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Official name of the country is Unitary state of republic of Indonesia. It is an island country in south East Asia, located between Asia and Australia, the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. In fact, it is the world’s largest Island country, with more than 17 000 islands and approximately 2 million sq. km! This makes it the 14th largest country in the world, and if we count the maritime territories – it will be the seventh largest! The distance between the easternmost and westernmost parts of the country is the astonishing 5100 km!

Deep inside the jungle of Sumatra

This unforgettable journey will take you deep in the jungle of Sumatra - one of the richest and...

Life after death is possible only in Sulawesi

 Life after death is possible only in Sulawesi This tour is from another world!...

Java Highlights

 The full package of Java is here. We will visit its cultural heights, as well as natural...

Carstensz Expedition

For the mountaineers, who aim to climb the Seven Summits 
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10.12.2021 15:21

Saudi Arabia - the birthplace of Islam (tips for visiting the country)

It took really long for Saudi Arabia to decide to open for tourists, but now it is finally a fact and Penguin Travel immediately put the destination on its belt. The Kingdom – known as the spiritual birthplace of Islam, now has a new approach to attract visitors and that's why the visa requirements are changed. The changes are so big, compared to the past that they look almost like a...

06.08.2021 17:00

7 Things to do in South Sudan

  It’s the newest country in the world and one that a lot of people haven’t even heard of. Those who have, usually associate it with the military conflict that has been tearing up the region for decades. But behind all of that, lies a country of ancient cultural rituals, a myriad of colorful local tribes and raw natural beauty. It is still the most challenging destinations for...

05.08.2021 08:55

The Little - Known Pyramids of Sudan

Can you name the country with the most pyramids in the world? Nope, it’s not Egypt. The country which holds this record with more than 200 pyramids is actually Egypt’s southern neighbor – Sudan. Though not as big as the Egyptian ones, they are just as impressive and have just as intriguing history, dating back to 8th century BC, to the kingdom of Kush. Since the Sudanese...

01.10.2020 11:45

11 Interesting Facts about Rwanda

  Rwanda is a small African country, whose name is often mostly associated with the horrific genocide that happened here in 1994. It was one of the most tragic events in the history not only of Rwanda, but the world. However, it was also a turning point in the country's history. It has since then embarked on a new path of social, economic and ecological development and deserves to be known...