No doubt Cambodia's past is obscured by the violent events that took place under the Khmer Regime, but for sure this country is now home of the kindest, friendliest people ever encountered, offering genuinely their hospitality to travelers. Once landed there, you'l have the chance to explorer one of the largest ever build religious monuments - Angkor Wat, take a jungle trek in the Cardamom Mountains, visit one of the many pepper farms in Kampot or just relax on some of the white-sand, dreamy beaches as Sok San. Or why not a bit of partying in the buzzing Sihanoukville.

Indochina Explorer -Vietnam and Cambodia 1590 , 15 Days

Indochina Explorer -Vietnam and Cambodia

As the bloody conflicts the region of Indochina used to be frequently associated with, are...
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11.12.2019 09:52

The Little - Known Pyramids of Sudan

Can you name the country with the most pyramids in the world? Nope, it’s not Egypt. The country which holds this record with more than 200 pyramids is actually Egypt’s southern neighbor...

29.11.2019 17:30

What the Timket Festival in Ethiopia is all about?

Every year on the 19th of January a procession of priests, locals and visitors all chanting, singing and dancing enthusiastically  fills the streets of the Ethiopian cities. It’s the...

13.11.2019 17:45

African Safaris: the what, when and where

African safaris have long been the ultimate travel dream for people of all ages and interests and will always be a sought after experience. However, with the many destinations and different types of...

18.02.2019 14:54

Travel in Kyrgyzstan can be a challenge

Travellers from the seventh to the twenty first century have spoken eloquently of the charm and hospitality of Kyrgyz, the “jewel of Turkestan”. When the Chinese traveler-monk Xuan Zang,...