Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina, is the hidden gem of the Balkan Peninsula, which didn't lost it's captivating atmosphere after the tragic war in the nineties, but shines brighter than ever. It offers its' visitors a unique possibility to combine outdoor adventures with in-depth cultural exploration. You can easily lost sense of time and place while you are strolling the narrow streets of the Old Ottoman town in Sarajevo, full of small craftsmen shops, cozy traditional restaurants and cafes, offering taste of strong Bosnian coffee. Than in a couple of meters, you'll find yourself surrounded by neoclassical central European looking architecture and trendy bars. next day you can go for a hike or white water rafting, or run on abandon bobsleigh track, painted in graffiti. If you are looking for multicultural adventure, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a must go.

Balkan Kaleidoscope - 8 Balkan Countries in 14 Days 990 , 14 Days

Balkan Kaleidoscope - 8 Balkan Countries in 14 Days

Once upon a time people said that the Balkans were the “powder-keg of Europe”. Indeed,...
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