Cuba: an exceptionally beautiful island side. It is known for several things - cigars, beautiful girls, music and long-standing management of Fidel Castro, better known in his homeland as El Commandante. According to many, Cuba is the most beautiful island in the world. It is difficult to determine whether this is the case or not, but surely once you see the natural beauties of this tropical paradise you will not remember another place. Just your mind will be captured by the feelings and impressions accumulated on this incredible island. Cuba's magic is everywhere - it is visible and heard, even in the air. It feels in food and drink, architecture, and even in people's smiles.

The Genuine Cuba

As Cuba is opening to the world, it naturally attracts an increasing number of visitors interested...
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11.12.2019 09:52

The Little - Known Pyramids of Sudan

Can you name the country with the most pyramids in the world? Nope, it’s not Egypt. The country which holds this record with more than 200 pyramids is actually Egypt’s southern neighbor...

29.11.2019 17:30

What the Timket Festival in Ethiopia is all about?

Every year on the 19th of January a procession of priests, locals and visitors all chanting, singing and dancing enthusiastically  fills the streets of the Ethiopian cities. It’s the...

13.11.2019 17:45

African Safaris: the what, when and where

African safaris have long been the ultimate travel dream for people of all ages and interests and will always be a sought after experience. However, with the many destinations and different types of...

18.02.2019 14:54

Travel in Kyrgyzstan can be a challenge

Travellers from the seventh to the twenty first century have spoken eloquently of the charm and hospitality of Kyrgyz, the “jewel of Turkestan”. When the Chinese traveler-monk Xuan Zang,...