrate the 3 basic skills, mask
clearing, regulator recovery and buoyancy control.

Non-divers: After Breakfast we will leave the ship for a full day on “Apo mayor- the biggest island in the
park. The island is surrounded by a white sand beach, clear blue waters and very rich reefs of both hard
and soft coral.There is an inland lagoon to visit as well as a lighthouse to climb. Some of the best
snorkeling can be found here. For lunch we have a beautiful area with picnic tables shaded by leafy trees.

Day 3. Barracuda Lake - Siete Pecados (7 Islands) - Maquinit Hot Spring - Kayangan Lake

Divers: 2 morning dives in Siete Pecados and Twin Peaks and 1 dive at the Barracuda lake

1) Twin Peaks is named after the two limestone formations that break the surface of the water. We descend along one of the rock walls adorned with large gorgonians. Turtles are frequently seen here.
This dive is suitable for Advanced Open Water certified divers or higher.

2) Siete Pecados is home to a great variety of unusual tropical fish and a very rich coral environment. Scientists found 2 new coral species here within the last 5 years . This dive is suitable for Advanced Open Water certified divers or higher.

3) Barracuda Lake - a unique and highly unusual dive site. It is a deep, volcanic in-land lake where the water temperature increases with depth - roughly 1ºC per metre. The water is clear, but aside from some small c fish in the shallower parts, the lake is devoid of aquatic life.
Divers come to appreciate the underwater pinnacles.However, an ancient old barracuda reportedly lives in the lake, hence the name. The lake is accessible through a short climb over stairs placed over jagged rocks.

Non-divers will visit award winning Kayangan Lake after breakfast . Snorkel along the edges of the lake to see what the pinnacles look like underwater. Some guests have compared it to the home of Superman. We return to the ship for lunch and then will have a snorkeling expedition at Siete Pecados. Transfer to the ship to freshen up and then transfer to Maquinit hot springs for dinner and a hot soak.

Day 4. Sangat Island - Culion

Divers will be diving 3 wrecks today. Irako will be the destination for their first early morning dive. After a heavy breakfast, divers will depart for 2 dives with a packed lunch. Sangat or Tangat Wreck and the Olympia Maru are their 2nd & 3rd dives. Divers will meet up with the ship in Culion Island after the 3rd dive. Night Dive at Dynamite Point is available for those qualified.

Non-divers will depart for the beach on Sangat island for some snorkeling and beach fun. After lunch on the ship, they will depart for Culion and there will be a Church and Museum Tour. Culion used to be the home of one of the largest Leper Colonies in the Philippines and the laboratory and hospital equipment are now on display as well as historical photographs of the colony.

Day 5. Calumbuyan & North Cay Islands

Divers: The Akitsushima is the one true warship of the Japanese Fleet that we will be visiting today. A Sea Plane tender, the crane lies in the sand not far from the hull, while an Anti Aircraft gun can be found right next to the deck lying on the sandy sea floor. Around the wreck is one of the few areas where divers can see Sea-whips in the shape of a harp. The second dive of the day will be at the freighter "Taiei Maru". The ship now rests on the side. It was hit by three torpedoes that all went through the same hole. The gigantic hole is now visible at 14 metres depth. Inside the ship, the two large engine boilers can be seen. The top side of the wreck is completely overgrown with corals, which attract plenty of crocodile fish. The afternoon dive will be at one of Calumbuyans beautiful reefs. Expect to find Coral bommies with colonies of giant sized grape corals. At 6 p.m. it is time for a night dive. We will explore North Cay , where we may see octopuses on the hunt and big moray eels leaving their shelters in search off food.

Non-divers: Guided Snorkeling trips are on the menu today for both Calumbuyan & North Cay islands in addition to the usual beach activities. This is the night for the Philippine Style Luau with a Roast Pig and other grilled seafood. Shoes NOT required for beach dancing.

Day 6. Dibotonai and Talampulan Islands

Upon arriving at Dibotonai, we will cross to Black Island by boat where we will dive at the remains of the 50 m long "Nanshin Maru". It is a civilian tanker converted to carry special fuels in small isolated tanks for replenishment of land-based depots. The wreck rests upright on a sandy bottom at a maximum depth of 32 m. Visibility here is much better than at the other wrecks, 20-25 m or better is common. Near the wreck you can see plenty of scorpion fish, lion fish, groupers, and bat fish. In the afternoon we will make a dive at the northern reef of Dibotonai. If we are lucky, we may encounter the nearly extinct dugong (sea cow), which sometimes comes to graze on the sea grass in the area. A wide variety of crabs, octopuses, surgeon fish and puffer fish inhabit the reef.

Non-divers: Guided Snorkeling and beach activities in the morning and in the afternoon there will be a visit to the nearby fishermens village. Weather permitting there will be a basketball or volleyball game between the guests and crew and some of the villagers. We will bring pencils and crayons as well as small notebooks for the children of the village.

Day 7. Club Paradise, Dimakya Island (2 dives)

Divers: We will be doing 2 morning dives, the first one shall be at Kyokozan Maru (Dimalanta Wreck). A 45 minute ride by chase boat, but divers will be rewarded with a beautiful WWII wreck that stands upright on a slope not far from Dimalanta Island. And finally the last dive of the trip will be at Club paradise house reef. This is a chance to dive with its resident sea turtle and schooling jacks in the sea grass areas, as well as observe the myriad of macro critters such as frog fishes and nudibranchs on the reef itself.

Non-divers: Snorkeling, kayaking and the other beach activities. Guests will have a chance to use the
beaches and facilities of our sister property, Club Paradise. Those who are extending their holiday at
this resort will be disembarked after. The ship will lift anchor for Batangas by 2 pm.

Day 8. Departure
Disembark Batangas International Port at 11 am. 

NB! The price is for non-divers, in double occupancy of the Cabin. For divers package, please see extra services. For single supplement as well. 

Practical information: ►The program and the route are subject to change due to weather and sea conditions. That will be decided on spot by the captain ►Children under 12 cannot be included in the diving programs ►Guests also have the option of booking the Cruise only package and purchasing dives in single dives or package of 6 or 12 dives on spot if available ►There is a limited numbers of divers allowed on the ship: 16. Diving Equipment: Tanks 80 cu and 100 cu, compressors, 3 chaseboats, nitrox available, medical oxygen onboard ►The tour can be extended with some days relaxing at the beach

The ship: “Discovery Palawan” was built in 1972 in Holland as a three-masted schooner that cruised the Caribbean. She was later rebuilt as a navigation training ship then refitted in 2006 with a new and more powerful engine with all modern navigational equipment. She was moved to the Philippines to serve as an adventure cruise ship. In 2013, she was renamed Discovery Palawan and underwent a USD 1.5 million renovation for a fresh, modern look. From October to March, she is open to both divers and non-divers on the Northern Palawan Route. She features: 20 cabins with centralized air conditioning in the lower deck and personal climate control in the upper deck; satellite phone; air conditioned salon / camera room, sundeck, 2 shaded decks: Dining deck & separate Bar deck. Electricity on board: 220 V

Visa: Most European citizens do not require a visa to visit the Philippines for up to 30 days.

Dive and Travel insurance details are required and must be submitted prior departure, otherwise the guest will be denied for boarding.
Divers must present their Certification Card/Log Book for our Dive Professionals to verify.
Each guest must fill out and handwritten sign the guest information sheet provided by DFC.

Price Includes:
Welcome drinks
Tea/Coffee/Juice (morning only)
7 nights air-conditioned accommodation with private toilet and shower
Full board meals (buffet) for the whole cruise
excluding drinks/beverages (Meal service starts with dinner on the first day; Ends with breakfast on the last day)
various activities such as island hopping
snorkeling and other activities mentioned in the itinerary (weather permitting)

Not Included:
Rental of snorkel and dive gear
All beverages
Dive and Travel insurance (mandatory)
Flight Ticket (to and from Manila - MNL)
Hotel (before and after the trip)
Dives (for Cruise only package)
Marine and Environmental Fee - 100 EUR (must be prepaid)
Fuel Surcharge - 90 EUR (must be prepaid)
Transfers to/from the boat

Additional Services:
Diving Package - 530 EUR (season 2019) or 560 EUR (season 2020) - includes 16 dives with tanks; weights; weight belt; boat and services of a Dive Professional
Single supplement - 840 EUR (season 2019) or 870 EUR (season 2020)

Northern Palawan Cruise (Philippines) (Rated 4.92 / 5 Based on 119 Reviews.)
Group Size
Min. 2 persons
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