Kotor: Montenegro's Adriatic Perl

Kotor: Montenegro's Adriatic Perl

The old town of Kotor is one of the prettiest ones on the Balkans. Unique combination of art, traditions, antic architecture and modern life share a peaceful existence there. The beauty of the town is so addictive, that once you visit it you want to go back again and again.

Because of its history and well preserved buildings, churches, fortification system, no wonder Kotor is included in the UNESCO’s world heritage list. Somehow there, in perfect symbioses coexist ancient fortress, old stone buildings, gorgeous churches and squares together with modern pubs, restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions, wearing the spirit of the old town.

Entering the main gate, feels like teleporting in another time and dimension. Walking through the narrow streets, leading to wide squares with gorgeous churches, brings the feeling of the time when Kotor was part of the Venetian republic.

Visiting Kotor is really a must!
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