Caucasus Uncovered. Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh

An off-beat holiday to the Caucasus that explores Armenia's spectacular mountain scenery, medieval ...
Armenia Highlights 630 , 6 Days

Armenia Highlights

There are few countries in the world that can be proud of such an ancient and glorious history....
Caucasus Explorer - Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan 1180 , 11 Days

Caucasus Explorer - Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan

The Caucasus - the region where Europe meets Asia, where dramatic nature landscapes meet...


Armenia, a land rich in history and brimming with natural beauty, offers an enchanting experience for travelers seeking a unique adventure. Nestled in the Caucasus region, this hidden gem captivates visitors with its ancient monasteries, picturesque landscapes, and warm hospitality. Embark on a journey through time and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture, breathtaking landscapes, and awe-inspiring heritage of Armenia.

A Tapestry of History

Armenia, one of the world's oldest civilizations, is a living testament to its rich and diverse past. Start your expedition in the capital city of Yerevan, where modernity intertwines seamlessly with ancient landmarks. Explore the imposing Republic Square, adorned with fountains and surrounded by architectural marvels. Marvel at the intricate carvings of the Armenian Genocide Memorial, a poignant reminder of the country's tragic history. A visit to the Matenadaran, a repository of ancient manuscripts, offers a glimpse into Armenia's literary heritage, while the History Museum of Armenia showcases artifacts spanning millennia.

Spiritual Haven

Armenia is home to numerous monastic complexes that embody the country's spiritual heritage. One of the most iconic sites is Geghard Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage site partially carved into the cliffs. Feel a sense of tranquility as you wander through its medieval chambers and marvel at the breathtaking stone carvings. Journey to the remote Tatev Monastery, perched on a rocky plateau, and ride the "Wings of Tatev" cable car, the longest aerial tramway in the world, for breathtaking views of the Vorotan Gorge.

Natural Splendors

Armenia's diverse landscapes offer an array of natural wonders waiting to be discovered. Lace up your hiking boots and explore Dilijan National Park, often referred to as Armenia's "Little Switzerland," with its lush forests, glistening lakes, and abundant wildlife. Discover the surreal beauty of Lake Sevan, the "Blue Pearl of Armenia," surrounded by rolling hills and crowned with the Sevanavank Monastery. Don't miss the captivating rock formations of the Garni Gorge and the stunning Geghard Canyon, where ancient monasteries harmoniously blend with the rugged terrain.

Culinary Delights

Armenian cuisine is a delicious fusion of flavors, drawing inspiration from neighboring countries while maintaining its unique character. Indulge in traditional dishes such as khorovats (barbecue), dolma (stuffed vegetables), and lavash (flatbread), paired with local wines and brandies. Savor the warmth of Armenian hospitality by sharing a meal with locals in their homes or at charming village restaurants, where traditional recipes are passed down through generations.


Festivals and Traditions

Armenia's cultural calendar is filled with vibrant festivals that celebrate its rich heritage. Witness the exuberant processions and traditional dances during Vardavar, the "Festival of Water," where locals drench each other with water to commemorate the ancient goddess Astghik. Experience the infectious energy of the Apricot Festival, a celebration of Armenia's beloved fruit, with music, dancing, and culinary delights.

Embarking on a journey through Armenia is an immersive experience that unveils a tapestry of history, spirituality, natural beauty, and culinary treasures. From the ancient monasteries that stand as testaments to the past, to the breathtaking landscapes that inspire wonder, this land captivates travelers with its charm and allure. Discover the hidden wonders of Armenia, and you will be rewarded with memories that will last a lifetime.


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