10 Facts About North Korea

13.03.2017 16:55

10 Facts About North Korea

1. North Korea bases its calendar on Kim Il-Sung’s date of birth: 15 April 1912.

2. There are almost no working traffic lights. Although there may be some stop lights, many of them reportedly do not work and have been replaced by Police controlling the traffic

3. World’s largest stadium is in North Korea. The “Rungrado 1st of May” stadium has more than 150,000 seats and houses.

4. Accordions - most popular music instrument in the country. In the 1990s all teachers were required to learn how to play accordions. Today, many citizens continue to specialize in the instrument.

5. North’s Korea constitution - Have you read it? Although the document points out freedom of expression, democratic voting, and the freedom of religion, the country is far from it.

6. Pulgasari: North Korea’s local Godzilla. After seeing Godzilla, Kim Jong-Il wanted his own propaganda-laden masterpiece using none other than Shin Sang-ok.

7. 99% Literacy rate: The country boasts its literacy rate is on par with the U.S.

8. Fun fairs - Pyongyang has three fun fairs, some with less than optimal rides and technology.

9. Basketball rules: Some include four-pointers (if a three-pointer never touches the rim) and points deducted for missed free throws.

10. 3 TV channels in the country. Two of which are only available on weekends, while the other is broadcast in the evenings. Because of this, South Korean soap operas are among the most popular items smuggled in.

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