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Madagascar: The Home of the Biggest Baobabs in the World

Madagascar: The Home of the Biggest Baobabs in the World

Did you know: Madagascar is the pearl of the wildlife in the Indian Ocean
Madagascar is the biggest island in the Indian Ocean and is famous for its amazing wildlife and biodiversity. You want breathtaking views of nature? – You will have them! Either you dream about white sand beaches, stunning rainforest, great surfing sports or delicious food – these are all there, waiting for you to turn your visit into an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Madagascar beaches are so beautiful that the south-west of the island has become a popular place for wedding proposals and honeymoons.

Did you know: Madagascar has stunning World Heritage Site
Even being among the poorest countries in the world, Madagascar has a stunning World Heritage Site! The Bemaraha Tsingy is one of the oldest national parks in Madagascar and is formed with majestic limestone formation covering a labyrinth of 72,300 hectares. Created in 1927, the park has long piques the curiosity of geologists and botanists around the world. It is home to about 90 bird species, 10 types of lemur, and eight species of reptiles.

Did you know: Madagascar has its own version of the American Grand Canyon?
Yes, this is absolutely true - this is the Isalo National Park. Covering more than 80,000 hectares in the south, millions of years ago this wonder was beneath the sea. Today it is the most visited park in the country with more than 30,000 visitors per year. You can even swim in natural pools if you’re tired between trecks. Usually Isalo is Madagascar’s first wildlife hotspot, so be ready for extreme adventures and sensational views in the wild. Even a whole week may not be enough to see it!

Did you know: Madagascar is s home of the biggest baobabs in the world?
The biggest baobabs in world are in Madagascar and they are really amazing! Known as the bottle tree, the baobab is also called ‘reniala,’ which means ‘mother of the forest’ in the Malagasy language. In Madagascar you can find six out of eight existing baobab species. Some baobab can reach 29.52 ft (30 meters) high and 98.4 ft (9 meters) in circumference. “Enough to remind how small you are regardless of your size, these natural jewels will leave you mesmerised”, say the local people.

Did you know: The ultimate hallmarks of Madagascar are the Lemurs?
Madagascar is a heaven for those of you who love cats! Here you will find the cutest cat-kind creatures in the world - the lemurs! The country’s ultimate hallmarks are the black and white ring-tailed Lemur Catta species. So cute and sweet that can melt your heart! More than 60 species are presented throughout the island. But threat them carefully and don’t forget they are currently classified as an “endangered species”. But don’t worry – you will have a chance to take photos with them while visiting national parks or in some luxury hotels built within natural reserves. You will fall in love with them!

Did you know: Madagascar is the perfect place for whale-watching?
One of the famous thing to do in Madagascar - whale-watching. It is nothing less than spectacular! Madagascar is located close to a migration route for whales and twice a year the creatures are visible from the coast. Between July and September, Sainte-Marie island is the best place to admire a whole army of humpback whales where females come to calve in the warm sea. From October to December, baby whales and their mothers bask in Nosy Be shallow waters in the north-west. You can not only watching them, but to the powerful song of the males.

Did you know: Many Europeans have decided to spend their retirement in Madagascar
Madagascar is the fifth poorest country in the world and life there is pretty affordable living. Unless you a are very particular about food or hotel quality, you can have good and affordable meal with about $7-10 USD. Rooms start at around USD $15. Because of this, many Europeans have decided to spend their retirement here, as you can live far better in Madagascar than in Europe. The local people in Madagascar – the Malagasy, they are well-known for their hospitality and friendly nature, but they really want you to respect their culture.

Madagascar - The Lost Continent

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